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The story of a lost woman who forgot her life, Castti's opening chapter begins on the ship that rescued her. After a swift, confusing introduction to Castti's situation you gain control of her, and can make use of her first Path Action.


Castti's daytime Path Action is Inquire. Using Inquire Castti can try to speak to NPCs for information. Depending on whom she speaks to, Castti can discover vital quest information, the locations of items, or just fluff text regarding that person's life. As she raises her level Castti can speak to more and more people throughout the world.

Aside from the Captain, the only people Castti can Inquire have green word bubbles over their heads. Inquire each of them to trigger another cut scene. Castti will make some educated assumptions regarding her past life. Go belowdecks via the stairs on the south side of the ship to find the crew quarters, then check the flashing blue Apothecary's Satchel to confirm that Castti is, indeed, an apothecary.


The ship will dock at Canalbrine, a port town, shortly after these revelations. People seem to recognize Castti's outfit, prompting a need for more information. Much of the town is currently locked away, but there are two little things you can grab now:

  • There's a Fisherman standing by the prow of the ship. Inquire him to learn of a hidden Darkdelion to the northwest, by a wagon.
  • There are two men standing between two bridges in the middle of Canalbrine. Inquire the left man to learn of a hidden Grape Leaf within arm's reach.

Done for now. Head across the bridges to the northwest to trigger a cut scene. The appearance of a sickly fellow will bring out Castti's other Path Action.


Castti's nighttime Path Action is Soothe. Castti can use this skill to make unwell NPCs feel better. She needs the proper items for Soothe to work on her patients. In this case she needs Lycanthe Antipyretic, and there are four in Castti's satchel. Use them to treat Senah, the sick boy. In other cases Castti can use Slumber Sage to knock out NPCs, getting them out of the way so she can access blocked areas.

In the process of treating Senah Castti will meet Malaya, a fellow apothecary who admires Castti's handiwork. They'll then be driven out by Senah's brother, who mentions 'Eir's Apothecaries'. Despite the harsh treatment Castti decides to help stomp out whatever sickness struck Senah, and Malaya agrees to help. More people faint all over town, so things are getting out of hand in Canalbrine rather quickly.

Castti needs to treat several fallen people. This will grant her access to the remainder of Canalbrine. She can now use Slumber Sage on people, though it won't help you out much, so don't waste your three doses of the stuff on random NPCs.

  • In the northwest of Canalbrine is an item shop. Here Castti will find a number of ingredients that she can use in combat. You have a decent number of all of them right now, but keep this place in mind for later, once Castti starts getting into fights.
  • Beside the item shop is a dock. Step near the water from the dock and Castti will hop into a canoe. Sail it south and you can reach a dock beside an isolated house. Next to the house is a chest containing a Resistant Nut.
  • In the north of Canalbrine you'll find docks on either side of the water. You can use them to sail to the weapons shop, which for some weird reason has its door right on the water's edge. Castti has enough coin on her to afford either a good weapon, or a so-so weapon and some armor. Ignore both weapons and go for armor instead, as you'll get a weapon that's almost as good as the War Axe for free in a moment.
  • Sail north of the weapons shop and you'll find a lighthouse. You can use Slumber Sage on the Town Lighthouse Keeper to gain access to the lighthouse. Up some ladders and at the top of the lighthouse you'll find a chest containing a Woodcutter's Great Axe.

With Canalbrine thoroughly scoured you can now set about healing people. There are three sick NPCs scattered throughout the town:

  • An Elderly Man is suffering in the house attached to the weapons shop in the northeast.
  • A Girl is laying on the ground, surrounded by people, near the ship in the southeast.
  • A Townsperson is laying in bed in a house in the south of Canalbrine, a short walk west of the path out of town.

Save everyone and the townsfolk will apologize for their harsh attitudes from earlier. Castti will deduce that the water is the cause, and decide to head to the source, which is south of town. Save your game and head out. Before we get to fighting, though, we should discuss Castti's combat ability, Apothecary.

Medicinal Concoction / Hazardous Concoction

Unlike the majority of combat abilities available to party members in Octopath Traveler II, Medicinal Concoction is somewhat complex. It allows you to take ingredients, either purchased in stores or found while traveling, and combine two of them together. The resulting brew then acts as though Castti used two items at once.

This can prove incredibly useful. Two Grape Leaves, for example, will restore 900 HP, while a Grape Leaf and a Plum Leaf will restore 450 HP and 45 SP. Throw in a Mighty Leaf to heal Castti while bolstering her physical attack, or toss in a Cleansing Leaf to retore SP and get rid of status ailments. The ability to combine two effects at will makes Castti an incredibly diverse healer.

