Utterly Exhausted!

Location: New Delsta
Reward: 6,000 leaves, Dragon's Scarf

Look out front of New Delsta: Theater, in the northwest of New Delsta. There's an Exhausted Man across the street from the theater who complains of being tired all the time. There are two ways to solve his problem:
  • Travel to Crackridge and procure the Miracle Stone from the Suspicious Merchant. He's standing southwest of the Provisioner, day and night. Take it back to the Exhausted Man.
  • Beat up the Aggravated Woman who's watching the Exhausted Man from across the street. She's partially hidden behind a tree. The Aggravated Woman is a powerful opponent who can put your fighter so sleep, so be cautious if you choose this route.

A Devilishly Delicious Dish

Location: New Delsta
Reward: 5,000 leaves, Master Rod, Chef's Ladle

Check out New Delsta's 'normal' Tavern, in the main section of the city. The Tavern Cook wants to create something especially tasty to prove his worth. He decides that a Delsta Devil would do the trick. You can find the fish in the Sunken Maw, a dungeon along the Western Clockbank Highroad. 

Once inside the dungeon, look for the shack of an Elderly Fishing Enthusiast. He's carrying Special Bait in his inventory. Procure it from him and you can use it to battle a Delsta Devil in the waters to the south of his shack. Look for a shadow in the water. Once you've defeated the Delsta Devil you can turn it in to the Tavern Cook for the reward.

The Bourgeois Boy

Location: New Delsta
Reward: 9,000 leaves, Sharp Nut (M)

Next to the Inn is the home of a Wealthy Boy who complains of a parched throat. He also has a neighbor who will complain about the Wealthy Boy's attitude. Giving the Wealthy Boy Healing Grapes and Inspiriting Plums won't get you anywhere, so you'll need to attack his problems at the root. 

Travel to Canalbrine and check in the northeastern church. The Wealthy Boy's Father is on your left when you enter. Lead him back to his son in New Delsta via Path Action to resolve the issue.

A Gambling Man

Location: New Delsta
Reward: Victory Ring, Energizing Pomegranate

Visit New Delsta: Backstreets. In the middle of the road you'll find a Concerned Wife begging with her Gambling Husband, who just can't stop gambling. You can knock him out to temporarily stop him, but it won't do much in the long run. 

Head to the Gaming Parlor in the north of the Backstreets at night and you'll find the Gambling Husband sitting at a table in the rear of the parlor. Extract the Truth of the Game Parlor info from the Dealer at the table, then revisit the Concerned Wife during the day to share what you know.

A Genius Inventor

Location: Eastern New Delsta Highroad
Reward: Proof of the Inventor (unlocks Inventor Secondary Job)

Speak to Arkar, the inventor. He's in his home in the northeast of the Eastern New Delsta Highroad, on the other side of a body of water. An excitable man, Arkar will enlist you in helping him invent things. He'll then unlock the Inventor Secondary Job for your team.

Arkar needs you to track down items for several of his inventions. Each time you complete an invention for Arkar you'll unlock a new ability for the Inventor Job. We'll explore how to get all these items in another guide.

My Beloved Catharine

Location: Clockbank
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Cait Powder

Look west of the entrance to Clockbank. There's a Haggard Man who is desperate to be reunited with his beloved Catharine. Use a Path Action to attach the Haggard Man to your party, then lead him north, to Clockbank's Industrial District. Run as far west of the Inn as you can and you'll find a Lonesome Cat. Speak to the cat to end the quest. Erm.

For Whom the Clock Tower Tolls

Location: Clockbank
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Invigorating Nut (L)

Speak to the Clock Tower Technician up the stairs and on your right as you head north through Clockbank. He's staring at the Old Clock Tower on the other side of the ruined bridge beside him, and needs to find an alternate way inside if he's to fix the clock. 

Guide the Clock Tower Technician west through the city to find a dock that you can use to canoe south and then east, and eventually to the entrance of the Old Clock Tower. Defeat the Heavenwing inside the Old Clock Tower and make it to the top with the Clock Tower Technician in your party to complete the quest. 

Descended from Royalty

Location: Clockbank
Reward: 6,000 leaves, Resistant Nut (M)

Head to the east side of Clockbank: Industrial District. Standing a little ways from the entrance to The Roque Company: Factory is a Royal Descendent who claims to be, well, just that. There are two ways to resolve this problem:
  • Travel to Montwise. On the lowest level of Montwise: Library you'll find a Historian who is researching the Brightlands. He will teach you about the Nyx Family History if you ply him for info.
  • Travel to the Abandoned Village, in the north of the Brightlands. There's a Villager who is in the middle of the village during the night and in a house to the east during the day. He's carrying a Nyx Royal Family Tree.
Take one or the other back to the Royal Descendent to change his outlook on life and earn your reward.

Veronica's Next Chapter

Location: New Delsta
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Bodyguard's Vantage
Prerequisite: Complete the fifth chapter of Agnea's storyline

Visit New Delsta once you've completed the final chapter of Agnea's story. You'll find Veronica, Dolcinaea's bodyguard, lifting weights on the side of the road, west of the Inn. She wants to get Dolcinaea a present but isn't sure where to start.

Travel to Sai and look inside the orphanage in the East District, where Dolcinaea grew up. Platt's Wife, the older woman inside the orphanage, can teach you about Dolcinaea and Gifts, and will discuss the matter in a cut scene if you extract the info from her. Return to Veronica with what you've learned and you'll be treated to a sweet... but very silly... cut scene.