Recommended Level: 24+
Unlocked: Begin Take Me On

In order to trigger this quest you first need to begin Take Me On, which puts you on the path of challenging - and defeating - the captain of New Wirral's Rangers. This particular quest will have you looking for Captain Zedd, whom you may hear about via rumours, though finding him is a bit of a trick.

Head to Autumn Hill, east of New Wirral Park. North of the entrance to the area you'll find a huge, wooden, palisade wall. Pull the switch on the right side of the wall and you'll lower the water in front of the wall, revealing a cave beneath. Enter the cave and you'll find a button puzzle. Place rocks on the bottom two buttons, then stand on the upper-right button. This will lower the palisade and allow you to proceed north through Autumn Hill.

Head north, east, and south around Autumn Hill. You'll start running into Bulletinos when you reach the east side, at which point you'll find Zedd hanging out at the bottom of a nearby dirt pit. Look for little zZzs floating into the air to find him. Annoyed by the Bulletinos, Zedd will ask you to defeat five of them, which triggers this quest. Bulletinos aren't difficult - Air, Water, Astral, and Earth all take them down - though watch out for their Self-Destruct attack whenever you beat one.

(Important side note: You should absolutely Record a Bulletino while you're in the area. Not only are they decent monsters, you'll learn the Bulletino Dash field action by Recording one. Bulletino Dash allows you to zip across the landscape, and replaces your normal jog.)

Return to Zedd once you've defeated five Bulletinos. He'll be ready to fight... sorta.


Recommended Level: 28+
  • Stardigrade - Astral-type - Level 28 (Zedd)
  • Galagor - Astral-type - Level 28 (Zedd)
  • Salamagus - Fire-type - Level 28 (Ranger)
What a pain. Zedd's schtick is using his Stardigrade to take most of the damage, as it starts off with the Intercepting status, which draws all attacks to it. This gives the Ranger's Salamagus free reign to pepper your team with Fire attacks. The Stardigrade won't waste any time going to sleep, as well, which will slowly restore its health. Galagor, Stardigrade's replacement, won't use the same stalling tactics... but it has more health, making it just as annoying.

You have two broad options for approaching this fight:
  • Ignore the Salamagus and focus all your efforts on the Stardigrade. Metal, Plastic, and Poison moves all put Stardigrade in Berserk, preventing it from going to sleep and doing plenty of damage, though all three types have some trouble with Fire. Still, the Salamagus doesn't do a ton of damage with its attacks.
  • Use attacks that target the entire enemy party. This will bypass Intercepting and allow you to hit the Salamagus, which, mercifully, doesn't have anywhere near as much HP as the Stardigrade. With it gone your monsters can gang up on the Stardigrade and the Galagor.
Defeating Zedd will earn you your third trainee stamp. You'll also receive Fused Material, a Sure-Fire Sticker, and an Upgrade. Nicely done.