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(New to Octopath Traveler? You may want to check out this guide for beginners before you embark on your Octopath Traveler II journey.)

(Secondary note: Osvald begins his tale as a prisoner. As such he is stuck in jail for a while, and can't join the rest of the world until he completes two chapters of his story, rather than the usual one. That said, despite the warning when you begin the chapter, Osvald's second chapter is pretty short, so there's not much extra time tacked on.)

Osvald's introductory chapter begins with him being tried, found guilty, and incarcerated for the murders of his wife and child. It appears that a man named Harvey is the true culprit, but that doesn't stop Osvald from being imprisoned on Frigit Isle, an isolated jail, for five years. Despite the horrid conditions Osvald remains determined to survive and get his revenge... though first, he needs to get his notebook back from a fellow Prisoner.


Osvald's nighttime Path Action is Mug. He can use Mug to get into one-on-one fights with others, and if he's successful Osvald will steal their belongings. Osvald can Mug whomever he likes, though NPCs with a higher level of strength may prove too powerful for Osvald to best. Mug people with caution.

Use Mug on the Prisoner. Osvald can't use his spells because he has a muzzle on his face, so beating the man with your Staff will have to do. Easy peasy. You'll receive Osvald's Notebook and a Healing Grape for winning the battle. Davids, the warden, will come in and beat Osvald down for retrieving his possessions, though Osvald remains undeterred. He has a plan for escape, and there's only a bit more prep still to be done before Osvald carries it out.

The next day Osvald is released into the prison's yard after a period of forced toil, and he decides to get right to work. Osvald needs three things to flee Frigit Isle: A secured escape route, warm clothes, and an accomplice. There's nothing to collect in the yard, so you might as well focus on his mission. This brings up Osvald's second Path Action.


Osvald's daytime Path Action is Scrutinize. He can use Scrutinize to glean important information from NPCs. Depending on the person to whom Osvald speaks he may receive important quest details, reveal hidden items in the area, or just learn about the person. Scrutinize has a limited chance of success that's based on Osvald's level compared to the NPC, though you don't need to worry about that right now.

Osvald will complete his tasks over the course of three days. It doesn't matter which order you do them in.

  • In the east is a cafeteria. Enter and there will be three Prisoners to Scrutinize. The man you want is Emerald, standing in the top-right corner of the cafeteria. Emerald sizes Osvald up at once, and wants in. (You'll be given a, uh, 'dialogue' choice here. Both answers lead to the same conclusion in the end.)
  • In the middle of the yard is a man named Bale, who can provide warm weather wear. Osvald needs to Scrutinize other prisoners to get a bead on Bale first, however. There are three men you can check, but it's the Prisoner standing outside the cafeteria who knows Bale's Weakness. Speak to Bale again and he'll quickly hand over some Cold-Weather Wear.
  • In the north of the yard is the entrance to the prison. You need to find someone who knows the underground passage that will serve as an escape route. Check the northwest cell on the second floor for a Bottle of Binding Dust and the eastern balcony on the third floor for an Inspiriting Plum, then Scrutinize the Prisoner on the second floor, at the top of the stars, for the labor Report Whereabouts info. Check the library - the building next to the cafeteria - and you'll find a Labor Report on the first bookshelf to the north.

Complete all three tasks and, on the fourth day, Emerald will tell Osvald that everything is ready. Check the building behind the cafeteria and time will pass from day to night. Emerald will join the party, and if you check the building at the west end of the yard the pair will uncover the entrance to the escape route. Emerald also provides Osvald with the key to his muzzle, which unlocks Osvald's spells.

At this point you can flee Frigit Isle via the escape route. Before you do, though, you may want to spend some time Mugging the fine folks of the prison. They're carrying plenty of good stuff. Dip into the escape route a bit to level Osvald on monsters before you try, as some of the second-tier enemies are a bit much for Osvald at level 2.

Frigit Isle - Yard

  • The Prisoners in the cafeteria are carrying an Herb of Revival, an Old Cloth, and a Bottle of Poison Dust. The man in the building to the north of the cafeteria has a Healing Grape.
  • The Guard by the eastern gateway is carrying an Inspiriting Plum.
  • The Guard in the library has an Inspiriting Plum Basket and an Ice Soulstone. The Prisoner who seems to be hiding in the top-left corner of the library has a Fire Soulstone.
  • The Prisoners in the middle of the yard have an Olive of Life, a Healing Grape, and an Inspiriting Plum.

