Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 20

The third chapter of Agnea's tale takes place to Tropu'hopu, the largest settlement on the island of Toto'haha, Ochette's homeland. If you want to go straight there after completing the second chapter of Agnea's story - which is fine, since there's no fighting to be done this time around - you can hop on a boat at the New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage and sail to Toto'haha. Head east of Beasting Bar: Anchorage to find Tropu'hopu.

As usual, if you have Agnea in your party when you arrive in Tropu'hopu you'll immediately be prompted to begin the chapter. If you'd rather not you can trigger it later by visiting the local Tavern and choosing Hear a Tale. The Tavern is the larger hut next to the weapons shop, in the north of the town.

This guide provides a summation of everything you can find in Tropu'hopu, both during and after the chapter. You'll largely be stealing from NPCs and completing some Side Quests. Partitio can engage in the Scene of Commerce, as well, if you put him in the party.

Still clutching the sheet music Gil gave her in the previous chapter, Agnea arrives in Tropu'hopu, a little annoyed that she hasn't figured out words to accompany his music. She's interrupted when she comes across a troupe of four women, who appear to have gotten their wagon stuck in the sand. Agnea suggests finding a stick to get the thing loose.

Head north of the wagon and change the time to night. There's a Townsperson here who has a Wooden Sword, and Agnea can Entreat him to hand it over. Take the sword to Giselle, the leader of the troupe, and the group will get the wagon out of its rut. Giselle will introduce their traveling troupe, and Agnea seems pretty taken with them. Tanzy, one of the performers, invites Agnea to see their show.

Head north through Tropu'hop to find the town's Floating Theater district. The troupe is there, only... Giselle herself has run off, and the group needs to track her down. Agnea volunteers to track Giselle down. Head southwest through the main section of Tropu'hopu, then use the dock to sail north. You'll find Giselle hunkered down on a nearby island. 

Giselle is thoroughly depressed, and needs to be led back to the troupe. Switch to daytime and Allure her. Agnea will bring Giselle out of her funk. Return to the Floating Stage and you'll find the rest of the troupe on the right side of the stage. Approach them to begin the show. Agnea will get dragged onto the stage - not that she seems to mind - and things go well. 

After the show the troupe will mention a spectacle called the Grand Gala, where entertainers from the world 'round gather to celebrate. Agnea decides she needs to head there to become a star. The mention of a town where her mother once danced drags Agnea in a different direction first, however: To the remote, desert settlement of Sai, far to the south of her home on the western continent. Chapter complete!

Main Walkthrough