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A tiny fishing village in the west of the Winterlands, Cape Cold is not terribly important in the grand scheme of things. (Though it does seem to have the attention of aristocrats, for... some reason.) Cape Cold largely serves as the starting point for Osvald's adventures into the world, as his second chapter concludes in the village. It's nevertheless worth exploring Cape Cold while you're in the area.

Cape Cold sits by itself in the lower-level areas of the Winterlands, north of the Brightlands. Flamechurch and New Delsta are the closest starting cities, if you're looking to recruit Osvald, though note that he isn't in Cape Cold if Osvald isn't your starting character. You'll instead find him just outside Cape Cold, collapsed by the side of the road in the Southern Cape Cold Snows.


Despite its small size, Cape Cold more or less offers the full range of services as most towns, jamming an Inn, a General Store, and a Tavern into its borders. The General Store offers a decent amount of items, all things considered, and once you unlock music in Taverns you can find 7. Osvald, the Scholar in its inventory.


  • Check the house on the right side of the path as you head north towards the sea. Inside is a chest containing 2,000 leaves. This is a decent amount of money to get Osvald some gear if you're just starting out.
  • Look on the west side of the beach, in the north of Cape Cold. Behind some racks of fish you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate.

NPCs - Day

  • Near the entrance of Cape Cold is a Flustered Villager with a Side Story. He's carrying a Warding Leaf and a Stuffed Toy.
  • There's a Boy and a Girl standing south of the Inn during the day. Together they're carrying Candy, an Ice Soulstone, a Stuffed Toy, and an Old Locket. The Boy knows of a hidden Lily of the Night, along the northbound path to the beach.
  • A Villager huddles for warmth inside the General Store. She's holding a Sprightly Earring and a Silver Hairpiece. She can get you a Discount at the Inn if you ply her for info.
  • There's a surly villager standing out front of the Tavern. He's carrying a Broadsword and a Fortifying Nut. He's quite powerful, if you decide to fight him.
  • You'll find the Retired Scholar who saved Osvald in his house, on the west side of Cape Cold. He's carrying a Silver Quill that serves as a quest item. The Retired Scholar knows of a hidden Magic Nut, in a boat down by the beach.
  • There's an Elderly Woman inside the house on the right side of the path to the beach. She's carrying a Healing Grape (M) and an Inspiriting Plum Basket. She knows about a hidden Energizing Pomegranate, just outside the Tavern.
  • There are two Fishermen down on the beach during the day. They're carrying a Light Coin Pouch, an Energizing Pomegranate, a Buckler, a Grape Leaf, and a Pomegranate Leaf. The younger Fisherman on the right can get you More Plentiful Provisions at the General Store if you inquire.

NPCs - Night

  • A Man stands near the entrance of Cape Cold by night, complaining about the temperature. He's carrying a Heavy Coin Pouch, a Gold Pocket Watch, and an Old Locket. Mugging him is a good way to get Osvald some nice starting money. He knows of a hidden War Glaive, secreted on some barrels near the General Store.
  • An Attendant stands guard outside the General Store at night. He's carrying a Round Shield and an Ice Soulstone (M). He can teach you Masterful Mugging if you ply him for info.

Side Stories

  • A Flustered Villager is freaking out by himself near the entrance to Cape Cold. Speak to him to receive the Side Story The Baby's Coming.

Main Walkthrough