You can't reenter the prison to continue the Mugging, alas, so once you've collected your share of the goods you'd best carry on with the escape.

Prison - Underground Passage


  • Frost Mole I - Weak to Dagger, Bow, Staff, Fire, Light - Drops Inspiriting Plum
  • Frost Mole II - Weak to Sword, Bow, Staff, Fire, Light
  • Ice Wisp - Weak to Fire, Lightning, Light, Dark - Drops Ice Soulstone
  • White Bat - Weak to Dagger, Staff, Fire, Light
Time for a walk through the dark. The Underground Passage will reveal two things about Osvald: First, his magic is very powerful, and second, his Study ability, which kicks in at the beginning of every battle, makes it very easy to track down weaknesses on your enemies. Emerald provides decent backup with his Dagger attacks, as well. Spend a little while leveling the pair before going too deep, particularly if you plan on Mugging the Prisoners above.

Descend the curving steps to the next level down. There's a chest in a cell to your right that contains a Healing Grape. Go down the ladder in front of the cell and you'll find an Inspiriting Plum in the next cell down, behind the ladder. There's a broken staircase in the foreground on this level, and if you walk west you'll discover that the staircase is blocking a hidden path from view. In a cell on the other side you'll find a chest containing a Sinner's Staff, which will provide a nice boost to Osvald's offensive capabilities.

Descend to the lowest level. You'll see a guillotine on your left. Head north of the guillotine and inspect the walls to find another hidden path leading west. This will bring you to a chest containing an Ancient Necklace, another nice piece of equipment for Osvald. Head back the way you came and continue east to find another cell, this containing an Olive of Life.

Near the cell with that last chest you'll find a mysterious Prisoner who will sell you a few items. Load up on Healing Grapes and Inspiriting Plums - and the Cloth Hood, if you have money left - then use the nearby save point. That done, head down the eastbound stairs. Time for some good 'ol fashioned revenge.

Warden Davids

Shields: 5 (Warden Davids) / 2 (Prison Guards) / 1 (Prison Guard reinforcements)
  • Dagger, Staff, Fire, Lightning (Warden Davids)
  • Dagger, Staff, Ice, Lightning (Prison Guards)
Of course he's the final boss of this chapter. Warden Davids is a vicious opponent, befitting his conduct throughout the chapter, and he - along with two Prison Guards - will batter Osvald and Emerald with melee strikes from their cudgels. Davids uses the following attacks:
  • Regular melee attacks
  • Know Your Place, a stronger-than-average melee attack
  • Cold Stare, an Ice attack that debuffs its target's evasion
  • Silence, Scum!, which inflicts Unconsciousness on one target
  • Atone, Criminal Filth!, a charging attack that hits your whole party with a flurry of randomly-targeted attacks
  • Summon Guard, which brings in replacement Prison Guards
Drops: Inspiriting Plum Basket

Davids is a straightforward opponent. He'll either do some damage with normal attacks, or more damage with his Skills. The Prison Guards back him up with weaker attacks that aren't a huge deal on their own, but can prove a nuisance when all three are fighting at once. Defeat his first wave of Prison Guards and Davids will begin charging after his first Break, then use Atone, Criminal Filth! if he isn't stopped. Eventually he'll pull in more Prison Guards.

Focus on taking down the Prison Guards with spells and Emerald's Dagger attacks, conserving BP when you can. Heal as necessary with Healing Grapes, and have Emerald restore Osvald's SP with Inspiriting Plums whenever it runs low. Once Davids is on his own Emerald can use Stab in the Dark to quickly get rid of Davids' shields. Boosting Emerald's normal attack and slicing Davids a bunch of times also works.

Break Davids a few times and Osvald will unlock his Latent Power, Concentrate Spells. When used this will allow Osvald to focus his spellpower onto a single enemy rather than the whole group, delivering massive amounts of damage. Have Emerald Break Davids, then Boost Osvald and char the boss with Fireball. There's a decent chance that Davids will go down before his new Prison Guards. Finish off the stragglers to end the fight.

Osvald will use his magic to carve an escape tunnel for the pair once the fight is over, and they will promptly flee capture. Chapter complete... though the game will immediately segue into the next chapter of Osvald's tragic life. (It's not a long one.)

Main Walkthrough