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Whenever you complete a character's storyline in Octopath Traveler II they will learn an EX Skill. EX Skills are powerful abilities specific only to that character, and often capable of completely turning the tide of battle. If you check out your characters Skills in the menu, however, you'll probably notice that there is space for two EX Skills. Where's the other one?

In order to teach your characters their second EX Skills you must visit the shrine associated with the god that best represents that character. They are hidden all over the world, similar to the Job shrines in the original Octopath Traveler, and can be difficult to spot if you don't know where to look. This guide will help you track down all eight shrines.

Each character's shrine is located in their starting region. In order to claim the EX Skill the character to learn the Skill must be in the party. Inspect the statue in each shrine to receive each power.

Osvald - Teach

Osvald's shrine, the Altar of the Scholarking, is in the Western Winterbloom Snows. Leave Winterbloom and head west through the route until you see a bridge. Cross beneath the bridge and check the blind spot under the north side to discover the shrine.

Osvald learns Teach. This Skill bestows any buffs cast on Osvald to its target. Combine this with Stroke of Genius for some huge potential gains, especially if you Boost Teach and increase the number of turns the buffs will last.

Castti - Drastic Measures

Castti's shrine, the Altar of the Charitable, is along the Northern Conning Creek Coast. Check along the beaches on the east side of the route, closer to the south, and you'll find a long path leading out into the water. The shrine is at the end of the path.

Castti learns Drastic Measures. This is a single-strike Axe attack that inflicts more damage on enemies afflicted with debuffs and status ailments. Although this removes said debuffs and status ailments, Drastic Measures can inflict an enormous amount of damage on enfeebled foes. It pairs well with Castti's Hazardous Concoctions.


Temenos's shrine, the Altar of the Flamebringer, is in the rear of the Clerics Guild. You can find the guild hall in Borderfall, between Flamechurch and Montwise. The guild is in the northwest of the area. Once inside, look for a green door to the left of the Guild Master.

Temenos learns Prayer for Plenty. This move grants its target a massive amount of temporary HP, and if Boosted can more than double the character's HP. This is a great Skill to use on characters that are kitted out to attract enemy attention.

Ochette - Indomitable Beast

Ochette's shrine, the Altar of the Huntress, is on the Western Tropu'hopu Traverse. Leave Tropu'hopu to the west and head southwest, looking for a treasure chest on a ledge. If you check the rocks on the north side of the ledge you'll find the hidden entrance to the shrine.

Ochette learns Indomitable Beast. This Skill buffs Ochette's physical attack, evasion, and speed for three turns, or more if Boosted. This move can turn Ochette into quite a power-player, especially given that you can Boost her buffs into lasting for up to nine turns.

Partitio - Negotiate Schedule

Partitio's shrine, the Altar of the Trader, is in the Southern Crackridge Wilds. On the east side of the train tracks that run through the north of this area you'll see two small mine shafts, one of which contains a treasure chest. Check the wall to the right of the chest to find a hidden path to the shrine.

Partitio learns Negotiate Schedule. Negotiate Schedule allows Partitio to take his turn in the place of an enemy's turn in exchange for leaves. This can prove very useful if your Partitio is a little on the slow side.

Agnea - Windy Refrain

Agnea's shrine, the Altar of the Lady of Grace, is on the Northern Wellgrove Trail. Look south of the area's save point and you'll see a signpost and a tree on your left. The shrine is hidden beside the tree, behind a fallen log.

Agnea learns Windy Refrain. It is a Wind attack against the entire enemy party that bumps your party's moves to the front of the queue for the next round of combat. If you're looking to essentially stall one or more foes so you can Break them, Windy Refrain is an excellent move.

Throné - Veil of Darkness

Throné's shrine, the Altar of the Prince of Thieves, is on the Southern Clockbank Highroad. Leave Clockbank and use a dock to the south of the city to get into a body of water. Sail west, looking along the southern banks for a small gap in the plants floating in the water. The gap leads to the shrine.

Throné learns Veil of Darkness. It is a Dark attack against the entire enemy party that prevents their next physical attack from hitting your characters. If you don't have the Merchant move Sidestep equipped, this is a solid alternative.  

Hikari - Ultimate Stance

Hikari's shrine, the Altar of the Thunderblade, is in the Eastern Sai Sands. Look along the south of the route. south of the save point, and you'll find a path through ruined buildings and beneath an archway. The shrine is at the bottom of some stairs.

Hikari learns Ultimate Stance. When used this Skill extends Hikari's normal attacks to every enemy for three turns. Although many of Hikari's Learnable moves do basically the same thing, this will save you SP - and can potentially hit more times if Hikari pumps BP into his attacks.

Main Walkthrough