Part 9: Head to Rainbase - Sandy Oasis / Desert Cave

Main Walkthrough

After an exhausting, exhaustive search through the deserts of Alabasta, the Straw Hats have finally made their way to Rain Dinners, the headquarters of Crocodile. The first thing you see upon arrival is a cinematic of their friend Vivi getting snagged by Crocodile's goons, and that's just no good.

Activate the Yoisa Sign to the right of the door, save, and head inside. Plenty of eager gamblers will happily discuss their day, but for the most part there's little to see in the casino. The one big exception is an Usopp's Cube Fragment. You'll find it beside a bar on the west side of the casino, beside two women talking to each other. It's easy to miss if you're not looking right at it. Sanji can find three Gator Watermelons on the north side of the bar if he's leading the party.

Chat with everyone you like, then head to the east side of the gambling pit. Here you'll find Karoo, Vivi's loyal... duck... thing. Before speaking to Karoo, put Nami out front and check the row of plants near the bird for 45,000 Berries. Karoo will verify that, yes, Vivi is in trouble and needs some rescuing.

Head to the doors in the north of the casino. A pair of Rain Dinners Customer Service guys are blocking the way, and you'll need to fight them to get deeper into the casino. They're no different than the many Bandits you've fought getting here, and will drop the Rain Dinners Customer Service's Record Cube and a Customer Service's Power when defeated.

At this point Robin will elect to leave the party, to avoid angering Vivi. They have a history. On the other side of the doors you'll need to battle another Rain Dinners Customer Service member, as well as two Baroque Pandas. Losing Robin makes fighting the Baroque Pandas harder, since they're Power battlers, though Zoro can handle them well enough with his AOE Skills. You'll earn a Baroque Panda's Power for winning the fight.

The team will rescue Vivi, and you'll need to head back the way you came. Yep, you're done with the casino already. That was easy. Next stop: Desert Near Alubarna.

Part 11: Stop Crocodile's Plans - Desert Near Alubarna

Main Walkthrough