Recommended Level: 45

The second segment of Castti and Ochette's adventure together once again takes place in Cropdale, Agnea's home town. As with the rest of the Crossed Paths there are two prerequisites for unlocking this story:
You can trigger the story by speaking to the Tavern Keeper in the Tavern. The Tavern is right by the entrance of Cropdale.

Castti and Ochette make a return trip to Cropdale, and, once again, Ochette's stomach begins to act up. The question of meat brings up Wooly-Ooly, the duorduor the pair rescued during their previous visit, and they decide to check up on their husky buddy. Head north through the Forest Path, then east to the Animal Trail.

The forest has become even more empty and desolate than before. Proceed east and you'll run into a shadowy... thing that is blocking the path, as well as disturbing Castti. Ochette will need to Provoke it to get it out of the way. Her animal companions will have little trouble taking it down, though you may need to heal a few times. Once it is out of the way you'll find Wooly-Ooly, and Castti will once again patch him up.

Wooly-Ooly is standing beside a save point once you regain control. Last time through here you were safe to ignore the save point, but... not this time. Just keep going east until trouble finds you.

Creeping Shadow

Shields: 6
Weakness: Polearm, Axe, Bow, Ice, Light
Drop: Strengthening Serum
Steal: Nothing

Well, that is... somewhat unexpected. A boss so basic it feels like it belongs in a different game, the Creeping Shadow should pose your team no great threat after completing the final chapters of both Castti and Ochette's stories. The Creeping Shadow uses the following attacks:
  • Rip Open, a melee strike against a single target
  • Opressive Shadow, a Dark attack against a single target
  • Invitation to Darkness, a Dark attack against the whole party
  • Dark Wave, a strong Dark attack against the whole party
Most of the Creeping Shadow's attacks are elemental, which means that you can buff your elemental defenses and debuff its elemental attack to pretty much put a stopper on the thing. Ochette can swiftly Break the Creeping Shadow with Precise Shot, while Castti's Axe is great at ripping its HP apart. Heal as needed. Piece of cake.

Defeating the Creeping Shadow will bring this little story to a close, and the creatures of the forest will honor Castti and Ochette for their help. There's nevertheless more to this whole thing, but... that's a tale for another time. Story complete!