Location: Alubarna
Petitioner: Crybaby Tea Merchant Lief
Reward: Spiders Cafe Employee Card, 18,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Perfected Shabby Ball

To trigger this Side Story you need to free Alabasta from Crocodile and leave the land behind. This will return to you Waford, and after a very short break you'll be sent back to Alabasta, unlocking a large number of additional content. The petitioner for this Side Story, Lief, is just north of the southern entrance into Alubarna.

(This Side Story didn't appear for me until I'd completed several other Side Stories in Alubarna, the last of which was Talented Doctor. The time of day may also have had an effect, as I found it in the morning. I'm not sure.)

Lief is freaking out because she lost some jars of tea leaves that she wanted to deliver to Paula, a customer whom Robin seems to know. (They're both former Baroque Works agent, in case you were wondering.) Lief suggests speaking to the soldiers to see if they've spotted the jars. They're in the following locations:
  • Down the alley to the west of Lief. This soldier is loitering against a wall, and hands over a Jar of Tea Leaves.
  • North up the street from Lief. You'll see the soldier looking into an alley to the east, and he'll mention some suspicious characters. You'll find two Thieves who have the jar. Beat them up (no big deal) to retrieve the Jar of Tea Leaves.

All done. Take the two jars back to Lief for your reward, as well as a hearty dose of Sanji's terrible attempts at womanizing.