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The starting point of Temenos, Flamechurch is the hub of religious activity in Octopath Traveler II. Home of the Sacred Flame and the order that sprang up around it, Flamechurch is a must-visit location for a number of different chapters, and will remain important throughout the game's plot. 

Flamechurch is located in the west of the Crestlands, and is easily reachable from New Delsta and Cape Cold if you plan to recruit Temenos early on. It is divided into two areas, the town and the cathedral, and this article will explore both locations.


Flamechurch offers the normal range of stores for a town, including an Inn, a Tavern, a Provisioner, and an Armorer. You can also find a General Store at Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance, to the right of the Sacred Flame.

  • Exiting Flamechurch to the south will bring you the Eastern Flamechurch Pass, a route that will take you deeper into the Crestlands, north to the Winterlands, or south to the Brightlands.
  • In the north of Flamechurch - and the south of Flamechurch: Cathedral - you'll find an exit to Flamechurch Pilgrims' Way, a Danger Level 1 route that connects the two sections of Flamechurch. You'll need to trek along Flamechurch Pilgrims' Way any time you want to visit the cathedral.
  • A small mausoluem in the northeast of Flamechurch: Cathedral connects to the Cathedral Cellars, a Danger Level 5 dungeon that's part of Temenos's first chapter.

  • At the top of the ladder beside the Inn you'll find a Soldier guarding his little apartment. Knock him out via a Path Action and you'll find a Guard's Shield and a Healing Grape inside his home.
  • Down the northwestern path from the entrance to Flamechurch, next to the Provisioner's shop, is a small home. The chest inside contains 400 leaves.
  • There are two houses on the west side of Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance. The house on the right holds a chest containing a Shadow Soulstone.

NPCs - Day (Flamechurch)
  • An Elderly Man will greet you as you enter Flamechurch. He's carrying a Kukri and a Rosary of Redemption. He's quite powerful in a fight, and his info will explain why if you scrutinize him more carefully.
  • Just north of the Elderly Man is an Apothecary. She's carrying an Herb of Healing, an Herb of Valor, and an Herb of Serenity. She knows of a hidden Warding Leaf, at the top of the ladder beside the Inn.
  • Inside the Tavern is a Midwife who plays a role in a Side Story from the Winterlands. She's carrying an Herb of Clarity, a Bottle of Sleeping Dust, and a Healing Grape (M).
  • The Soldier at the top of the ladder beside the Inn has a Kite Shield and a Bronze Helm in his inventory. He can get you a Discount at the Inn if you scrutinize him. Knock him out and you can get at two chests inside his small apartment, noted above.
  • South of the chapel in the northeast of Flamechurch are two young townsfolk. Between them they're carrying an Energizing Pomegranate, an Inspiriting Plum Basket, a Healing Grape (M), and an Olive of Life (M). The Townsperson knows of a hidden Energizing Pomegranate (M), beside a house to the north of the Provisioner.
  • A Cleric standing out front of the chapel has a Sacred Flame Candle and a Paper Play in her inventory. Both are quest items. She knows of a hidden Feathered Hat to the west of the chapel.
  • The Elder with the side story, standing to the west of the chapel, has a Feathered Hat and a Pilgrim's Robe in his inventory.
  • There's a Cleric standing on the right side of the chapel during the day. He's carrying an Herb of Clarity and a Sacred Flame Candle. He knows about a hidden Herb of Clamor that's sitting right beside him.
  • There are also three kids on the right side of the chapel. They're carrying a Stuffed Toy, a Healing Grape, a Tree Nut, a Candy, and a Wind Soulstone. The blonde Girl can teach you about More Plentiful Provisions, while the Boy knows of a hidden Tree Nut in a house in the center of town.
  • There's a Piano-Playing Cleric in front of the piano in the rear of the chapel. She's carrying a Protective Earring and an Herb of Revival. She plays a role in one of Partitio's Scent of Commerce quests.
  • Mindt, one of Temenos's fellow Clerics, stands on the left side of the chapel. She's carrying a Warding Leaf and a Dreamy Flower.
  • There are two men on the side of the road that leads north, towards Flamechurch Pilgrims' Way. Between them they're carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust, Bottled Nightmares, a Fire Soulstone, and a Handmade Bouquet.

