Part 12: Damon's Spire

Main Walkthrough

Now that the group has acquired a set of Balloon Blueprints they need to pay a visit to Iluk, home of oddball scientists and inventors. You'll find Iluk on the waterside if you walk south of Reza, keeping an eye on your left. The chances are good that you dipped into the town earlier, and if that's the case you can use the Dragon Wings to jump right there instead.


Iluk is a quirky place, and it's worth chatting with the NPCs to see what fabulous things they've created. (The guy in the northeastern house, though... he needs to calm down a bit.) Ultimately the only place you need to visit is the northern-most building. Speak to the blue-haired man inside this building - his name is Shira - and you'll discover that the Balloon Blueprints belonged to him. He'll set to work creating his balloon, though he needs additional help in getting it airborne.

Iluk Field


  • Fly Devil - 86 HP - Can Poison targets
  • Man Eater - 130 HP - Can Poison targets
  • Puffy Bug - 158 HP - Can put targets to Sleep

In the northeast of Iluk you'll find a wooden fence with a locked door. This leads to Iluk Field. Go down the stairs near the fence and you'll find a botanist who can unlock the door for you. Pop through the door and you'll find Iluk Field.

Your objective here is to locate a Fluffy Bug which can make Shira's balloon fly. There's only one, and it blends in with the field's many blue Puffy Bugs. You'll see it often as you run into groups of Puffy Bugs, and it will flee. There's only one spot you can catch the thing, so don't worry about trying to catch it during earlier battles.

Start by heading northeast. You'll find a little, brown jump pad that you can use to get at a chest containing a Healing Ring. This is a great regenerative accessory for your frontline characters. Despite how it looks this path is a dead end, so backtrack to the entrance.

Head west. From here the path splits in multiple directions, and paths will connect with each other. There are three chests to open from this split:

  • If you head north, ignoring the jump points, you'll find a series of connected fields. After a lengthy walk through the fields you'll reach the north end of the map, where you'll find a chest containing a Spook Hairpin.
  • Use the northwestern jump point and you'll wind up by a field. Cross the field and head west to find a chest containing a Crystal Bracelet.
  • If you use any of the routes (the southern-most jump point route leading west takes the least amount of time) you'll eventually wind up in the northwest of the field. Here you'll find a chest containing 1,500 silver.

Save the chest in the northwest for last, as the closest Puffy Bug enemy has the Fluffy Bug, and although it will run you'll trigger a cut scene after the battle. The team will corner and snag the Fluffy Bug. Success!

Head back to Iluk and give the Fluffy Bug to Shira. He'll invite the party to stay the night, and the next day the balloon will be ready to go. Speak to Shira again and he'll offer to send you on your way to the Red Dragon Cave, your next major destination. 

Don't immediately take Shira up on his offer! The Red Dragon Cave is a one-way trip, and you won't be able to leave until you complete the dungeon. This can prove game-ending if you head there underprepared. Here are some prep suggestions:

  • Get everyone in the party up to level 24+, preferably higher. If you get Alex up to level 27 he'll have three attacks, and Jessica will gain a second attack at level 26, which is more than enough to get you through the Red Dragon Cave. Iluk Field is a great place to level, given the high experience gains and the proximity to a statue of Althena.
  • Outfit the party with the best equipment available in Reza. In particular you want the icy weapons available at the weapon vendor in the Thieves' Bazaar. Most of the enemies in the Red Dragon Cave are vulnerable to Ice damage.
  • Purchase a bunch of Star Lights at the Thieves' Bazaar. There's only one point for restoring your party in the Red Dragon Cave, and you'll need to load everyone up with MP a few times as you make your way through the dungeon. A handful of Healing Nuts and Angel's Tears is also recommended.
  • Make a second save outside the Red Dragon Cave. That way you can backtrack to open areas if you find that you're having trouble in the dungeon.
Prepared? Then speak to Shira to soar into the open skies. The Red Dragon Cave is a short trip away.

Part 14: Red Dragon Cave

Main Walkthrough