Main Walkthrough

As you explore Lunar: Silver Star Story you will occasionally come across locked, red chests. Nall will offer a quick comment, and you'll need to move on with your day. You can't open these chests until you have two items in your possession:

  • The Dragon Wings, which allow you to backtrack to towns and cities you've already visited
  • The Thieves' Crest, which allows you to open the chests

You'll get the Dragon Wings and then lose them again, not regaining them until you complete a fetch quest for the Thieves' Guild in Reza. You'll receive the Thieves' Crest at almost the same time, so once you're done in Reza you'll be ready to open some chests. The items inside them are (almost) universally helpful, and worth going out of your way to retrieve.

All thirteen red chests are located in areas you'll visit before receiving the Thieves' Crest. Once you've popped them open you can stop looking.

Chest Locations

  • Burg - Garbage Can Lid - On the second floor of Ramus's house, west of the statue of Althena
  • Weird Woods - Wrath Ring - On an eastern path near the clearing where you first meet Laike - look to the left of the rock along this short path
  • Saith - Protection Ring - On the second floor of the southwestern house
  • Old Hag's Forest - Silver Light - Inside the basement of the Old Hag's home, on the left side of the house
  • Meribia - 1,000 silver - Inside the central home in a row of three houses, south of Ramus's store
  • Meribian Sewers - Silver Light - Enter via Mel's training room in his mansion, enter the sewers via the door in the southwest of the training area, then fight your way to the end of the path
  • Cave of Trial - Soap - Enter via the building in Vane and backtrack through the cave until you pass the area with a bunch of NPCs - the chest is in the next area back, on your right as you walk north
  • Vane - Devil Pendant - South of the statue of Althena and behind a building, in the northwest of the city - look between two small, pointed towers
  • Lann - Silver Light - Behind a larger house to the northwest of the entrance
  • Nanza Pass (south) - Silver Light - On the eastern north-south path
  • Reza - Silver Light - At the side of a building on the west side of the town, behind a stack of barrels
  • Meryod Woods - Fortune Ring - Behind a tree in the northwest of the woods
  • Meryod - Silver Light - Behind the southwestern-most home