Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 8

The first chapter of Osvald and Partitio's little storyline takes place in New Delsta, Throné's starting point in the game. In order to unlock their chapter you'll first need to complete the second chapter of each of their stories, which is a given if you've recruited Osvald into the larger party. New Delsta's Tavern is up the stairs to the north of the city's entrance, if you want to start the story after your initial arrival.

The two men gawk at their surroundings upon entering New Delsta, but are distracted by a dramatic, fallen fellow who claims he's starving. Osvald identifies the man as Regulus, a fellow Scholar, and Regulus appears to have invented... something. Follow him to the Tavern and he'll claim to have created something called the 'astronomical telescope', a device that will allow humans to peer up at the stars.

Alas, Regulus appears to be a little bit of a dunderhead, and he lost the last of his funds while gambling. Partitio offers to barter for the remaining components of the telescope on Regulus's behalf. You'll receive 600 leaves for the task, which isn't quite enough, but.. you should be fine. You need to track down the following items and Purchase them with Partitio, during the day:

  • A Metalworking Tool. It's held by a Merchant standing at the bar in the Tavern.
  • A Mirror. It's held by an Artistocrat in the north of New Delsta. He's standing along the road between the New Delsta: Theater and Diamante's Estate.
  • A Precision Lens. It's held by a Woman standing on the road to the south of the Armorer and the Provisioner, on the west side of New Delsta.

Take the three items to Regulus, who is standing out front of New Delsta: Theater. Regulus will bombastically thank Partitio for his help and depart for Montwise, a city of scholars to the east. You'll have to pay him a visit once he's done building his telescope. Chapter complete!

Main Walkthrough