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An important harbor city that serves as the first port of call for many characters headed to the western continent, Canalbrine is one of the populated locations you're more likely to revisit on a regular basis. It's the starting point for Castti, and Temenos will pay Canalbrine a visit early in his storyline. The fact that the city also serves as an anchorage will further ensure that you come here often.

Canalbrine is located on the east coast of the western continent. Unless you're traveling this direction by land, you're most likely to warrive in Canalbrine by taking a boat from Toto'haha.


  • On the west side of Canalbrine is the exit to the Western Canalbrine Coast, which takes you west towards Hinouema and the Wildlands.
  • In the south of Canalbrine is an exit to the Path to the Water Source, the first dungeon in Castti's storyline.
  • In the north of Canalbrine is a mansion that will grant you passage to the Sacred Guard Ship, the dungeon for Temenos's second chapter.


Canalbrine proves a Tavern, an Inn, a Provisioner, and an Armorer. You can also use the ship on the east side of Canalbrine to travel to Toto'haha, and once you have a ship of your own you can set sail from this harbor.


  • On the west side of Canalbrine is a small house, off by itself. Next to the house is a chest containing a Resistant Nut.
  • In the northeast of Canalbrine is a church. Once you have access, which requires beginning Temenos's story, you can find a chest containing Slumber Sage inside one of the church's side rooms.
  • Sail to the lighthouse in the north of Canalbrine and you can find a chest at the top. It contains a Wood Cutter's Axe. You'll need to knock out the Town Lighthouse Keeper to get at the chest.

NPCs - Day

  • The Innkeeper is standing outside the Inn, near the western entrance of Canalbrine. She's holding an Olive of Life (M) and a Lily of the Light. She can get you a Discount at the Inn.
  • There's a Woman inside the Provisioner's shop. She's carrying a Feathered Hat and an Ice Amulet. She knows of a hidden Slumber Sage just outside the shop, accessible by canoe.
  • On the street running south from the Inn is Senah, an NPC from Castti's story. He's carrying a Healing Grape, an Inspiriting Plum, and Revitalizing Jam.
  • Also south of the Inn is a Young Traveler who will give you a Side Story. He's carrying a Forget-Me-Do, a Wind Soulstone (M), and a Traveler's Bow.
  • Across the street from the save point is Sesque, another NPC from Castti's story. He's carrying a Handaxe and a Healing Grape Bunch.
  • Out front of a house next to the town's southern exit is a Townsperson. She's holding an Ice Soulstone, a Sticky Flower, and a Cleansing Leaf.
  • A pair of kids are standing on the bridge that connects the east and west sides of Canalbrine. They're carrying a Handmade Bouquet, a Healing Grape, a Candy, and a Stuffed Toy. The Boy knows of a hidden Inspiriting Plum, at the far east end of Canalbrine's dock.
  • Standing on the east side of the bridge in the middle of town are a Worried Elderly Man and a Merchant. They're carrying an Herb of Clarity, a Healing Grape, a Memorial Harpoon, and an Herb of Clamor.
  • Also east of the bridge, closer to the port, is a Girl. She's carrying a Light Coin Pouch.
  • There's a Trader and a Merchant standing together near the boat in the southwest of Canalbrine. They're carrying a Fire Soulstone, a Thunder Soulstone, an Ice Soulstone (L), a Silver-Rimmed Monocle, and a Heavy Coin Pouch. The Trade can arrange New Equipment for Sale if scrutinized.
  • Standing near the ship's figurehead is a Sailor. He's carrying an Empowering Lychee (M), and knows of a hidden Grape Leaf near the center of Canalbrine.
  • Standing by the ship is a Suspicious Peddler who's part of a Side Story from another part of the world. He's carrying a Rare Stone, a Vivid Jewel, and a Dragon Vase, the last of which is a quest item.
  • Sitting outside the Tavern is a Waiting Youth with a Side Story. He's carrying a Lily of the Light. Switch to night and he'll be replaced by a different Waiting Youth, who is carrying a Darkdelion. They'll be present day and night outside the Tavern once you complete their Side Story.
  • On the ground floor of the Tavern during the day you'll find a Violinist and a Former U Carpenter, both of whom are part of Side Stories. They're carrying around a Lily of the Light, an Inspiriting Plum, and the Fort Orochi Plans, a quest item.
  • Inside the northeastern church and on your left is a Wealthy Boy's Father, who plays a role in a Side Story. He's carrying a Thunder Soulstone (M), a Handkerchief, and a Silver-Rimmed Monocle.
  • There are three NPCs in the church's prayer hall. Collectively they're holding a Plum Leaf, a Bottle of Blinding Dust, a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, a Stimulating Earring, a Magic Nut, a Lapis Rod, and a Light Soulstone (M). The Cleric leading the service in the north can teach you how to Guide with Ease.
  • Sail north through Canalbrine and you'll find the town's lighthouse. Out front is a Town Lighthouse Keeper who has a Side Quest to give you. He's carrying a Healing Grape (M) and an Inspiriting Plum (M).
In addition to the NPCs listed above you'll find Hermes, Canalbrine's resident dancer, on the ground floor of the Tavern during the day. Hermes is holding a Bewitching Perfume and a Mermaid Circlet. Hermes will only appear here once you've completed the Laila's Next Chapter Side Story in Merry Hills, which requires completing Agnea's storyline.

NPCs - Night

  • There's an Author standing to the south of the Inn at night. He's carrying an Herb of Awakening, a Bottle of Sleeping Dust, and a Plum Leaf. He can teach you about Easier Inquiries if scrutinized.
  • There's a drunken Fisherman standing at the bottom of the stairs leading to the Tavern at night. He's carrying a Spear and an Energizing Pomegranate (M). He knows of a hidden Darkdelion on a cart to the north of the Tavern.
  • There's a Beastling standing near the ship at night. He's carrying a Sharp Nut (M) and a Slippery Nut (M).
  • There's a Townsperson sitting at a table on the Tavern's second floor at night. He's carrying a Buckler and a Cleansing Leaf. He knows of a hidden Iron Axe, secreted on some barrels to the east of the Inn.

Side Stories

  • South of the Inn is a Young Traveler. He'll give you the Traveler's Lost and Found Side Story.
  • Sitting at a table outside the Tavern is a Waiting Youth. He'll give you the Waiting All Day and Night Side Story.
  • In the north of Canalbrine, across a patch of water, is the Town Lighthouse Keeper. He'll give you the Lighthouse Restoration Side Story.

Main Walkthrough