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Easily the largest settlement to be found on the island of Toto'haha, Tropu'hopu is a bustling little seaside community that seems far removed from the troubles of the world. A few fairly laid-back chapters will bring you through here, and while you're in town you might as well see what the people have to offer.

Tropu'hopu is located on the east side of Toto'haha. Unless your starting point is in the Beasting Village with Ochette, you'll need to sail here from one of the world's anchorages. Head east from the Beasting Bay: Anchorage, through the Western Tropu'hopu Traverse, and you'll be in Tropu'hopu before you know it.


Tropu'hopu has all the usual services of a town, though they can be a smidge difficult to identify at a glance since the signs tend to blend in with the color of the huts. The Inn is in the east, the Tavern is in the northeast, the Armorer is to the left of the Tavern, and the Provisioner is in the west.


  • If you head to the west side of Tropu'hopu you'll find a dock that will allow you to sail around the underside of the town. Head northwest of this dock and you'll find a small island with a chest on it. The chest contains an Energizing Pomegranate (M).
  • In the northwest of Tropu'hopu is a Cat Connoisseur who won't let anyone into her home. Get her out of the way - you'll need to knock her out - and you can find a chest inside her hut. The chest contains Cait Powder, which increases the chances that you will run into Caits while fighting random battles. Very handy if you want to quickly level your characters.
  • In the northeast of Tropu'hopu is a belligerent Islander who is guarding a ladder down to a chest. Remove him - Ambush or fighting works nicely - and you can pop open the chest to retrieve a Pretty Pearl. There's a dock down here, as well, and if you sail north and east you'll find a small island with another chest waiting. The second chest contains a Skull Helm.
  • If you head west in the Floating Theater area you can find a path beneath the central platform. It leads east, to a lonely woman - and a chest. The chest contains an Inspiriting Plum (M).

NPCs - Day (Tropu'hopu)

  • There's an Islander standing near the entrance to Tropu'hopu. He's carrying a Tree Nut and Jerky
  • A short walk east of the save point, on the beach, is another Islander. She's carrying a Moonshell Necklace and a Moonshell Bracelet.
  • A Master Fisherman and a Sleepy Fisherman are standing together a ways east down the beach. They're holding a Thunder Soulstone (L), a Mighty Leaf, and a Master Harpoon between them. The harpoon is definitely worth grabbing if you can manage it.
  • Near the exit to the Shipyard are an Artisan and an Elderly Man. They're collectively carrying a Thunder Soulstone, an Enlightening Bracelet, two Rare Stones, and a Vivid Jewel. The Artisan knows of a hidden Vivid Jewel by the Tavern, while the Elderly Man knows of a hidden Pretty Pearl on the beach to the west.
  • Check beside the dock at the Shipyard and you'll find a chest containing an Empowering Lychee (M).
  • Outside the Inn you'll find a Girl and a Scholar. They're carrying a Glass Marble, a Moonshell Bracelet, a Light Soulstone (M), a Shadow Soulstone (M), and an Antique Coin. The Girl can teach you Undeniable Allure, while the Scholar knows of a hidden Dreamy Flower on the island to the northwest of the town's main pathways.
  • On the boardwalks to the north of the save point you'll find a Merchant and the Mayor standing together. They're carrying an Herb of Clamor, a Feathered Hat, a Silver-Rimmed Monocle, a Healing Grape Bunch, and a Silver-Filled Pouch. The Mayor can teach you about a Discount at the Inn
  • There's a Poet speaking eloquently next to the Provisioner, on the west side of Tropu'hopu.  He's carrying an Olive of Life (M), a Wind Soulstone (M), and a Charm Robe
  • South of the Poet is a Fisherwoman standing on a dock by herself. She's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate (M) and a Pretty Pearl. She knows of a hidden Rare Stone down by the exit to the Shipyard.
  • North of the Poet is a Young Man who is almost impossibly strong. He's carrying a Warrior's Sword and a Moonshell Necklace. Read his story and you'll understand why you probably shouldn't mess with him.
  • In the northwest of Tropu'hopu is a Cat Connoisseur who is blocking the door of a hut. She's carrying three pieces of Jerky. Ger her out of your way and you'll find a chest in her hut, as noted above.
  • There's a Sailor and a Boy standing next to the Cat Connoisseur's hut. They're carrying a Healing Grape (M), a Sailor's Vest, a Fortifying Nut (M), an Inspiriting Plum Basket, and an Ice Soulstone (L) between them. They both know of hidden items: An Inspiriting Plum Basket, to the southwest of the Tavern, and a Handaxe, south of the Tavern. 
  • West of the Tavern is an Islander who's sitting on a bench. She's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate and an Empowering Lychee (L). She knows of New Equipment for Sale if you chat with her. She's quite tough, if you try to fight her.
  • There's an Islander in the northeast of Tropu'hopu who's blocking a ladder down to a chest. He's carrying an Empty Coin Purse