NPCs - Night (Flamechurch)
  • You'll find a Beverage Vendor at a table in the Tavern at night. He's carrying a Hide Hood and a Healing Grape Bunch. He knows about a hidden Aged Wine outside the Tavern.
  • There's a male Apothecary inside the large, central house of Flamechurch at night. He's carrying a Grape Leaf, a Plum Leaf, and Diffusing Serum. The Apothecary knows of a hidden Fumbling Flower, by some crates on the west side of Flamechurch.
  • There's a Townsperson in a home in the northwest of Flamechurch. He's carrying a Light Coin Pouch and a Resistant Nut on him.

NPCs - Day (Cathedral Entrance)
  • There are three people standing around the Sacred Flame during the day. Altogether they're carrying an Inspiriting Plum (M), four Candies, a Sacred Flame Candle, and Reinforcing Jam. The Elderly Man on the right knows of a hidden Candy inside one of the western houses.
  • There's a Boy standing out front of the library in the west. He's carrying a Candy, and knows about a hidden Resistant Nut on one of the graves in the east of the area.
  • There's a Cleric behind the reception desk in the library. She's carrying three Herbs of Awakening. A Historian at a table to her right is carrying a Stone Rod and an Inspiriting Plum (M).
  • There's a Scholar standing in front of two houses in the west of this area. He's carrying a Light Soulstone, a Light Soulstone (M), and a Candy. Scrutinize him to learn of a hidden Fire Soulstone (M) near the Sacred Flame.
  • A Sanctum Knight guards the front door of the Cathedral. She's carrying a Long Spear, a Candy, and an Enlightening Earring.
In addition to everything above, you can also find Ort, Crick's friend, near the entrance to this area after you've finished Temenos's storyline. Ort carries a Swift Shield, Imperial Armor, and an Empowering Lychee (M). When you complete his Side Story he will move to Stormhail.

NPCs - Night (Cathedral Entrance)
  • East of the Sacred Flame, by the General Store NPC, is a suspicious-looking Young Man. He's carrying a Gold Pocket Watch, a Heavy Coin Pouch, and a Gold Ring. You can learn Thieving Tips & Tricks from him. 
  • A different Sanctum Knight guards the front door of the Cathedral at night. He's carrying a Silver Sword and an Energizing Pomegranate (M).

NPCs - Day (Cathedral)
  • There's a Woman standing by the entrance of the Cathedral during the day. She's carrying an Herb of Light and an Herb of Clarity. Learn more about her to discover a hidden Herb of Light in one of the Cathedral's eastern rooms.
  • There's a Cleric standing in the hallway, between the two eastern rooms. She's carrying a Pilgrim's Robe and a Dark Amulet.
  • Another Cleric stands in one of the Cathedral's western rooms. He's carrying an Olive of Life, an Inspiriting Plum, and an Energizing Pomegranate.
  • A Pilgrim lingers in the western hallway, near the entrance to the Cathedral Cellars. She's carrying an Ice Soulstone (M) and Refreshing Jam.
  • There's a Townsperson standing on the right side of the aisle in the north of the Cathedral. She's holding a Bottle of Blinding Dust and a Resistant Nut. She knows of a hidden Buckler in the entrance hall.
  • Standing on the left side of the aisle in the north is a Hunter. He's carrying a Composite Bow and a Beast Liver.
  • Once you complete the Cathedral Window Repair Side Story there will be a Pilgrim in a cowboy hat in front of the pews. He's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate (M) and a Fire Amulet.
  • The Head Cleric, standing by the altar in the north of the Cathedral, has a Light Wand and an Inspiriting Plum in his inventory. He can teach you how to Guide with Ease.
  • Also near the altar is a regular Cleric who will give you a Side Story to complete. He's carrying a Rod of Wisdom, a Warding Leaf, and an Herb of Clamor.
NPCs - Night (Cathedral)

All of the NPCs in the Cathedral at night are shuffled around from their positions during the daytime.

  • An Elder by the chapel in Flamechurch wants to create a safe path to the Cathedral. He'll give you the Pilgrim Protection Side Story.
  • A Cleric in the north of the Cathedral, by the pulpit, wants to repair the building's broken window. He'll give you the Cathedral Window Repair Side Story.
  • Once you complete Temenos's Side Story you'll find Ort in the south of the Cathedral Entrance. He'll give you the Ort's Next Chapter Side Story.