Part 11: Reza, Meryod Woods, and Meryod

Main Walkthrough

The trial to join the Thieves' Guild of Reza has begun, and the second step of the trial is stealing something valuable from a place called Damon's Spire. You'll find Damon's Spire in a small forest to the south of the Meryod Woods, and with the Old Notebook in your possession you can now get past the front door.

Damon's Spire


  • Bat Knight - 77 HP - Can only be damaged by elemental magic
  • Kill Roller - 190 HP - Can Stone targets
  • Mummy - 73 HP - Can only be damaged by elemental magic
  • Rufus - 135 HP - Can only be damaged with physical magic
First Floor

The first floor of Damon's Spire consists of a series of locked doors that can only be opened by stepping on red floor tiles. Not every floor tile activates the doors, and you'll need to hunt down the correct tiles to proceed. There are no enemies here, and you won't close any of the doors, so just keep touching the red floor tiles until you've opened all the doors. There are a bunch of chests on this floor, but the thieves roaming this area have filched everything already, so... oh well.

Head to the southwest corner of the floor. You'll find an unopened door barring your path from stairs, and Damon himself will appear to ask you a question. You can choose between Mia or Nash to answer the question, and Mia gives the correct answer (though you'll still get through if you choose Nash, and you'll get a chance to humiliate him in the process).

Second Floor

Your first taste of monsters comes on the second floor. The enemies here are invulnerable to physical attacks, so Alex and Kyle will be useless here, while Jessica will have to focus on healing if she does anything at all. Nash and Mia can handle everything you come across without too much trouble. Everyone else can defend to conserve their HP.

Hit the two red tiles to the east of the entrance to open a door to the north of the entrance. Head east, tripping all of the tiles along the way, then north and west. This will open up the entire area, and you can find two chests containing Star Lights in the east and north. Damon will again greet you in the northeast, and this time Nash knows the correct answer. (Choose Kyle to see him humbled.)

Third Floor

Like the second floor, the third floor has a gimmick: Enemies will only take damage from physical 'magic'. This makes Mia and Nash useless while Alex and Kyle take center stage (and, of course, Jessica continues to heal). Note that normal melee attacks do not work on this floor, and you need to rely on Sword Dance, Explosion Staff, Power Slash, Power Sweep, and so forth. Everyone else should defend.

Fight your way south of the entrance to find a chest containing Sage's Clothes, then head west, hitting floor switches. Backtrack once you've triggered them all and you can head west. In the southwest you'll find a library with a chest containing a Star Light. In the north you'll find a rude, sickly man who demands healing, and either answer to the question will suffice. (Turning him down gives Jessica a moment to show off her comedic chops.)

Fourth Floor

The enemies on this floor have no gimmick beside the ability to Stone (petrify) your characters, so everyone can get back in on the fights. Head west of the entrance to find a library with a Spirit Bandanna in a chest, then trigger all the red floor tiles and head back east. There's a chest containing a Star Light in the northeast and a chest containing an Ice Pendant in the southeast.

In the south you'll find an empty room with blocks in the north, and when you approach the blocks Damon will appear again. He demands you expel the most useless member of the party. You'll have to go through each of the party members and choose not to get rid of them. Telling Damon that everyone was valuable is the correct answer.

Fifth Floor

No enemies here. Head north to trip a red floor tile, then head back to the entrance and go west. You'll find another clump of blocks, and in front of them is a mound of clay. Everyone can choose to sculpt the clay into something they find important, though Alex and Nall ultimately have the correct answer to the puzzle.

Completing this test will open the way to Damon's inner sanctum, and he'll give you the Thieves' Guide as a prize for reaching the top of the sprite. He'll also 'unlock' all of the books in the spire, and you can learn a great deal by traveling back down the spire and checking out the bookshelves in the small libraries along the way. (There are even plot points for the sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Foreshadowing!)

With the Thieves' Guide in hand you can now leave Damon's Spire and return to Reza. Before you do, however, make a quick trip back to Meryod. Speak to the guy whom Kyle drank under the table in the pub - he's the Thieves' Guild rep - and the party will return the Old Notebook. In return for your honesty he'll hand over a Silver Star. You won't get another chance to snag this item, so make sure you do it now.

Return to the pub in Reza and speak to the bartender. He'll take the Thieves' Guide and hand over the Thieves' Crest, a symbol of membership in the guild. He'll also open up the bartop, allowing you to enter the door in the north, which leads to the Thieves' Bazaar. There's a girl named Lily on the way in who will greet the party, and she'll be important shortly. Make sure you talk to Lily a bunch, until you've exhausted her dialogue, as this will lead you to receive a fantastic accessory much later in the game.

Head into the main room of the bazaar. The witch on the left will sell items normally specific to Vane, and the guy next to the green carpet on the right sells a variety of good protective gear. The thief you're after is in the upper-right corner, and he'll hand over the Dragon Wings once cornered. He'll also give you a bar of Soap as an extra. Once you're done dealing with the man he'll turn into a weapons vendor, and he has some great equipment for the upcoming dungeon.

Head back to the bar. Along the way you'll find Royce in the process of abducting Lily, the little girl you met earlier. The bartender will rush in, then tell you that the Red Dragon Royce seeks is to the west - and he knows of a way to get at it. Return to the Bazaar and speak to the blue-haired man on the left to receive a Balloon Blueprint which will come in handy when traveling to the Red Dragon's lair.

Your next destination is Iluk, a town you likely noticed when traveling to Meryod. Now that you have the Dragon Wings and the Thieves' Crest, however, there's something you can do that has been a long time coming: Opening the red chests scattered throughout the first third of the game. The Dragon Wings will allow you to travel to old lands, and the Thieves' Crest will open the chests. We'll discuss the contents of the many red chests in another guide.

Main Walkthrough