Main Walkthrough

The Baby's Coming

Location: Cape Cold
Reward: 3,000 leaves, Nourishing Nut

Travel to Cape Cold. There's a Flustered Villager freaking out about his wife, who is about to have her baby - but the Midwife who is supposed to deliver the baby is on a pilgrimage. Travel to Flamechurch and check the Inn to find the Midwife, then use Path Actions to lead her back to Cape Cold. Speak to the Flustered Villager to resolve the issue.

Ruffians' Redoubt

Location: Eastern Cape Cold Snows
Reward: 6,000 leaves, Peddler's Feathered Cap

Look for a Peddler in the middle of the Eastern Cape Cold Snows. He's standing by a signpost to the northwest of the save point, and he complains of bandits in the area. Head east of the save point and you'll find the path to the Ruffians' Hideout. Defeat the Ruffian standing guard in single combat, or otherwise knock him out, then make your way through the Ruffians' Hideout. 

On the north side of the Ruffians' Hideout, beyond the water running through the middle of the area, you'll find a Ruffian Leader and two lesser Ruffians. Defeat them in combat - it's not a difficult fight - then return to the Peddler to complete the Side Story.

The Sword in the Stone

Location: Winterbloom
Reward: 7,000 leaves, Rusty Sword, Revitalizing Jam

Travel to Winterbloom and look in the east. Next to the Provisioner's shop is a Troubled Woman, standing next to a sword that's embedded in the ground. She wants to get rid of the sword, but can't budge it without some sort of digging implement. 

Travel to Oresrush. There's a Retured Miner in the Armory, in the northeast corner of the town, who's carrying a Sturdy Pickaxe around. Relieve him of it via Path Action, then retun to the Troubled Woman and hand the pickaxe over.

A Present for my Son

Location: Winterbloom
Reward: 300 leaves, Magic Nut (M), Refreshing Jam

Travel to Winterbloom and look in the northeast. There's a Thoughtful Father standing outside his home, and he wants to get a parting gift for his son, who plans to become a scholar. Alas, he doesn't have the money to afford much.

Travel to Cape Cold and check on the Retired Scholar that saved Osvald, who lives in the western home. He's carrying a Silver Quill in his inventory. Use a Path Action to acquire the quill, then take it to the Thoughtful Father.

Lingering Love

Location: Stormhail
Reward: 14,000 leaves, Alluring Ribbon

Look on the east side of Stormhail, near the Armory. There's a Dismal Woman here who pines for Eugis, her love, who took off on her. All he left her was a necklace. There are two ways to resolve this Side Story:
  • Use a Path Action to remove the Treasured Necklace from the Dismal Woman's inventory.
  • Speak to the nearby Pleasant Man and he'll mention that Eugis was last headed to Merry Hills. Travel there and you'll find Eugis attempting to court women out front of the Inn. Use a Path Action to lead Eugis back to the Dismal Woman. (This outcome is more amusing, even if it takes longer.)

The Washed-Up Letter

Location: Lighthouse Island
Reward: 6,600 leaves, Jade Dagger

Travel to Lighthouse Island by boat. You'll find it to the north of New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage. The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife has found a Message in a Bottle, and she wants you to deliver it to someone named Ruby, who appears to live in Timberain. Travel to Timberain and look near the bridge that runs through the center of the city. Ruby is on the east side of the bridge.

A Disquieting Shop

Location; Stormhail
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Sharp Nut (L), Slippery Nut (L)

Travel to Stormhail's Provisioner, on the west side of the town. The Shopkeeper's Daughter attempts to greet the party, but her mother, the Clingy Woman behind the desk, is overly-critical of her attempts. Beat up or otherwise knock out the Clingy Woman - be careful, she's a good fighter - and you'll discover that she was a thief, trying to hold up the place. Threat resolved.

Melia's Next Chapter

Location: Winterbloom
Reward: 9,000 leaves, Melia's Amulet
Prerequisite: Complete Castti's storyline

Travel to Winterbloom and speak to Melia, who played a role in Castti's trip to the town. She's on the upper floor of the mansion in the northwest of Winterbloom. Melia needs to deal with the Snowhares, the local gang, and she asks the party to deal with them.

Travel north to the Thieves' Quarter. You'll find Plukk, the current leader of the Snowhares, in the northwestern Tavern. Acquire the Letter from the Snowhares from Plukk via Path Action, then take it back to Melia to complete the quest.