Main Walkthrough

Pilgrim Protection

Location: Flamechurch
Reward: 5,000 leaves, Fortifying Nut, Tough Nut

Check by Flamechurch's chapel, where Temenos started his story. There's an Elder standing out front of the house beside the chapel who wants to create a safe path for pilgrims to make their way to Flamechurch's cathedral. He needs Sacred Flame Candles to create that path. Three Clerics carry Sacred Flame Candles:

  • The Cleric standing outside the chapel during the day
  • The Cleric on the right side of the chapel, during the day
  • Standing by the Sacred Flame at Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance, during the day
Return the three Sacred Flame Candles to the Elder for your reward.

Cathedral Window Repair

Location: Flamechurch
Reward: 8,000 leaves, Psychic Staff

Check inside Flamechurch: Cathedral. On the altar in the north of the cathedral you'll find a Cleric who wishes to repair the window that was broken when the pontiff was killed. Alas, the Clerics don't have the necessary supplies to repair the window. You'll need to deliver four different types of Soulstone (L)s - Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Wind - to repair the window. 

There are tons of Soulstone (L)s scattered throughout Octopath Traveler II, and if you've been keeping up with your Path Actions you likely have enough to fulfill this requirement once you reach the later stages of the game. Checking the inventories of NPCs is the best way to track them down. The NPCs of Crackridge, for example, have Fire and Wind Soulstone (L)s, while the NPCs of Wellgrove - notably in the Department Store - have Wind and Thunder Soulstone (L)s. Poke around in people's inventories in the late-game cities and you should find four Soulstone (L)s without too much trouble.

Will Research for Money

Location: Montwise
Reward: Octopuff Pot

Out front of the Inn you'll find an Octopus Researcher. He has based his career on investigating Octopuffs, the rare, elusive creatures that occasionally pop up in battle, though he has run out of money to continue his research. He requires a benefactor.

Travel to Conning Creek, a town that has a thing for octopuses, and check the Tavern. There's an Octopus Enthusiast on the right side of the Tavern who wants to show off the 'good' side of the creatures. Use a Path Action to lead him to the Octopus Researcher and the two will hit it off.

Procuring Peculiar Tomes

Location: Montwise
Reward: 6,500 leaves, Librarian's Amulet, Refreshing Jam

Check the bookshelves in the northwest of Montwise: Library. There's an Unusual Tome Specialist perusing the books who claims that the library is missing a few precious titles.
  • From the Far Reaches of Hell - Guarded by a Scholar who's protecting a house in the southeast of Crackridge. You'll need to use a Path Action to beat up or otherwise knock out the Scholar. The book is inside a chest in the house.
  • Dispatches from Beastling Island - Held by a Foreign Traveler who's visiting the Beasting Village. You'll find him standing near the area's save point, between the beastling and human villages.
  • The Curious Legend of the Great Wall - Held by an Archeologist in the Southern Stormhail Snows. The Archeologist is standing to the east of the area's save point, overlooking the huge wall that surrounds Stormhail in the north.
Return all three tomes to the Unusual Tome Specialist for your reward.

Tourney Champion

Location: Montwise
Reward: 2,000 leaves, Reinforcing Jam

Check the walkway above Montwise: Underground Arena, in the southeast of town. A Worried Woman here is worried that someone she knows is going to get himself killed participating in the tournament battles. 

Enter the Underground Arena and look for a Fainthearted Youth who's staring through the fence on the east side of the landing. Use a Path Action to beat him up, which is very easy, to jump into the arena in his place. This will pit you against Yurinas, who is quite powerful. Yurinas is weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, Ice, and Wind, and probably can't be beaten unless your character is above level 40. You'll complete the side story either way, though if you can defeat Yurinas you'll receive a Champion's Belt in addition to the reward.

A Mysterious Box

Location: Merry Hills
Reward: 6,666 leaves, Reaper's Sickle

Travel to the north end of Merry Hills. On the east side of the Shrine of Ul'sterra's outer walls you'll find a Young Collector. Swipe the Mysterious Box out of the Young Collector's inventory and he will collapse. This will trigger the Side Story.

Head to House Wellows Manor, a dungeon to the south of Timberain in the Leaflands. Check inside the central room on the upper floor during the night, with the Mysterious Box in your inventory, and a Woman in the Ruins will be waiting. Give her the box to end the quest.

Ort's Next Chapter

Location: Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Sword of Oaths
Prerequisite: Complete Temenos's storyline

Head to Flamechurch's cathedral. On the steps leading up to the cathedral you'll find Ort, one of the Sanctum Knights from Temenos's story. He claims to have learned about an accomplice to Vados the Architect. Meet Ort to the northeast, near the entrance to the Cathedral Cellars, and you'll spot a pair of Suspicious Men entering the building.

Use a Path Action to knock out the Suspicious Man guarding the entrance, then make your way through the dungeon, towards the exit to the cathedral. Before you get there you'll run into a battle with some Suspicious Men (weak to Polearm, Bow, Fire, Light). 

Laila's Next Chapter

Location: Merry Hills
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Laila's Amulet
Prerequisite: Complete Agnea's story

Head north through Merry Hills. Before you reach the Shrine Entrance you'll see Laila on the left side of the street. Speak to her and she'll perform a dance, then mention an upcoming dance contest. She's determined to win, and runs off to participate. It doesn't go well, and Laila flees. 

You'll find Laila on the bridge above Merry Hills' central road. Speak to her for a cut scene, then return to the Shrine Entrance to see some partial justice meted out. You'll need to handle the rest. Check out the east side of the Shrine Entrance to find the Judge who ran off, then use one of your martial Path Actions to beat the snot out of him. He's stronger than he looks, but you should be fine. The cut scenes that follow will end the Side Story.