Main Walkthrough

Building Bridges

Location: Beasting Village
Reward: Critical Nut, Resistant Nut

Visit the east side of Beasting Village, where the humans live, during the day. There's a Human Boy by the well who wants to get to know the beastlings better. Travel to the west side of the village, where the beastlings live, and speak to the Beastling Girl near the bottom of the platform holding up the Inn. Acquire the Amulet of Affection from her inventory and take it to the Human Boy.

Culinary Cunning

Location: Beasting Village
Reward: 3,000 leaves, Gluttonous Glaive

Visit the east side of Beasting Village. There's a Cooking Enthusiast WHERE who wants to try out some spicy food. Travel to Tropu'hopu: Floating Theater, in the north of Tropu'hopu, and speak to the Street Vendor. She's a short walk north of the entrance during the day, and she can teach you the Spicy Chicken Recipe info. Take this back to the Cooking Enthusiast.

The Late Riser

Location: Tropu'hopu
Reward: 4,800 leaves, Slippery Nut (M)

Look for a Master Fisherman on Tropu'hopu's southern beach. He's annoyed, because his assistant never gets up in time to go fishing. Help him by finding a way to knock out the Sleepy Fisherman during the day, likely by beating him up. He'll show up on time the next day, and you'll earn your reward. You must knock the Sleepy Fisherman out during the day, or he won't wake up in time.

Pearl Hunt

Location: Tropu'hopu
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Cupid's Bow, Empowering Lychee (M)

On the west side of Tropu'hopu: Floating Theater is a Man Searching for Pearls. He needs you to track down his errant jewelry so he can present it to his girlfriend. Each of the Pretty Pearls is tied to an NPC in Tropu'hopu:

  • During the day you'll find an Elderly Man by the exit to the Shipyard, on the east side of Tropu'hopu. He can tell you about a hidden Pretty Pearl on the beach to the west of his location.
  • A Fisherwoman on the west side of Tropu'hopu, beside a dock, has one of the Pretty Pearls in her inventory. She's out during the day.
  • At night you'll find an Islander standing with a Beastling to the south of Tropu'hopu's save point. The Islander has a Pretty Pearl in his inventory.
Return the three Pretty Pearls to the Man Searching for Peals for your reward.

Stage Actors

Location: Tropu'hopu
Reward: 4,500 leaves, Physical Belt

Speak to the Stage Director who's standing on the platform on the east side of Tropu'hopu's Floating Theater. He wants talent who can actually fight on stage. Pick a fight with him - he's weak to Sword, Dagger, Lightning, Wind, and Light - and, if you win, he'll make you the star of his next production. The Stage Director is pretty strong, but relies on melee attacks, and is vulnerable to Blind.

Any character that can fight via Field Action is eligible for completing this quest, and it will end differently depending on which character you choose to duel the Stage Director. You can only view one outcome before completing the quest, so make sure to save and reload if you want to see what happens with different characters.


Location: Nameless Village
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Stupefying Stone Axe

Visit the Nameless Village. On the east side of the villae is a Beastling. He's saying... something, and mentions the word 'ghormf'. Take a trip to the Beasting Village and you'll find a Beastling who is similarly engaged in speaking gobbledygook, standing a short ways west of the Provisioner. Use a Path Action to entice the second Beastling into following you, then take him to the petitioner in the Nameless Village for your reward.

Shirlutto's Next Chapter

Location: Nameless Village
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Befuddling Greatbow

Head to the Nameless Village and check in the north, by the stairs leading to the Wandering Wood. Shirlutto is here, and he eventually gets out that he wants to know more about humans. Shirlutto needs you to retrieve three items for him: 
  • First is a Lute. You can acquire a Lute from a Merchant in Sai, who is standing out front of the Tavern at all times of the day. 
  • Next is a Paper Play. There's a Cleric standing out front of the chapel in Flamechurch where Temenos began his story who has this item. You'll find her there during the day.
  • Last is a History Book. There's a Merchant standing near the entrance stairs of Montwise, a short walk northwest of the save point, who has the book. He's only there during the day.
Take these items back to Shirlutto and he'll engage in some deep thinking. You can collect all three items before returning to Shirlutto, though you'll need to keep speaking to him to progress his story.