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Another of the Brightlands' swanky settlements, Clockbank is industry and style rolled into one. A few different storylines will bring you to this place, and considering you can pick up licenses for a Job here you should be visiting Clockbank anyway. There's a lot to see, do, collect, and beat up. The city is divided into two sections, the main area in the south and the Industrial District in the north, so there's also a lot of ground to cover.

Clockbank is located to the east of New Delsta. Follow eastbound rounds through the Eastern New Delsta Highway, the Western Clockbank Road, and the Southern Clockbank Road to reach the city. The enemies along the way aren't terribly difficult, so you can reach this place not long after you start a new game.


Clockbank offers all of the services of a normal town, though they're much more spread out than in some other locations. The Provisioner is on a side path to the east of the entrance, the Tavern is on your left as you head north through the city, the Inn is near the entrance of the Industrial District, and the Armorer is on the east side of the Industrial District.

Clockbank is also home to a Thieves Guild. Head west of the Inn until you see a building with a stairway running through its middle. Walk through here until you see crates to the north of you. Behind the crates is a thin doorway that will take you up a ladder and into a small, opulent room. Come here at night and you'll find a bunch of thieves lounging about, including the Thieves Guild Master. He'll give you a Thief License, allowing you to change your characters into Thieves as a secondary Job.



  • West of the fountain at the entrance of Clockbank is a small house. Inside is a chest containing a Bottle of Sleeping Dust.
  • If you look west of the Tavern you'll find stairs down to the edge of the river running around Clockbank. There's a dock here that you can use to sail south and east, beneath the main bridge into Clockbank. There are two chests over here, each on its own island, containing a Pointed Hat and an Inspiriting Plum (M). Sail north of here to find the city's clock tower, then climb to its balcony via the ladder to find a chest containing a Crested Greatshield.
  • West of the Inn in the Industrial Section is a building with an archway built into it. On the left side of this building is a chest containing a Healing Grape Bunch.
  • If you've done Partitio's second chapter you'll gain permanent access to the Roque Cpmpany office, in the northwest of the Industrial District. There's a chest in a side room on the ground floor that contains a Slashing Glaive.

NPCs - Day (Clockbank)

  • Standing at the entrance of Clockbank is a Townsperson. He has a Stinging Dagger, a Light Nut (M), and a Thieves' Gem on him. This last item will allow you to claim an additional License when you visit the Thieves Guild.
  • Standing by the base of the fountain near Clockbank's entrance are three women. They're carrying a Candy, a Sprightly Ring, a Hairbrush, a Rare Stone, an Old Cloth, a Wind Soulstone (M), and a Fire Soulstone (M). The Girl on the right knows of a hidden Invigorating Nut in the empty house to the east of the fountain.
  • The Haggard Man with the Side Story, standing west of the entrance fountain, is carrying an Old Clot, a Light Coin Pouch, and a Hairbrush
  • East of the entrance fountain is a house surrounded by three men. They're collectively carrying an Inspiriting Plum (M), an Olive of Life (M), Dazzling Artwork, a Steel Bow, a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, an Herb of Clarity, a Nourishing Nut, an Antidote Stone, and an Energizing Pomegranate (M)
  • South of the Provisioner is a Young Man dressed as a soldier. He's carrying a Bronze Knife, Slumber Sage, and a Shadow Soulstone. He knows of a hidden Light Coin Pouch outside the Tavern. 
  • Standing near the top of the fountain is an Apothecary. She's carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust, Fool's Leaf, and Bottled Nightmares. 
  • If you climb the right set of stairs by the fountain you can find a path behind the buildings to a broken bridge. The Clock Tower Technician here, who has a Side Story for you, is carrying a Cog, Scrap Iron, and a Worker's Jacket
  • There's a Guard standing near the stairs into the Industrial District. He's carrying a Silver-Rimmed Monocle and a Dual Leaf. He knows of a hidden Elemental Robe beside the house to the west of the entrance fountain.
  • Out front of the Tavern is a Townsperson. She's carrying a Healing Grape (M), an Inspiriting Plum Basket, and a Rosary of Redemption. She knows the Blinding Slash Skill.
  • On the second floor of the Tavern is a Traveler who's blocking access to a balcony. He's carrying a Foreign Ring and Bottled Toxins. Find a way to remove him from your path - ThronĂ©'s Ambush works nicely at night - and you'll find an Elderly Man on the balcony. He's carrying a Reaper's Blade and an Exotic Remedy. The Elderly Man will mess you up if you try to fight him.

