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Danger Level: 20

A dark spot on the unblemished perfection of the Brightlands (yeah, right), the Abandoned Waterway is one of the earlier optional dungeons you can tackle in Octopath Traveler II. It's located on the New Delsta Flats, north of New Delsta itself. You'll find this dungeon if you cross the field north of the save point, near the exit to the Eastern New Delsta Highroad, and follow the northbound road until it splits. Take a left, into the shadows, to the find the entrance to the dungeon.


  • City Octopuff Traveler - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, Staff
  • City Ratkin IV - Weak to Axe, Bow, Ice, Light - Drop / Steal Healing Grape
  • City Ratkin VI - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Lightning - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Dire Night Raven - Weak to Spear, Bow, Lightning, Light - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum
  • Ice Elemental - Weak to Fire, Lightning - Drop / Steal Almighty Soulstone
  • Ruby Betta - Weak to Spear, Dagger, Staff, Ice - Drop / Steal Blusterbloom
  • Twisted Lizardman I - Weak to Spear, Ice, Dagger, Wind - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum
  • Twisted Lizardman II - Weak to Spear, Ice, Wind - Drop / Steal Plum Leaf
  • Twisted Lizardman III - Weak to Sword, Ice, Wind, Light - Drop / Steal Healing Grape
  • Wicked Wasp (water only) - Weak to Spear, Dagger, Bow, Fire - Drop / Steal Dual Leaf
Just north of the entrance is a chest containing a Wriggling Root. Continue following the torchlit path north until your reach a set of stairs, as well as a continued upper path leading west. Keep going west and you'll find two chests, one down a quick southbound path to the left and one all the way on the west side of the cavern. The first contains an Herb Elixir, while the second contains a Wriggling Root.

Take the stairs down a level, then check the wall on your left at the bottom of the stairs to find a hidden path. Beyond it is a chest containing 8,000 leaves. Follow the torches as they wind east, south, and west This will bring you to a dock that you can use to sail further west. Your destination dock is straight across the water to the west...

... though first you should look down the arched passage near the second dock. It will bring you to a third dock, and what looks like a dead end. If you walk east you'll find a hidden passage beneath the ruins. Keeping walking until you emerge from hiding, then look behind the first waterfall streaming down near your position to find a chest. The chest contains an Antidote Stone.

Head back to the lake in the south and debark from your canoe on the dock to your left. Head west and you'll see a chest containing another Wriggling Root, as well as some stairs. Climb the stairs to find a save point. The save point is a warning that something waits in the dark. If you continue to head west you'll run into a message warning of danger, and if you press onward you'll need to face the danger.

Carnivorous Plant

Shields: 9
Weakness: Sword, Fire, Ice, Light
Drops: Revitalizing Jam
Steal: Nothing

That's a nasty bit of oversized flora. The master of the Abandoned Waterway, the Carnivorous Plant is not so complicated a boss as most storyline encounters, but it is still plenty mean to your party. The Carnivorous Plant uses the following attacks:

  • A normal melee strike
  • Abduction, which steals one of your party members until you've Broken the Carnivorous Plant
  • Vorpal Sting, which heavily damages one party member
  • Blinding Sting, which damages and Blinds a single target
  • Thorny Barrage, several random-target melee attacks against your party members
  • Invigoration, which boosts the Carnivorous plant's turns per round to two
  • Foul Odor, a charge attack that will Poison, Blind, Confuse, Mute, and put to Sleep every character in your party if it goes off

Aside from Abduction, which is plain annoying, the first half of this fight is quite straightforward. The Carnivorous Plant will damage your team, and you need to target its weaknesses in order to get your missing party member back. Break the creature and it will use Invigoration to boost its turns per round, then begin charging up Foul Odor. It will use Abduction again, forcing you to Break it again to get your party member back. The battle doesn't change much past this point.

Not a big deal, at least as far as strategy goes. Preserve a few BP on each character and whittle the Carnivorous Plant down, healing as needed. Once it Breaks you can go a bit harder laying on the damage, though you should still hold off on expending BP until the Carnivorous Plant starts charging up Foul Odor. Break it to stop the attack from going off, as getting hit by all those status ailments is a bad idea. Elemental Barrage is a great Skill for swiftly chewing up this thing's shields, but aside from that just use whatever moves you have on hand that will lower its defenses. The fight might take a while, especially after the Carnivorous Plant boosts its move count per turn, but it's not that difficult.

Defeat the Carnivorous Plant and you can claim the Abandoned Waterway's final prize: A treasure chest containing a Frost Axe. Nice. With that in hand you can leave the dungeon the way you came in.

Main Walkthrough