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A beastling hunter from Toto'haha, Ochette begins her story with her master, who appears to be a talking lion. Tasking Ochette with the defense of their island home, Juvah tells Ochette to decide on a companion to help her. This brings up your first Path Action with the little hunter.


Ochette's nighttime Path Action, Befriend allows Ochette to recruit an NPC to her cause. To do so Ochette must bring the NPC a specific item that they want. The NPC will help Ochette fight when Summoned in battle, though only for a few turns. The NPC can only be Summoned a set number of times before returning to their original spot in the world. NPCs have special Skills that make them powerful allies.

Ochette can choose between two companions at the beginning of her chapter. Unlike most NPCs, this animal will stick with Ochette throughout the game, similar to H'aanit's wolf Linde from the original Octopath Traveler.

  • Malamaowl - Targets elemental weaknesses. Doesn't do much damage, but is great at Breaking enemies.
  • Lajackal - Targets weapon weaknesses. Does more damage, but doesn't hit as many weak points. 

Both animals are excellent companions, regardless of which one you choose. Unfortunately the animal that was spurned goes feral, attacks Ochette, and runs off. That seems like a problem in the making... though perhaps not for a while, as Ochette then grows up after a ten-year time skip. She's now a hunter, and her prey is... sizable.

King Iguana

Shields: 1
Weakness: Axe, Bow, Electric

Straight into a boss battle, eh? King Iguana is not a big deal. Ochette can either Break the thing with her own weapons / Skills or call in her animal companion to target a weakness with Beast Lore - Provoke. Do enough damage and Ochette can Capture the beast. You can thereafter call upon the King Iguana's services in combat. Unlike the original Octopath Traveler, there's no limit to the number of times you can call on a monster to fight.

Ochette is hungry after the battle, so head north, past the save point, to return to Ochette's home. Upon returning Ochette will immediately notice that humans have entered the village, and they're demanding a bigger cut of the forest. Ochette has something to say about that.

Provoke / Prepare

Ochette's daytime Path Action is Provoke. By using Provoke Ochette engages in a one-on-one battle with an NPC, though she can only use the animals she has Captured via the Provoke command. Both your chosen animal companion and King Iguana serve nicely in defeating the human target. Note that you can Boost Provoke, as you could with any of Ochette's other attacks.

Drive off the humans and Ochette will decide to share her catch with the rest of the village. This allows her to use the Prepare command, which converts any animals Ochette has Captured into an item. Do this now to turn the King Iguana into 30 Jerky. (And no, you can't Prepare your animal companion.) Give the Jerky to the nearest beastling to serve up a nice feast for the village.

Juvah asks to speak with Ochette while everyone else digs in. Follow him to the bluffs in the northwest of the village and he'll share a meal with Ochette. After they chat the leader of the humans, Cohazeh, will appear with a gift... and a request. A girl has gone missing in nearby ruins, and they want someone to go find her. Ochette steps up and volunteers, despite Juvah's concerns. Sounds like you have a mission...

... and before you set out, you should prepare. Let's have a quick look around the village.

Beasting Village

  • In the northwest, not far from the cliff where Ochette was just eating, is a provisioner. They trade for Jerky rather than leaves, and you have a decent amount on you right now. Get Ochette some better armor and weapons. You'll need to Capture and Prepare more monsters to get more Jerky in this chapter.
  • There's a quiet, beastling man outside the hut to the right of the provisioner's home. He is quite high level, and you should avoid trying to Provoke him. He'll wallop Ochette this early in the game.
  • There's an inn near the middle of the village, and unlike most inns this one is free. Enjoy.
You can Provoke the beastlings around the village, if you like, but most of them will beat Ochette until she's a bit stronger. You can't head west yet, leaving the path back south as your only recourse.

Path to the Tombs of the Wardenbeasts

  • Blue Jellyfish (water only) - Weak to Sword, Bow, Ice, Lightning - Drops Olive of Life
  • Island Froggen I - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Lightning, Wind - Drops Healing Grape
  • Island Froggen II - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Fire - Drops Inspiriting Plum
  • Lloris - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Lightning
  • Motley Slug - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire - Drops Herb of Healing
You've been here before, briefly, but now you can explore. Your first order of business here should be to Capture a few of the local monsters. The Island Froggens and the Lloris are solid Captures, and will allow you to save on SP when facing certain foes. The Blue Jellyfish also give Ochette a way to restore her HP in a pinch. Earning Ochette a few levels in the process is also useful. 

