Main Walkthrough

A town split between two radically different factions, Stormhail is quite an important city despite its remote location. Hikari, Ochette, and Temenos will all bring you to this town as part of their storylines, and several Side Stories send you to Stormhail as well. There are also a ton of NPCs wandering the area with useful items, so you'd best get used to the layout.

Stormhail is located in the east of the Winterlands. To reach it you'll need to travel to the Western Montwise Pass, where you'll find a Guard protecting the road north. Defeat him to enter the Northern Montwise Pass, beyond which is the Southern Stormhail Snows. Stormhail is in the north of this route.

Although Stormhail and Castle Mei are technically separate locations, they're so closely intertwined that this guide will cover Castle Mei as well.

  • In the south of Stormhail is the exit to the Southern Stormhail Snows, the route you used to get to Stormhail in the first place.
  • Inside the Sacred Guard Headquarters you can find a path into the Forbidden Shrine. Temenos's story will take him into the shrine.
  • In the northeast of Stormhail: Bridge is Castle Mei, and if you delve deeply enough into Castle Mei you'll find Castle Mei: East Tower, a dungeon. Hikari's story will bring him to Castle Mei.
  • The the north of Stormhail: Bridge is the path to Sacred Peak Altahe. You'll head here during Ochette's storyline.

Stormhail offers the usual range of services, with a Provisioner, and Armorer, an Inn, and a Tavern. All of these stores are on the west side of town, save for the Armorer, who has set up shop in the east.

  • Inside the Sacred Guard Headquarters, down the western hallway on the ground floor, you'll find a Sanctum Knight guarding a room. Knock him out and you'll find a chest inside the room. The chest contains a Flayer's Admonishment.
  • Inside the eastern room on the Sacred Guard Headquarters' second floor you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate.
  • Climb up to the crossbeams at the highest level of the Sacred Guard Headquarters. On the east side of the crossbeams you'll find a chest containing a Light Soulstone (L).
  • There are rooms running along the north side of Castle Mei's entry hall. In one of them is a chest containing a Thunder Soulstone (M).
  • There's a chest at the east end of Castle Mei's entry hall, on an upper floor. It contains 16,000 leaves.

NPCs - Day (Stormhail)
  • A Townsperson greets new visitors to Stormhail. He's carrying a Fire Soulstone (L) and a Light Coin Pouch
  • Near the save point is a Townsperson. He's carrying an Herb of Serenity and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust. He can teach you about Easier Inquiries if scrutinized.
  • Inside the Tavern, on the west side of town, is an Explorer. He's carrying an Herb-of-Grace Bud, an Olive of Life (M), and a Slippery Nut (L). If scrutinized he can get you a Discount at the Inn.
  • There are two kids in the house to the west of the Tavern. They're holding Wheat Bread, Hand-Sewn Gloves, a Stuffed Toy, and Candy. The Girl on the right knows of a hidden Sharp Nut (L), on the north end of the graveyard in the east of Stormhail.
  • There are two Townspeople to the south of the Inn. They're carrying an Inspiriting Plum (M), an Inspiriting Plum Basket, a Bone Cleaver, and an Herb of Clamor. The Townsperson on the right knows of a hidden Inspiriting Plum inside the Inn.
  • Inside the Provisioner's shop is a Shopkeeper's Daughter with a Side Story. She's carrying a Sharp Nut and a Warding Leaf.
  • Inside the Inn you'll find a Townsperson. She's holding a Hairbrush and a Handkerchief. She knows of a hidden Light Coin Pouch outside the Tavern.
  • There are two Sanctum Knights standing together to the south of their headquarters. They're carrying a War Glaive, Guard's Armor, a Silver Sword, a Shadow Soulstone (M), and a Magic Nut.
  • There's an Arms Merchant and a Sanctum Knight standing together, also outside the Sacred Guard Headquarters. They're carrying an Ogre's Bane, an Imperial Axe, a Thunderstorm Amulet, a Healing Grape (M), a Healing Grape Bunch, and a Guardian Amulet. The Arms Merchant knows of a hidden Expert's Bow to the south of his location, while the Sanctum Knight knows of a hidden Olive of Life (L) on the west side of Stormhail, near the Provisioner's shop.
  • Outside the Armorer you'll find a Pleasant and a Dismal Woman, both of whom are part of a Side Story. They're holding a Critical Nut (M), an Herb of Revival, a Mighty Leaf, and a Treasured Necklace, the last of which is a quest item. Depending on your choices in the Side Story they may be joined by a man named Eugis, who's carrying a Lily of the Night, a Whimsical Leaf, and a Dual Leaf.
  • Inside the Armorer's shop you'll find an Elite Sanctum Life. She's carrying an Aegis Sword, an Olive of Life, and a Heavy Coin Pouch. 

