Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 45

The second section of Temenos and Throné's joint chapter takes place in Conning Creek, Osvald's home town. There are two prerequisites for unlocking this chapter:

  • Complete the first section of their stoy, over in Flamechurch
  • Complete Temenos and Throné's solo stories

Do this and you can access The Cleric & Thief, Part 2 by visiting Conning Creek with Temenos and Throné in your active party. Visit the Tavern, in the north of the marketplace by the town entrance, to begin the story.

The chapter starts off lighthearted enough, with Temenos chastising Throné for her thieving, though it quickly takes a turn for the worse when they come across a crime scene. Apparently Alpates, the girl they met in Flamechurch, has been murdered. The pair consider what Alpates told them the last time they met her, then decide to look for clues.

Head north to Conning Creek: Harbor. Alpates' body is inside a shed, and the shed is protected by a Guard. Switch to night and have Throné use Ambush to get him out of the way. Next, head inside, switch to day, and have Throné use Steal on Alpates. She's carrying a Folded Paper, and it points the way to the Cavern of the Moon and Sun, a location near Conning Creek.

Leave town and head to the Western Conning Creek Coast. Make your way to the northern exit of the area, towards the Northern Conning Creek Coast. Just south of the road you'll find a beach, and if you check the left side of the beach you'll discover a hidden path. This will take you to the entrance of the Cavern of the Moon and Sun.

Cavern of the Moon and Sun


  • Chubby Cait - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, Staff
  • Ice Remnant Mk II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Fire - Drop / Steal Ice Soulstone (L)
  • Ice Revenant - Weak to Sword, Bow, Staff, Fire - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum Basket
  • Scythe Crab - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Fire, Wind - Drop / Steal Forget-Me-Do
  • Sea Anemone - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe - Drop / Steal Dreamy Flower
  • Vagrant Froggen V - Weak to Staff, Ice, Dark - Drop / Steal Enfeebling Flower
  • Vagrant Froggen VI - Weak to Sword, Axe, Ice - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Vagrant Frogking I - Weak to Sword, Staff, Wind, Dark - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)

There's a save point at the entrance to this dungeon, and the path splits to the north. Going northwest takes you to an empty dead end, so follow the candles to the northeast instead. You'll arrive at an intersection, and the candlelit path will veer off to the right. The candles will lead you to a chest containing 2,4000 leaves

Return to the intersection and head north, into the darkness. There are two darkened staircases on your left, one leading south, the other leading west. The southern, better-hidden stairs will lead you down to a chest containing a Mighty Belt. The western stairs will put you on a northbound path, though if you look on your left before you go too far north you'll find a side path that leads to another chest, this one containing a Light Soulstone (L).

Head towards the light in the north. Temenos will begin a hunt for clues via his Mind Palace schtick. Switch from day to night to day until a blue sparkle appears on the platform. Inspect it and Temenos will discover a note... as well as a fragment of the mirror Alpates gave the pair during the first chapter. This will earn the party a Cloudy Mirror, and drive Temenos to some speculation that will bring the chapter to a close. Story complete!

Main Walkthrough