Part 13: Iluk and Iluk Cave

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Red Dragon Cave


  • Blood Slime - 221 HP - Can Poison targets - Weak to Ice, resists Fire
  • Burner - 234 HP - Strong melee opponent - Weak to Ice, resists Fire
  • Fire Elemental - 279 HP - Can Paralyze targets - Weak to Ice, resists Fire
  • Scorpion - 234 HP - Can Poison targets

The second of the draconic trials, the Red Dragon Cave will put your characters to the test. Despite Nall's dialogue when you check the balloon you cannot leave this place until you complete the dungeon, so make a second save for the Red Dragon Cave so you have the option to leave.

Head north from the balloon to get started.


You'll start running into enemies immediately when you enter this area. If you picked up the Ice weapons in the Thieves' Bazaar in Reza you'll have an easy time with most of the enemies, as they're all weak to Ice. Have Mia use Blizzard while everyone else attacks and you should wipe out whole enemy squadrons with a minimum of MP use, typically in one or two turns.

The first area is a loop. Go more or less straight south of the entrance if you want to fight fewer enemies on the way to the exit.


This area is another loop, though it is much lengthier. If you head north of the entrance you'll find a chest containing a Star Light. Follow the path west of this first chest and you'll eventually find a second, which also contains a Star Light. Head south of the second chest and take a right to find the exit. (You can also just go northwest of the entrance to find the exit, if you don't care about the chests.)

Try to get through this area without restoring your team's MP. You're about to get a boost.


When you first enter this area you'll receive a mystery message from the Red Dragon, who urges the team forward. The dragon will restore everyone's HP and MP, hence holding off on the previous floor. Whenever you go through this door your health will be restored.

Head west, keeping your eye to the south. You'll spot a chest containing a Barrier Ring to the south of a rock column. Continue west until you see a barrier of flame. Look a little ways to the right of this barrier and you'll find a chest containing a Star Light. You'll take a bit of damage if you enter the flames, but the exit is north of them, so... just don't linger.


The path splits in three directions at the entrance. Take a right and you'll find a short road to a chest. Inside the chest you'll find a Star Light. If you go down the eastern path you'll find it much longer, though it also leads to a chest at a dead end. The chest contains a Rainbow Tiara.

Return to the entrance and go west, staying in the north. You'll come to two stone columns ahead. Go north of the columns and you'll find a chest containing 1,000 silver. To the west of the columns you'll find another looped path, and if you follow the loop to the south and clockwise around you'll find chests containing a Star Light, an Angel Ring, and a second Star Light. Beside the first chest is a little crater in the ground, and if you step on it you'll be launched across several platforms to find a chest containing a Flame Sword. This is a good weapon, but you shouldn't equip it until you're done in this dungeon.

The third chest is to the right of a line of flames that you'll have to traverse. Run north through the flames and you'll find a chest on the other end containing a Star Light. Go any further north of here and you'll run into trouble, so heal your team up after charging through the flames and get ready for trouble.

Bronze Dogs

Weakness: Ice

What sinister pooches these be. The Bronze Dogs are simple but painful, and can dish out quite a bit of physical damage if given the chance. The sooner you can take out one of the Bronze Dogs, the better. They use the following attacks:

  • A normal melee attack (two attacks per round)
  • Fire Ball, a Fire attack against a single character
  • Heat Rush, a Fire attack against the whole party (Bronze Dog will be on fire)
This is a straightforward boss battle, so long as you can keep up with the Dogs' damage output. Each character should perform their usual role:
  • Alex can go on the offensive, using Vigor and Sword Dance to damage one of the Bronze Dogs. If Alex has three attacks and the Ice Blade equipped he'll do more damage just attacking normally. Be sure to target the same Dog each time, regardless of your approach.
  • Kyle follows Alex's lead with Power Up and Power Slash. Between the two of them it shouldn't take too long to wipe out one of the Bronze Dogs.
  • Jessica will need to use her healing magic on one or more targets pretty regularly in this battle, though when everyone's healthy she can use her Ice Mace to inflict a fair amount of damage with normal attacks.
  • Mia should spend the first part of the fight buffing characters with Ice Shell and Power Drive. Once you're happy with the state of the fight you can switch Mia to targeting one of the Bronze Dogs with Ice Lance. (You can also target both at once, but wiping out one of them as quick as possible is the safer route.)
  • Nash is, per usual, the 'worst' character in the fight, though his speed allows him to use items before the Bronze Dogs can attack. Giving Nash a few Star Lights before the battle begins can save your bacon if things stretch on too long. Otherwise, use Nash's melee attack or Thunder Thrust to inflict a bit of damage.

Once you've knocked out the Bronze Dogs - and driven away their master - you'll gain access to a final level of the dungeon. Check to the right of the stairs for a chest containing 5,000 silver, then head inside to meet the Red Dragon... sort of. Completing the dragon's trial will earn you the Dragon Shield, part of the complete Dragonmaster's set. Equip it on Alex. Alex will also learn Dragon Anger, a powerful AOE Fire attack.

Trial complete... almost. You'll need to trek back to the balloon to leave, and all of the monsters you defeated on the way in will respawn. You'll need to fight your way through the Red Dragon Cave. Your party is likely weakened at this point, so when possible you should avoid combat. Reaching the healing door about halfway through will make things easier.

Interact with the balloon to depart the Red Dragon Cave. It, uh... well, the flight doesn't go all that well, suffice it to say, though everyone will still land in one piece. Laike will greet the group, and if you speak to him he'll point you towards Meryod. Apparently the bridge that broke on you has been repaired, and you can now continue east, in pursuit of the Blue Dragon.

Part 15: Lyton and Lyton Shrine

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