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A sandy, somewhat run-down town filled with people who weren't wanted elsewhere, Sai is a stop along the road to the southwestern areas of the western continent. As with most towns there's plenty to see and do here before you move on, and a few of your characters have storyline business in Sai.

You'll most likely reach Sai by heading South from Canabrine Bridge. Follow this route to the Western Conning Creek Coast, then head west until you hit the Southern Sai Sands. Sai is in the north of this final route.


Sai's Armorer, Inn, and Tavern are all right near the entrance to town. The Provisioner, however, is over in the East District.

Of perhaps greatest importance to the average visitor is the dojo in the north of Sai. Speak to its master and he will give you a Warrior License. This allows you to change characters other than Hikari into Warriors as a Secondary Job. You can receive two additional licenses from him by mastering the Job with two characters.


  • On the west side of Sai you'll find the exit to the Sandflow Pass. This is a Danger Level 16 area that's part of Castti's second chapter, and it remains inaccessible until you begin her story.
  • On the east side of the East District you'll find steps leading to Dragonridge, a Danger Level 34 combat area. Don't enter this place prematurely, as the enemies here are much stronger than anything found in the fields south of Sai.


  • There are barricades beside the entrance of Sai. Slip between the one on your left and you can walk west to find a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum (M).
  • Next to the Tavern is a slope up to a house. Beside the house is a chest containing a Wind Soulstone (M).
  • Look atop the orphanage-esque building on the west side of the East District. A chest containing an Herb of Revival is sitting on the roof.
  • There's a Caretaker blocking a door in the north of the East District. If you find a way around him - which can be a bit tough for characters less than level 30 or so - you'll find chests containing a Tattered Dress and Tattered Shoes in the room at his back. There's also a Dancer's Journal that sounds like it could mean something to Agnea.
  • In the north of the East District are two chests that you can't reach when you first travel to Sai. If you speak to the nearby Master Carpenter and complete his Side Story he'll repair the building, allowing you to get at the chests. The one to the left of the Master Carpenter contains a Battle Hatchet, while the one up the stairs contains a Refined Sword.

NPCs - Day (Sai)

  • The Townsperson by the entrance of town carries a Feather Mantle, a Silver Shield, and an Olive of Life (M). Inspect him to learn Easier Inquiries, which will make chatting up the rest of the folks in Sai easier. He knows Ultimate Crescent Sweep and is incredibly powerful, so fight him at your own peril.
  • The Peddler outside the Armorer carries Jerky and Rotten Meat. He can use the Umbral Strike Skill.
  • The Elderly Man in front of the Armorer carries a Healing Grape (M) and a Curious Antique. He knows the Pray Skill.
  • The Soldier outside the hospital tent in the northwest of Sai carries a Herb of Healing, an Enfeebling Flower, and a Conscious Stone. He knows the Skill Stomachache, and is another powerful NPC.
  • The Young Warrior near the hospital tent carries a Healing Grape (M) and an Energizing Pomegranate (M). The Townsperson beside him has a Cleansing Leaf, Revitalizing Jam, and Diffusing Serum, and knows of a hidden Grape Leaf in the Tavern. She knows the First Aid Skill.
  • Assuming you completed Castti's second chapter, you'll find Mao in the hospital tent. She has two Cleansing Leaves and a Revitalizing Jam on her. Mao knows the Convalescence Skill.
  • If you completed Partitio's Scent of Commerce quest in this town you'll find Masoud's Daughter by the town's well. She's carrying a Handkerchief and a Critical Bracelet. She knows the Skill Lightning Falls.
  • There's a Townsperson in the house by the well. He's carrying an Old Cloth and a Fortified Nut. He knows of a hidden Strong Axe beside the dojo in the north of Sai. The Townsperson knows the Heckle Skill. 
  • In front of the dojo in the north of Sai is a Disciple. He's carrying a Silver Sword and a Dojo Hakama on his person. Chat with him and you'll learn how to Challenge with Ease in Sai. He knows the Cleave in Two Skill.
  • The three Disciples in the dojo collectively carry a Sandstorm Spear, an Olive of Life, a Little Crow, an Empowering Lychee (M), an Old Cloth, a War Glaive, and a Dual Flower. They know the Skills Twofold Thrust, Hazy Slash, and Slice.
  • Out front of the Tavern is a Merchant. He's carrying an Antique Coin and a Lute that is quest-specific. 
  • If you completed Partitio's Scent of Commerce quest in Sai then Masoud will be outside his home. He's carrying an Antique Coin, an Empowering Lychee (M), and an Empowering Lychee (L). He knows the Panacea Skill.
  • There's a Soldier on the road to the East District. He's carrying a Leather Helm, a Copper Breastplate, and a Broadsword. He knows of a hidden Healing Grape (M) on the hilly path up to the house beside the Tavern. This Soldier knows the Slice Skill.
  • There's also a Boy on the road to the East District. He's carrying a Tree Nut and a Glass Marble.

