Part 14: Red Dragon Cave

Main Walkthrough

With the Red Dragon Cave complete the party must move on to the next of the dragon trials, this is the town of Lyton. In order to reach Lyton you'll need to teleport to Meryod, which proved a blocking point during your first visit thanks to a collapsed bridge. The bridge is fixed, so you can head on through - and access Meryod's Weapons Shop on your way out of town, which has some solid new equipment in stock.

Lyton is far to the north of Meryod. There are two other locations you can find on the way there:

  • A short ways southeast of Meryod is the Forbidden Forest. This area leads to the Althena's Spring for women, and, similar to the spring on the other side of Meryod, you'll get scenes of them bathing if you use Soap. The catch is that the Forbidden Forest is home to incredibly powerful monsters, and at this point in the game you likely won't stand a chance against them. We'll come back here later if you're really interested in these scenes.
  • Southeast of Lyton is the Tamus Pass. This place comes after you're done in Lyton, and for now Nall will prevent you from going beyond the entrance. Ah well.


Home of an absolutely awful noise, Lyton is in a bit of a state. The natural sound that flows through the town has been messed up thanks to monsters, and without a proper tune the people of Lyton can't sing. If you can't sing in Lyton then you can't enter the Blue Dragon Shrine, your next destination. The elder in the northern-most house will beg the party to repair Lyton's song.

Lyton doesn't sell new weapons, but you can find armor and items in the shop on the east side of the town. Otherwise, this place is no use to you for the moment. Head to the far east side of Lyton and you'll find a small shrine, which the man on the right side of the entrance will open for the party. You need to enter here, fight monsters, and find the source of the problem.

Lyton Shrine


  • Bob Goblin - 225 HP - Can Confuse targets
  • Brainpicker - 306 HP - Can use an AOE attack - Weak to Thunder
  • Electro Eye - 315 HP - Melee opponent - Resists Thunder
  • Giga Ant - 183 HP - Melee opponent
The first thing to note about Lyton Shrine is its state of disrepair. The floor appears to be intact, but if you walk over the wrong spots the rocks will give way and you'll be dumped down a level. This will generally waste your time, so you should keep an eye out for cracks in the ground. Avoid the cracks.

Proceed north into the cave, taking a right as you go, until you reach stairs. This will bring you to a clearing. Head southeast and south until the path starts to take you west. There's a small chamber to the north of the path with a chest in it, and if you check the chest you'll find a Wisdom Robe. There's a crack in the middle of this chamber that you should avoid.

Head back to the main path and follow it west, south, and east to find stairs. On the next floor you'll find a split in the path. Heading west leads to a dead end, so ignore it and head east instead. As the path swings north you'll find a side path on your left that leads to a chest containing a Star Light. Further north is another split, though all you'll find on the left is a crack in the ground. Head north.

The next floor has a much shinier aesthetic. The path splits into three, though the center and right merge in the south, and the left is a dead end. Head south and you'll eventually see a chest on your right containing 2,500 silver. Head west as far as you can go, then head south until you reach a clearing. The exit is to the northwest.

Almost done. Head south through the next area, hugging the walls to avoid the cracks in the floor. In the south you'll find stairs leading up to a northbound path, and you need to, again, hug the walls as you wander north. Reach the stairs and you'll also reach the end of the dungeon.

Head northwest in the final chamber. You'll find a clearing with four holes, and they emit Lyton's fouled music. You need to roll the stones between the holes to clear up the tune. Roll the rock on the left to the left, and roll the rock on the right to the right. This will make the tunes sound lovely once more, and your job in Lyton Shrine will be complete.

Trek back to the entrance via spell, item, or walking. Reenter Lyton and speak to the elder. He'll agree to begin the festivities that will reveal the home of the Blue Dragon... though two people who are in love need to lead the singing. Head north through Lyton, to the lakefront, and you can give your party members a chance to sing. Once they've tried, approach the broken bridge in the north and Alex will tackle the task on his own. This will open the path to the Blue Dragon Shrine.

Part 16: Blue Dragon Shrine

Main Walkthrough