That's not all, however. If you press to the right or left on the menu you can change the ability to Hazardous Concoction. This allows Castti to combine different items that have a detrimental effect on your enemies. In addition to hitting enemies with combined status ailments or debuffs, Hazardous Concoction can potentially target two different elemental weaknesses with a single, unboosted attack. With enough ingredients on hand Castti can chew through the shields of enemies.

In short, Concoction, positive or negative, is an excellent ability. Ignore it at your peril.

Canalbrine: Path to the Water Source


  • Flying Fish - Weak to Ice
  • Hermit Conch - Weak to Axe, Light
  • Ocean Lizardman I - Weak to Axe, Ice, Wind
  • Ocean Lizardman II - Weak to Axe, Ice, Wind
Immediately upon entering this enemy-filled area you'll hit a crossroads. If you take a right you'll find a chest containing a Darkdelion. The main path is to the left. Follow it west, then south, up an incline. Push Castti against the right side of the path as you run and you'll find a hidden side road leading to a chest. Inside the chest is an Empowering Ring.

Continue to follow the main path. It splits one more time in the south. Head right to find a chest containing a Plum Leaf, then head left. You'll find a ladder up onto a wall in the west. Before climbing the ladder, look south of it to find a side path leading to a chest. It contains a Grape Leaf.

Climb onto the wall. To the north you'll find a chest containing a Guard's Helm. To the south you'll find a save point near a dock. Sail into the water and Castti will note that the wellspring of water has been forced open, by... something. Sail west to find a chest containing an Herb of Healing, then head east into the source of the troubles.

Canalbrine: Water Source

  • Barnacle Bat - Weak to Ice, Light, Dark
  • Barnacle Crab - Weak to Axe, Light, Dark - Drops Lily of the Light
  • Barnacle Tortoise - Weak to Axe, Light, Dark
  • Blue Betta (water only) - Weak to Ice
Debark from your boat and head east along the main path. As the path curves north you can continue east to find a hidden walkway. It will take you out to a chest containing Diffusing Serum. Continue north along the main path until you reach a small, torchlit bridge. There's a short side path beside the west end of the bridge that will take you up to a chest containing a Cleansing Leaf. Snag it, then cross the bridge and carry on east.

A ways down the path you'll see a Peddler and a save point. Ignore them for the moment (unless you want to save and buy stuff, anyway) and step down onto the dock near them instead. Sail northwest and you'll find another dock. This will take you to a chest containing Old Armor.

Return to the Peddler, purchase whatever you need, and save. East of the save point you'll find a chest containing an Herb of Healing. Also here is a path north, to the end of the cave. Answers await, as does a nasty battle.

Veron and Doron

Shields: 4 (Veron) / 2 (Doron)
  • Axe, Wind, Dark (Veron)
  • Ice, Dark (Doron)
Drops: Healing Grape Bunch

A grotesque pair of apes who have something wrong with them, Veron and Doron are Castti's final challenge in her introductory chapter. It's a two-on-one battle, so neither ape is as strong as any solo boss, but they're still a powerful pair. They use the following attacks:
  • A regular melee swipe (both)
  • Crushing Attack / Tear Off, which deals above-average melee damage
  • Spit Sludge, which debuffs Castti's physical attack power
  • Venom, which can Poison Casttti
  • Foul Odor, which inflicts small amounts of damage multiple times (and, I think, drains her SP? Not sure about that)
  • Cannibalize, which consumes the other enemy and grants a substantial buff to the eater
  • Rotting Arm, a charged attack which badly damages Castti, Poisons her, and debuffs her physical attack
The two apes will take turns smashing away at Castti, occasionally wasting their turns to give you a bit of a breather. Once you defeat one of the creatures the remaining enemy will use Cannibalize to restore a bit of its health, as well as grant significant buffs to its attack and magic power. These buffs last for eight turns. The remaining ape will occasionally charge up during the second phase of the battle, and if allowed to attack will use Rotting Arm to damage and debuff Castti.

This battle isn't too bad compared to some other intro chapter bosses. Neither of the apes have a ton of health, and once you whittle them down to a single enemy they're easier than other, bigger bosses. Choose one ape - Doron seems the wiser choice, given his paltry two shields - and whittle him down, healing and restoring Castti's status with Medicinal Concoction as necessary.

Once you're down to a single ape you'll unlock Castti's Latent Power, Every Drop Counts, which allows her to use either method of Concoction without using up ingredients. This, combined with her Axe (assuming Veron is still around), will allow Castti to quickly break the remaining ape before they can use Rotting Arm. Keep attacking and healing until the second ape bites the dust.

With the monsters gone Castti will treat the water, and once she's back in Canalbrine the townspeople will cheer her good work. Malaya will then, once Inquired, tell Castti what she knows about Eir's Apothecaries... sort of, anyway. This section of Castti's story ends on a somber note. Chapter complete.

Main Walkthrough