Part 7: Louder than Words

Main Walkthrough

In the aftermath of the battle against Chirada Cid will find a way to convince Clive to stick around for another job. This will put you in a more-populated version of Lostwing. It's worth noting that there's now a merchant in The Hanged Man (the pub), and among other things he sells the Idylls of the Empire Orchestrion Roll... though it's a bit pricey at 40,000 gil. Maybe come back for this later when money is less of an object.

Follow Cid outside The Hanged Man  and you'll meet Quinten, a man of importance in Lostwing. He'll give you The Hanged Man, an item that will supposedly loosen the tongues of the people hereabouts. You now need to speak to two villagers in Lostwing to gather information for the next step of your journey. They're in the following locations:

  • Behind The Hanged Man. If you climb the stairs in the pub you'll emerge on an upper level of Lostwing. The Freed Villager is standing up here, beside a wooden stall.
  • By a wood pile on the south end of the village. Look near the central pond and you'll find a Woodcutter who knows a few things.

Head back to The Hanged Man after speaking to both villagers and you'll find Cid standing out front. Speak to him about the situation and, ultimately, he'll suggest bedding down for the night. Go back inside The Hanged Man and speak to Quinten. He's not terribly charitable, though the end result is the removal of a barricade that was previously barring your path southeast.

Stock up on items in The Hanged Man, if need be, then head outside.Climb to the cobblestone road that runs along the upper half of Lostwing and you can use it to travel southeast, where you'll find the gate that used to be blocked. You can now slip through and into a new area.

Norvent Valley


  • Royal Folkstaf
  • Royal Gandfreyr
  • Royal Mastiff
  • Royal Osfreyr
  • Royal Sigfreyr
  • Vampire Thorn
Follow the thin pathway leading south through the Norvent Valley, keeping your eye on your right for a Sharp Fang and 2 gil along the way. After crossing a bridge you'll start running into enemies in the form of royalists, though they're pushovers. Look to your left after you defeat this group to find a Valley Madder half-hidden behind a tree.

You'll find three Sharp Fangs along the trail just before it opens up into a clearing. Check to the west a little ways before proceeding along the eastbound main path and you'll find more Valley Madder, as well as a suspiciously empty dead-end. If you check along the banks of the water near the dead end you'll find a shining chest containing a Meteorite.

To the east you'll find another group of royalists, and the nearest to you is a Royal Gandfreyr. These guys are spellcasters, and you'll want to take them out first and foremost from now on. Otherwise, not a difficult battle. Check to the right of the combatants for three more Sharp Fangs, and a bit further up the path for 2 gil.

Ahead you'll see the remains of an archway on your right and an item on your left. Approach the item and you'll stir up a group of Vampire Thorns, the same creatures you fought in The Greatwood. They're still not a huge deal, and will only distract you from the Valley Madder that they're guarding for a few moments.

Arrive at the next quest waypoint and you'll trigger a cut scene that will take you out of the Norvent Valley, and into a fairly major dungeon: Caer Norvent. There's a powerful enemy waiting ahead, and you'd do well to equip yourself with the best stuff available at The Hideout (specifically a Longsword +2) before you proceed. 

Return Trip

Before you enter Caer Norvent via the world map, it's worth noting that you can make a return trip to the Norvent Valley and cross the bridge you spotted during the previous cut scene. There are plenty of royalists along it, and in the clearing on the other side, though nothing your team can't handle. 

Right beside the main entrance to Caer Norvent (which you can't use to get inside) you'll find the Caer Norvent River Gate Obelisk, and can activate it for fast traveling in the future. Other than the Obelisk and a few basic items, however, there's not much else of interest out this way. Still, you may want to take a few minutes to activate the Obelisk, just in case.

Part 9: Headwind

Main Walkthrough