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More or less the starting point for Ochette's story, the Beasting Village is actually two little villages jammed onto one large map. Split between beastlings and humans, the Beasting Village is an uneasy community, thanks to interspecies friction... though both sides are happy to let you wander about as you please.

Ochette will visit the Beasting Village shortly after the introduction to her first chapter. If you're coming here as anyone else you'll need to sail to Toto'haha's Beasting Bay: Anchorage, then head south, along the North Beasting Traverse. You'll wind up at Beasting Village in no time.


The Beasting Village has two exits, one in the north, to the North Beasting Traverse, and one in the south, to the Path to the Tombs of the Wardenbeasts. If you play Ochette's first chapter you'll spend time on the latter path early on. If not, well... you can explore it, if you like, but all the items you'll find are pretty low-tier, and only worth it to players who are just starting out.


The services of a normal town are split between the two villages, in this case, and during Ochette's chapter she can't access the human village at all. The Inn and the beastling Provisioner, both of whom will only accept Jerky as currency, are all you can use. Once you've completed Ochette's chapter you can explore the eastern side of the area, which has a normal Provisioner, an Armorer, and a Tavern.


  • There's a Beastling on the west side of the area who's standing guarding over a hut, and will not move for you. He's quite strong, as well, and you'll either need to fight him and knock him out or use an alternate method to get him out of your way. Ambush works well. Inside the hut you'll find chests containing Reinforcing Jam, Perfect Jerky, and a Resistant Nut (L).
  • There's a Villager standing guard in front of a watch tower on the east, human-dominated side of the area. Take him out - he's pretty weak - and you can climb the tower to get at a chest. Inside the chest is a Giant Bow, which is a pretty good weapon early in the game.
  • Inside the largest hut, in the north of the human settlement, is a chest. It contains 1,800 leaves.

NPCs - Day (West Side)

  • There are two Beastlings standing near the entrance of their section of Beasting Village. They're carrying a Nourishing Nut, a Woodcutter's Great Axe, and a Whimsical Leaf between them. The Beastling on the left knows of a hidden Quality Jerky a short walk to the west, beside a set of stairs.
  • Inside the eastern-most beastling hut, at the top of a ladder, is a young Beastling. He's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate and an Invigorating Nut. He knows of a hidden Stone on the platform outside his hut. Great.
  • There's a Beastling Girl at the base of the platform holding up the Inn. She's holding a Tree Nut, a Plum Leaf, and an Amulet of Affection, which is a quest item.
  • Out front of the Inn is a Beastling. She's carrying Hunting Attire and a Critical Nut
  • At the base of the platform holding up the Provisioner's hut is a Beastling. She's carrying two Herbs of Clarity and a Revitaliing Jam. She knows of a hidden Healing Grape to the left of the western-most hut.
  • There's a Cooking Enthusiast with a Side Story for you outside the northeastern hut. He's carrying Jerky, a Sharp Stone, and a Chipped Dish.
  • Also outside the northeastern hut is a Beastling who is adamantly standing guard over the village's food supply. He's carrying an Empowering Lychee (M) and a Fortifying Nut. This guy is powerful, but if you find a way to knock him out - Ambush is probably easiest - you can get inside the hut he's guarding to snag some treasure, noted above.
  • There's a Beastling standing a little ways south of the save point, in the northwest of the village, who speaks some foreign tongue. He's carrying a Stick and a Stone.
  • Juvah, Ochette's master, is looking out to sea in the northwest of the village. He's carrying Quality Jerky and Superior Jerky.

NPCs - Night (West Side)

  • A Beastling stands guard on the southern cliff overlooking the village at night. She's carrying a Stupefying Stone Axe, a Bottle of Sleeping Dust, and a Thunder Soulstone (M). Converse with her to learn how to Provoke Like a Pro. This Beastling is quite powerful.
  • Check the spot where Juvah stands during the day and you'll find two Beastlings, the left of whom isn't around normally. He's carrying an Herb of Healing and an Antique Coin. He knows of a hidden Bottle of Poison Dust, just outside the Inn.

NPCs - Day (East Side)

  • Though he's closer to the middle of the area, technically, there's a Foreign Traveler near the save point. He's carrying Dispatches from Beastling Island, a quest item, and a Traveler's Bow
  • Standing beside the northbound path to the North Beasting Traverse is a Villager. She's carrying an Empowering Lychee and a Jerky
  • Next to the entrance of the human village is a Villager. She's carrying a Plum Leaf and two Pomegranate Leaves. She knows of a hidden Leather Buckler by a stack of crates to the west. 
  • Standing beside the human village's well are two kids, one of whom has a Side Story to tell. They're collectively carrying an Empowering Lychee, a Wind Soulstone, a Healing Grape, and Wheat Bread. (The Girl might look familiar if you played Ochette's introductory chapter.)
  • Behind the well is a Villager standing guard in front of a watch tower with a chest at the top. He's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate and a Sturdy Shield, and knows of a hidden Herb of Awakening by a hut on the east side of the village.
  • In front of the Armorer's hut is a Villager. He's carrying a Nameless Sword and a Silver-Filled Pouch. He knows of New Equipment for Sale if you scrutinize him properly. Be careful fighting this one.
  • There's a Trapper standing next to the Provisioner's hut. He's carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust and an Empowering Earring
  • Inside the Provisioner's hut is a Villager. She has a Feathered Hat and a Stimulating Earring on her. She knows of a hidden Sprightly Ring by the Tavern. 
In addition to everything above, you can find Cohazeh, the leader of the humans, outside the eastern-most hut during the day, once you complete Ochette's story. She's carrying a Scarlet Stone of Protection and a Battle-Tested Bow, both of which are powerful items.

NPCs - Night (West Side)

  • There's a Villager standing guard in front of the wooden fences on the south end of the human village. He's carrying an Iron Blade, a Bottle of Poison Dust, and a Shadow Soulstone (M).

Side Stories

  • Standing outside one of the upper-level huts on the beastling side of this area is a Cooking Enthusiast who wants to try human cuisine. He'll give you the Culinary Cunning Side Story.
  • Standing by a well on the human side of the area is a Human Boy. He'll give you the Building Bridges Side Story.

Main Walkthrough