(Note that, from here on out, Ochette will automatically Capture foes when you get one to low HP without outright killing it. This gives you the option to Prepare them without leaving the battle screen - though if you want to try and snag a monster early, you can manually choose Capture as well.)

Head east through the forest and you'll see a set of stairs to the north. These will take you up to a chest containing an Unerring Ring. Return to ground level and continue east to find a spring, fed by a waterfall. If you approach the little dock on the left side of the spring Ochette will jump into a canoe. Sail it south to find another dock, beyond which is a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum.

Sail back and head northeast, under and beyond the waterfall. On the far east side of the area you'll find a side path leading to a chest. The chest contains Jerky. South of here on the main path you'll reach Ochette's destination.

Tombs of the Wardenbeasts

  • Island Froggen I - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Lightning, Wind - Drops Healing Grape
  • Island Froggen II - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Fire - Drops Inspiriting Plum
  • Lloris - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Lightning
  • Shambling Weed - Weak to Axe, Bow, Fire - Drops Herb of Healing
  • Motley Slug - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Staff, Fire - Drops Herb of Healing
Eerie. Use the save point by the entrance, then follow the main path east. You'll soon hit a four-way intersection. If you go up the stairs to the north from here you'll find a chest containing a Bone. Go down the dirt incline to the south and you'll find a westbound path to a chest containing a Composite Bow.

East of the intersection is... another small intersection. Go south first to find a chest containing a Sharp Nut, then cross the eastern bridge. The Lost Girl is here, though she mistrusts beastlings. Use Befriend to change her mind and lead her away from the tomb. She requires one Jerky, which you can easily farm from the Island Froggens infesting this area.

Ochette will get the sense of something terribly wrong once she leads the Lost Girl out of the tomb, though she can't tell what's wrong. Head back to the village and you'll soon run into a Mysterious Fledgling, which looks... weird. You can't Capture these creatures, so just take them out with Ochette's Bow attacks. 

Just south of the village you'll come across a bunch of beastlings who say that Juvah is fighting a monster that is attacking the village. There's a Peddler nearby, which means that a boss battle is inevitable. Befriend one of the beastlings to Summon, if you like, then purchase equipment and healing items from the Peddler, save, and proceed north.

Dark Entity

Shields: 4 (Dark Entity) / 1 (Mysterious Fledgling)
  • Dagger, Axe, Lightning, Wind (Dark Entity)
  • Bow (Dark Fledgling)
Drops: Inspiriting Plum Basket

Yeesh, that thing is uuuuugly. A weird beast with weird attacks, the Dark Entity is more of a handful than it first appears, though still not that big a deal compared to some of the other first chapter bosses.
  • A normal melee attack
  • Bite Down, an enhanced melee attack
  • Dark Breath, which inflicts Dark damage
  • Dark Spawn, which creates several Mysterious Fledglings
  • Consume, which eliminates the Mysterious Fledglings to give the Dark Entity a magic buff
  • Darkstorm, a charging move that deals heavy damage
The first part of this battle is pretty straightforward, with the Dark Entity just attacking Ochette. Once it has been Broken the Dark Entity will use Dark Spawn to call in a small flock of Mysterious Fledglings to support itself, and shortly after that it will Consume them to buff itself. It will then begin to charge up, and if Ochette doesn't Break the Dark Entity before its next turn it will use Darkstorm to heavily damage Ochette. The battle doesn't change after this point.

In the first section of this fight Ochette can save on SP by slicing the Dark Entity up with her Axe attacks. Heal as needed until you Break the thing. Once the Dark Fledglings make an appearance you should try and wipe them out quickly, and sending out an Island Froggen II will swiftly stun the whole lot. Hold back a bit of Ochette's BP once the Dark Fledglings make an appearance, as it means that Darkstorm is coming soon, and you'll want to Break the Dark Entity before it can use the move. Get rid of the Fledglings and the Dark Entity won't use Darkstorm at all.

Eventually Ochette will unlock her Latent Power, Animal Instincts, which reveals three new moves when used. All three are solid in this battle, though Beastly Fangs is your best bet for quickly wiping the Dark Entity out if it is Broken and in the red. The battle is almost over once Animal Instincts becomes available regardless.

After the battle the Dark Entity will vanish, though not after snarling some cryptic remarks. Once it is gone Juvah will tell Ochette about the Night of the Scarlet Moon, a foretold calamity, and tell her that she must find three Creatures of Legend to avert said calamity. Ochette now has her quest, and it will drive her out into the wider world. Chapter complete!

Main Walkthrough