Part 6: Fanning Embers

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Orabelle Downs - Gaultand's Bales


  • Royal Osfreyr
  • Silver Lobo
  • Woldhound

Leaving The Greatwood behind, Clive, Cid, and Torgal make their way to the Orabelle Downs, home to a village of importance to Cid - and possibly Clive. Upon arrival you'll activate your first Obelisk, a waystone of sorts that allows you to quickly teleport back to this spot from either the world map or while exploring the region. Very handy.

Unlike the last few areas, which were more or less direct routes, the Orabelle Downs are a bit more open-ended. You can run straight through to the northeast to reach your destination, or you can take your time and look around a bit. We'll do some exploration before continuing to Lostwing.

  • Walk straight down the middle of the road and you'll find a few items, notably a Sharp Fang and 5 gil. Very exciting.
  • Climb into the eastern fields and you'll find a small shack in the southeast. Upon approach you'll be attacked by a few Woldhounds. Check inside the shack to find two sprigs of Valley Madder.
  • Climb into the western fields and you'll eventually come to a small collection of farming buildings. You'll run into a Silver Lobo and a few Woldhounds up here. Nothing serious.
  • As you make your way down the central road your characters will make note of figures ahead. They're all Royal Osfreyrs, and they're looking to ambush the party. You can either attack them head-on, go around them via the western field and catch them unawares from behind, or use the fields to avoid them entirely. Your call.

In the northeast you'll come to the outskirts of Lostwing.


Cid will promptly ditch Clive when you arrive in Lostwing, and you'll need to search for Cid's scout on your own for a while. Descend into the village and the Lostwing Obelisk will activate just before you hit the floorboards. Time to look around.

  • If you check the map you'll see a passage in the south of Lostwing leading to something called Cutter's Gate. If you check the road just north of this passage you'll come to a dead end, though sitting beside some sheltered piles of logs is a chest. It contains five Bloody Hides.
  • In roughly the center of Lostwing is a pub named The Hanged Man. If you climb through it you'll find more village on the north side, to your left as you come out of the pub. Across from a closed well, next to a house, you'll find a chest containing Black Blood.
And... that's about it. Not much, given the size of the village. As you explore you'll hear a crying child, and you can find her hiding among the crates out front of The Hanged Man. She'll point you towards the village church, which is up the stairs to the right of the entrance to The Hanged Man. Cut scenes follow...

... and once they're done, Clive will need to follow a fleeing soldier. Chase him down and trouble will be waiting.


The winged minion of Lady Benedikta, Chirada is a creature of the wind - and an aggressive one, at that. Chirada uses the following attacks:
  • A charging dash attack
  • An arcing, medium-range slice
  • An overhead kick, powered by magic, that slams into the ground beneath Chirada
  • A Wind blast that travels along a line on the ground
  • A small minefield of Wind charges that explode after a few seconds

This is a miniboss at most. Chirada is a bit slow when not attacking, and she's flamboyant enough with her movements that you should see everything coming without too much trouble. Her 'worst' attack is probably her melee slices, and she raises her arm high enough with her swings that you can generally Parry them and get in a few free hits. Otherwise, just watch her positioning and dodge whenever Chirada rises higher into the air than normal. If you ever see green wisps of energy, get out of the way.

You'll receive a Cleric's Medallion, Wyrrite, Sharp Fangs, and Magicked Ash for defeating Chirada. A number of more peaceful cut scenes follow, and when they're through you'll have a new quest.

Main Walkthrough