NPCs - Night (Tropu'hopu)

  • There's an Islander and a Beastling standing to the east of the entrance to Tropu'hopu. They're carrying a Healing Grape, an Inspiriting Plum, an Olive of Life (M), a Marksman's Bow, a Light Nut (L), and a Pretty Pearl between the two of them. The Islander knows of a hidden Nourishing Nut (M) that's sitting nearby. 
  • There's an Apothecary standing on the dock in the west of Tropu'hopu. He's carrying an Herb-of-Grace Bud, a Strengthening Serum, and a Revitalizing Jam.

NPCs - Day (Floating Theater)

  • Standing north of the entrance to the Floating Theater is a Street Vendor. She's carrying an Olive of Life and Salted Seafood. She knows a Spicy Chicken Recipe, which is part of a Side Story. This woman is quite strong in a fight.
  • West of the entrance to the area is an Islander. He's carrying a Healing Grape, an Inspiriting Plum, and an Olive of Life.
  • In the southwest of this area is a Man Searching for Pearls, who has a rather obvious Side Story for you. He's carrying two Stones and an Herb of Revival on him. Complete his Side Story and his Girlfriend will appear, and she's carrying a Haribrush and a Silver Hairpiece.
  • In the northwest of the Floating Theater is a single hut. Inside is an Artisan who's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate, a Gorgeous Sari, and an Empowering Bracelet
  • In the east of the Floating Theater, accessible by heading west and walking under the central pathway, is an Islander sitting by herself. She has a Glass Marble, a Hairbrush, and an Enfeebling Flower on her person. She knows of a hidden Fool's Leaf, by the stairs in the west.

NPCs - Night (Floating Theater)

Unlike most places, whose inhabitants tend to stick to a single map, several NPCs from the main area of Tropu'hopu will migrate to the Floating Theater at night. There's a combination of new and old faces hanging around here when the sun goes down.

  • North of the entrance is a Traveler, standing on your left before you descend towards the main stage. She's carrying a Raspberry and a Vivid Jewel. She knows of a hidden Herb of Clarity behind the stage if you chat with her. 
  • On the west side of the Floating Theater is a bored Traveler. He's carrying an Empowering Lychee, a Tough Nut, and a Heavy Coin Purse.
  • An Islander is staring out at the water in the southwest of this area. She's carrying an Inspiriting Plum, an Ice Soulstone (M), and a Jade Ring
  • The Assistant Director is standing on the left side of the stage. He's carrying a Blusterbloom, a Darkdelion, and a Dreamy Flower. He knows of a hidden Diffusing Serum, on the upper walkway to the south of the stage.

Side Stories

  • Along the southern beach is a Master Fisherman who's griping about someone being late. Speak to him for The Late Riser Side Story.
  • In the southwest of the Floating Theater area is a Man Searching for Pearls. Speak to him to receive the Pearl Hunt Side Story. (All of the pearl locations are listed above, if you care to search.)
  • In the northeast of the Floating Theater is the Stage Director. Speak to him and he'll excitedly give you the Stage Actors Side Story.
In addition to the normal Side Stories, Partitio can engage in a Scent of Commerce quest here by visiting the Shipyard in the east of Tropu'hopu. This quest will give him the chance to purchase a ship, albeit for a lot of money. The petitioner, Terry, has a Strong Axe, a Strenghtening Serum, and a Ship Alteration Ticket in her inventory, though you can only get at her items after you've completed the quest.

Main Walkthrough