Main Walkthrough

Frigit Isle - Entrance / Anchorage


  • Frost Mole I - Weak to Dagger, Bow, Staff, Fire, Light - Drops Inspiriting Plum
  • Frost Mole II - Weak to Sword, Bow, Staff, Fire, Light
  • Ice Wisp (water only) - Weak to Fire, Lightning, Light, Dark - Drops Ice Soulstone
  • Reinforcement Guard - Weak to Dagger, Ice, Lightning - Drop Ice Soulstone
  • Wolf - Weak to Sword, Fire, Lightning, Light - Drops Olive of Life

Picking up immediately after the end of the first chapter, the second instalment of Osvald's story begins with a flashback that shows the moment he saw his life fall apart. Head east to watch it play out. Once that's done it will zip back to the escape-in-progress. If you haven't done so already, you may want to teach Osvald a new Skill via the menu. Lightning Bolt is an obvious choice, as it allows Osvald to target another elemental weakness.

Head west along the cliffs. There's a chest containing a Healing Grape ahead, as well as the front of the prison. Save nearby once the next cut scene is done, then head south to find the anchorage. Head west along the main road, past the next set of stairs, until you see another set of stairs leading north. The second set will take you to a chest containing a Magic Nut.

Head south from the first set of stairs, then veer right. Behind a strategically-placed rock in the foreground you'll find a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum. Return to the main path and keep following it gradually south until you reach another save point. Just beyond it the guards surrounding the ship Osvald wants to use to escape receive the alert that prisoners have escaped, and some Reinforcement Guards spot the convicts. Take them out with magic and knifeplay.

Emerald will spot a shack where they can lay low for a while. In the process Emerald will provide ridiculous inspiration to Osvald, and the scholar will conjure canoes of ice and straw with which to flee Frigit Isle. Well, if it works, it works. 

You can use the canoes to sail west, where you'll find two docks. The upper dock leads to a chest containing an Ice Soulstone, while the lower dock leads to a cut scene. Emerald will make a foolish choice, which likely wasn't that foolish in hindsight, and he'll leave the party. Head west and jump onto Osvald's ice canoe to sail out to sea...

... and then find yourself in a village called Cape Cold. Saved by a fellow scholar, Osvald is given some new duds to replace his prison rags and set loose. This ends Osvald's relatively short second chapter. (But don't worry, he gets more than four to make up the difference.) Cape Cold is a good place for Osvald to gear up before he begins making his way south. Chapter complete.

Main Walkthrough