NPCs - Night (Clockbank)

  • There are two Factory Workers inside the Tavern at night. They're carrying a Forget-Me-Do a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, an Olive of Life, and a Healing Grape Bunch between them. Both Factory Workers know of hidden items: A Calming Stone inside the Tavern and an Herb of Revival to the right of the fountain. 
  • There's a Woman on the second floor of the Tavern at night. She's carrying a Silver-Rimmed Monocle and a Dual Flower.

NPCs - Day (Industrial District)

  • Three Factory Workers are standing near the Inn. Between them they're carrying a Crystal Dagger, a Shell Buckler, a Healing Grape (M), a Mighty Belt, a Leather Hat, a Fire Soulstone, and a Light Coin Pouch. The Factory Worker on the left knows of New Equipment for Sale, while the guy on the right knows of a hidden Pomegranate Leaf to the north of the Armorer.
  • Standing near the archway to the west of the Inn is a drunken Townsperson. He's carrying an Old Cloth and a Bottle of Poison Dust. He knows of a hidden Bottle of Blinding Dust on the ground floor of the Inn.
  • All the way west of the Inn is a Girl. She's carrying around a Stuffed Toy and a Silver Coin.
  • There are two people standing south of the Thieves Guild's entrance, on the west side of the Industrial District. They're carrying two Wheat Breads, a Tree Nut, and an Empty Coin Purse. The Townsperson on the left knows of a hidden Herb of Clamor in the north of the district, between the factory and the company office. 
  • Standing to the left of the entrance to the factory are a man and a boy. They're carrying around a Handkerchief, a Shadow Soulstone (M), a Heavy Coin Pouch, a Bottle of Poison Dust, and a Shadow Soulstone. The Boy knows of a hidden Shadow Soulstone (L) by the house in the southwest of the Industrial District, while the Executive knows of a Discount at the Inn
  • The Guard out front of the Roque Company office, in the northwest of the district, holds an Ice Soulstone and a Wakeful Stone. He knows of a hidden Heavy Coin Pouch through the archway in the southwest of the district.
  • Inside the company office in the northwest of the district, accessible after you complete Partitio's second chapter, is an Employee. He's carrying Refreshing Jam and Diffusing Serum on his person. He knows the secret of Hire for Cheap, if pressed for info. You can find the Employee outside the factory at night, as well, if you haven't completed Partitio's second chapter.
  • The Guard standing outside the factory carries an Energizing Pomegranate and an Energizing Pomegranate (M)
  • East of the entrance to the factor are two people, looking at the water. They're carrying around an Herb of Clarity, an Herb of Revival, a Bottle of Sleeping Dust, a Rich Ale, and a Sticky Flower
  • Out front of the Armorer is a Factory Worker. He's carrying around a Kite Shield, a Thunder Soulstone (M), and Scrap Metal

NPCs - Night (Industrial District)

  • Out front of the Inn is a Lawyer. He's carrying a Handkerchief and a Magus Wand. The Lawyer is a powerful foe.
  • South the archway in the southwest of the Industrial District is a Man. He's carrying two Light Coin Pouches and a Silver-Filled Pouch. He knows of a hidden Swordbreaker, right outside the Armorer's shop. 
  • In the house near the entrance to the Thieves Guild, in the southwest of the Industrial District, are two people you can meet elsewhere, as well as a female Townsperson. She's carrying a Raspberry, Fumbling Powder, and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust
  • Inside the Thieves Guild, through a narrow door behind some crates in the southwest of the district, you'll find three Thieves. They're carrying around Bewitching Perfume, a Vivid Jewel, an Enlightening Necklace, a Magus Knife, two Bottles of Blinding Dust, a Dazzling Artwork, a Gold Pocket Watch, and a Stuffed Toy
  • Out front of the Armorer's shop is another man at night. He's carrying an Herb of Clarity, an Herb of Awakening, and an Herb of Revival on him. He knows of a hidden Herb of Light on the road to the west of the Inn.

Side Stories

  • There's a Haggard Man standing just west of the fountain near the entrance of Clockbank. Speak to him and he'll force the My Beloved Catharine Side Story upon you.
  • North of the fountain at the entrance of Clockbank there are buildings on your right as you climb stairs. If you look around the edge of the buildings you'll find a path down to a Clock Tower Technician beside a broken bridge. He'll give out the For Whom the Clock Tower Tolls Side Story.
  • In the northeast of the Industrial District, not far from the Armorer, you'll find a man who claims to be a Royal Descendent. Speak to him to receive the Descended from Royalty Side Story.

Main Walkthrough