Part 23: The Aurora - Flying Battleship Aurora

Main Walkthrough

After the disastrous events surrounding the Flying Battleship Aurora, Glenn has apparently decided to try a path through life with fewer, ah, explosions. Settling down in the mountain town of Flandern, a place we've seen from a distance but not visited, he now spends his days getting groceries. Very exciting stuff.

There's always room for item collecting, so you should have a look around Flandern before getting on with the story.

  • In the house immediately west of the Fast Travel Crystal you'll find a Meal, up on the second floor.
  • On the east side of Flandern, near one end of the bridge stretching across the town, is a house. The man in the kitchen will give you a Meal if you speak to him.
  • Cross the bridge to the west and you'll find a house. On the way south towards the house, if you check to your left, you'll find a chest containing a Gold Ore. On the upper floor of the house is a dresser that contains 105a. On the lower floor you'll find a path into a cave, which in turn leads to the outdoors. Explore the path to its conclusion and you'll find two Amber Crystals, a chest containing two Repair Kits, and two red chests containing a Festival Ribbon and a Blueprint.

Now we're ready to keep going. Enter the building to the right of the Fast Trave Crystal, and approach the front desk. Glenn will pick up groceries. Head west through town until you're forced to veer west. Check to the northwest and you'll find a church, near which is a chest containing a Giant's Hide.

Head south and you'll come to a mansion. This, apparently, is where Glenn has been living, and he's not alone. Head inside and check the southeastern room on the ground floor. There's a chest here containing four Yak Grass Fibers. On the second floor you'll find three chests in the two southern rooms, containing two Repair Kits, three Hard Shells, and a Break Extender Crystal.

Enter the room in the north of the second floor and Glenn will argue with the voice in his head for a bit before going to bed. Go back downstairs once Glenn's awake and Victor will stop by for a visit, which is apparently enough to get Glenn back on board with the war effort. The scene that follows is quite spooky, but, hey, Glenn's back.

Mount Rydell


  • Bighead - Strong to Earth, weak to Fire - Drops Bushy Eyelashes
  • Ice Devil - Strong to Water, weak to Light - Drops Demon Leather, Mini Trident - Can steal Mini Trident

Leaving Flandern behind, the party - Glenn, Victor, Sienna, and Ba'Thraz - travel to Mount Rydell next. The merchant is sitting nearby, though he's at a dead end. You'll need to hop in your new Sky Armor and fly east to proceed. You can pop open a chest here containing two Gold Ores. To the northwest you'll find a red chest containing a Leather Beastplate, and again, you'll need to fly up to it.

Fly to the northeast and you'll find a pair of Bigheads. These guys are a good opportunity to try out the Skills of your characters in their new Sky Armor suits, as all of them operate differently than Glenn's. Ba'Thraz's Fire Shot in particular will make pretty short work of these guys, and Victor can keep everyone healed with Repair All. Don't forget to change Gears regularly! Keep in mind, too, that Bigheads aren't meant to be fought outside your Sky Armor, and attempting to do so will get you killed very quickly.

There's a cave beyond the Bigheads. Pop inside and you'll find numerous handholds going up the walls within. Check the chest on your right for two Exchange Parts, then start climbing. At the top of the first climb you'll find two Ice Devils, which aren't a huge deal. Ba'thraz can annihilate them with Light Sword.

Another climb will take you back outside. Fly east and you'll see two Bigheads guarding a red chest. Land, fight them, and pop open the chest to find a Scale Armor. Further east you'll find two more Bigheads to fight, on the way to a cave in the west, and if you pop out of your Sky Armor and check the thin path running along the upper section of this mountain you'll find a red chest containing a Robust Coat.

Pop into the cave and you'll find Lenne and Robb waiting. After a bout of angry camaraderie from Robb, Glenn decides that he's happy to be a part of the party again. Onward! The snowy segment of Mount Rydell awaits!

Part 25: Three Months Later - Mount Rydell

Main Walkthrough