NPCs - Night (Sai)

  • There's a Man out front of the Armorer's shop. He's carrying an Ice Soulstone and an Ice Soulstone (M).
  • Inside the dojo you'll find a Former Disciple. He's carrying a Giant's Blade, an Imperial Helm, and an Energizing Pomegranate (L). He knows the Rend Earth Skill. He's also incredibly tough, and if you try to Mug him he'll probably wipe the floor with you at a low level. Remember this guy for much, much later in the game if you want to fight, hire, or rob him.
  • The two people in the Tavern whom you haven't seen already are carrying a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, a Shadow Soulstone (M), a Foget-Me-Do, and a Light Coin Pouch. The Soldier knows Discount at the Inn, while the Townsperson charges a lot for... absolutely no knowledge of value. The Soldier knows the Skill Rage Slash, while the Townsperson knows Rally Troops.
  • There are two Soldiers on the road leading towards the East District. They're carrying a Great Blade, a Crested Greatshield, a Champion's Garb, a Strong Axe, a Skull Helm, and a Tough Nut (M). The Soldier on the left knows of New Equipment for Sale if you ply him for info. The guy on the left knows Improved Offense, while the guy on the right knows Steel Defenses. Both are quite tough, and not worth fighting until you are a fairly high level.

NPCs - Day (East District)

  • There are two people standing near the entrance to the East District. They're carrying a Healing Grape Bunch, an Inspiriting Plum Basket, an Energizing Pomegranate (L), a Healing Grape, an Empowering Lychee, and an Olive of Life
  • Down the street a ways from the entrance is a Carpenter. He's carrying a Light Coin Purse and an Angel's Ring
  • Across the street from the Carpenter is a Townsperson. He's carrying a Whimsical Leaf and an Herb of Clamor
  • There's what appears to be an orphanage on the west side of the East District. The Townsperson out front is carrying Candy, Reinforcing Jam, and a Stuffed Toy. She knows of a hidden Tough Nut down the street to the south. (She's also rather creepy, if you read her description.) 
  • In the town square near the orphanage you'll find three children, as well as a Girl standing off to one side. The four NPCs are carrying Candy, a Handkerchief, an Invigorating Nut, an Antique Coin, a Healing Grape, an Inspiriting Plum, an Empowering Lychee (M), a Conjurer's Staff, a Bottle of Sleeping Dust, and a Hairbrush. The quiet Girl of the three kids knows of a hidden Stuffed Toy inside the orphanage, while the Boy on the right knows of a hidden Energizing Pomegranate (L), up the stairs to the north. The Girl standing off to the side knows of a hidden Glass Marble inside the orphanage. 
  • North of the square, down a narrow alley, you'll find a Caretaker blocking a door. He's carrying a Candy and a Nourishing Nut. If you can get the Caretaker out of the way you can claim a few treasures, noted above.
  • There are two Boys in the orphanage. They're carrying an Herb of Clamor, a Rare Stone, an Energizing Pomegranate, and an Empowering Lychee.
  • There's a Carpenter standing out front of the item shop. He's carrying a Battle Hatchet, a Pointed Hat, and a Critical Earring
  • There are two people inside the item shop. They're collectively carrying Slumber Sage, an Olive of Life (L), a Warding Leaf, a Forget-Me-Do, and a Light Coin Pouch. The Medicine Peddler knows of a hidden Inspiriting Plum (M) back near the entrance. 
  • The Master Carpenter who gives you a Side Story in the north of the East District is carrying a Silver Hatchet and an Old Cloth.
In addition to everything above, you can also find Platt and Platt's Wife in their home with the kids, once you've completed Agnea's fourth chapter. Between them they're carrying an Herb of Valor, a Resistant Nut (M), two Candies, and a Healing Grape Bunch.

NPCs - Night (East District)

  • There's a Townsperson standing near the entrance to the East District. He's carrying an Old Cloth, a Heavy Coin Pouch, and a Vivid Jewel. He knows of a hidden Antique Coin atop the dilapidated building in the north of this area, accessible once you complete the Plans from a Ruined Nation Side Story.
  • There's a powerful Townsperson near a stall to the east of the entrance to the district. She's carrying a Forbidden Spear, an Elemental Augmentor, and a Dreamy Flower. Unless your characters are top-notch fighters she will kick your butt in a one-on-one fight. (Check her story to see why.)

Side Stories

  • There's a Young Warrior in the northwest of Sai, by the hospital tent, will give you the Sword Hunter in the Decaying Temple Side Story.
  • There's a Master Carpenter in front of a dilapidated building in the north of the East District. Speak to him and he'll begin the Side Story Plans from a Ruined Nation. Completing this Side Story will repair the building, allowing you to get at two chests. The contents of the chests are noted above.

Main Walkthrough