NPCs - Night (Stormhail)
  • There are a pair of Clan Mei Soldiers near the save point at night. They're carrying a Clan Mei Spear, a Thunder Soulstone (M), a Blusterbloom, a Clan Mei Sword, and a Shell Buckler. The Soldier on the left knows of a hidden Knight's Armor in the eastern graveyard.
  • You'll find several NPCs in the Tavern at night, including a new Elite Sanctum Knight. He's carrying a Great Blade, a Knight's Greatbow, and Quality Jerky.
  • There's a Sanctum Knight standing guard outside her headquarters at night. She's carrying a Blizzard Amulet and a Fire Soulstone (M). Despite her apparent inability to speak she knows of a hidden Fire Soulstone to the left of the save point.
In addition to everything above you can find Ort, an NPC from Temenos's story, in the graveyard to the east. He'll only appear here if you've completed Temenos's storyline, then completed Ort's Next Chapter, a Side Story in Flamechurch. Ort's carrying a Swift Shield, Imperial Armor, and an Empowering Lychee (M).

NPCs - Day (Sacred Guard Headquarters)
  • There's a Registrar at the Sacred Guard Headquarters' front desk. She's carrying a Thick Tome and a Resistant Nut (L). She knows of a hidden Strengthening Serum inside one of the rooms on the west side of the building's ground floor.
  • Down the western hallway you'll find a Sanctum Knight blocking a doorway. He's carrying a Platinum Shield. Get past him and you'll find another Sanctum Knight inside the room. This one is carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust, a Bottle of Blinding Dust, and Bottled Nightmares, and given his inventory this guy's personal details should be no surprise.
  • East of the Registrar's desk are two Sanctum Knights. They're holding a Great Helm, a Quick Cloak, a Tree NutWheat Bread, and a Light Coin Pouch. The Knight on the right knows of a hidden Lightning Amulet on the second floor of the headquarters.
  • There's a Cleric in the lone room down the ground floor's eastern hallway. He's carrying a Wisdom Wand and a Mental Belt.
  • On the east side of the second floor of the headquarters you'll find an Elite Sanctum Knight. He's carrying a Shadow Soulstone (L) and a Gold Ring.
  • On the west side of the second floor of the headquarters you'll find a Sanctum Knight. She's carrying a Sanctum Sword and Reinforcing Jam.

NPCs - Night (Sacred Guard Headquarters)
  • There's a Merchant inside the first room down the Sacred Guard Headquarters' western hallway during the night. He's carrying a Handkerchief and a Gold Pocket Watch. He knows of a hidden Antique Coin inside the eastern room on the second floor.
  • There's a Cleric in the eastern room on the ground floor during the night. She's carrying a Rosary of Redemption and a Light Soulstone (L). She'll teach you to Guide with Ease if scrutinized.
  • At the top of the first set of stairs on the east side of the headquarters you'll find an Elite Sanctum Knight, standing with a Cleric from earlier. She's carrying a Morning Star and an Unerring Necklace.
  • You'll find two Knights in the eastern room on the second floor. They're carrying a Lightning Glaive a Skull Helm, a Tough Nut (L), a Refined Sword, and a Heavy Coin Pouch. Their details hint at something bad in the future for the pair.

NPCs - Day (Castle Mei)
  • There's a Clan Mei Soldier standing guard by the entrance to Castle Mei. She's carrying a Clan Mei Sword and a Thunder Soulstone (L).
  • There's another Clan Mei Soldier standing at the side of the hall to the east of the entrance. He's carrying a Clan Mei Spear and a Plate Buckler. He knows of a hidden Bottle of Befuddling Dust inside the room to the northwest.
  • On the south side of the entry hallway you'll find a Mercenary and a Vassal. They're carrying an Icy Axe, a Fortifying Nut (M), a Nimble Mantle, and a Silver-Filled Pouch. The Mercenary can tell you of New Equipment for Sale if scrutinized, while the Vassal knows of a hidden Herb of Awakening further down the hallway.
  • There's a Merchant standing outside a room containing a chest in the north of Castle Mei. He's holding a Darkdelion, a Dual Flower, and a Diffusing Serum.
If you've completed Hikari's storyline you'll find Rai Mei and Kunzo standing inside Castle Mei, near the east side of the entry hall. Rai Mei is carrying a Thunder's Roar and an Olive of Life (M), while Kunzo is carrying a Protector's Shield, an Energizing Pomegranate, and an Energizing Pomegranate (L). The Thunder's Roar is a fantastic Polearm, and absolutely should not be missed. In addition, Kunzo can teach you to Challenge with Ease.

Castle Mei empties out during the night.

  • Inside the Provisioner's shop on the west side of Stormhail is the Shopkeeper's Daughter. She'll give you the A Disquieting Shop Side Story.
  • On the east side of Stormhail is a Dismal Woman. She'll give you the Lingering Love Side Story.