Location: Alubarna
Petitioner: Dancing Instructor Sardan
Reward: Dancer's Tiara, 18,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Ogre Sazae Kancho Carbonara

The second part of a small story, this Side Story has two prerequisites:
  • Complete the events of Alabasta's civil war, return to Waford, and then return to Alabasta. This unlocks a bunch of Side Stories in various parts of the country.
  • Complete the Side Story Talented Doctor. (You may also need to complete the Side Story That Tea Tastes Thorny to make it appear. I'm not sure.)

Once you've met and resolved Sardan's back problems, look to the south of where you first met her, in the southwest of Alubarna's Market District. She's here, and she's trying to teach a bunch of dancers a particular dance. They seem to be out of shape, however, and can't cut a rug to Sardan's satisfaction. She wants you to, ah, beat them up.

There are no two ways about it: You need to wallop Sardan's three Pupils. They're nothing special compared to your party, and should go down without much of a fight. In the aftermath of the battle you'll learn just why the students can't keep up with their teacher, and the Side Story will end.