Part 22: The Kindreld Monastery

Main Walkthrough


  • Aurora Guard - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind
  • Tarynean Sky Armor - Strong to Water, weak to Wind - Drops Repair Kit

Things are a mixed bag at the moment. The party has been captured by the forces of Taryn, and Prince Frederik has imprisoned Lenne and ordered everyone else executed. On the plus side, Cameron jumps in to save everyone before they're killed, and being on Frederik's flagship gives the party the opportunity to steal the Grand Grimoire. A bit of a net win? Maybe?

Floor U5, West

You'll start out on the superstructure of the Aurora. Head south and check out the southwestern pathway. At the end of it you'll find a chest containing two Meals. On the pathway at the northwest end of the ship, the opposite of where you just were, you'll find a red chest containing a Nagamaki for Sienna.

Head east through the ship until you hit an intersection. You're prevented from going any further east by a locked door, so head north instead. You'll find an elevator that will take you to two floors.

Floor U3

Head to U3 first. Go east and you'll run into a contingent of three Aurora Guards. All three are standard melee fighters, though their attacks will very occasionally Stagger your characters. Do a quick swap if this happens. Taking them out will open the way to Lenne's cell - that was easy - and she'll rejoin the party. Just outside her cell you'll find an anvil, and in the next cell to the right you'll find your merchant friend.

There's another squad of Aurora Soldiers waiting at the east end of the hall, and they're blocking a second elevator. You'll need to fight them eventually, so you might as well take them out now. At this point you need to head to U5 to continue deeper into the Aurora, but we might as well have a quick look at U4 while we're here.

Floor U4

U4 appears to be the crew quarters, and no one is interested in fighting you here. There are a few things to collect before you move on from U4:

  • In the northeast is an armory. There are Sweets sitting in front of a rack of weapons.
  • In the southwest room you'll find more Sweets sitting on a shelf.
  • In the southeast room you'll find 266a on a shelf.

Yep, that's all. Head back to the eastern elevator and ride it to U5.

Floor U5, East

Taking the eastern elevator down to U5 will put you on the other side of the locked door from earlier, allowing you to explore the rest of the ship. Start by running west and off the door, where you'll find said locked door. Beyond it is a red chest containing a Winged Cape. 

Head back east. You can now go north or south. Check south to find a chest containing two Sweets, then swing to the north. Three Aurora Guards will block your progress, and three more will face you beyond that. Eventually you'll wind up at the end of a long corridor, and a Tarynean Sky Armor will swoop in and attack you. Even this thing's normal attacks hit hard, so you should probably debuff it before laying into it too hard.

There are a few items you can't reach yet, but you'll get your chance. Head to the end of the corridor and you'll trigger a cut scene where a certain someone will decide to get greedy, and you'll lose a party member. If you've been paying attention, this won't surprise you too much, though it's still unfortunate. Once that tragedy is complete you'll finally get your hands on something that hasn't been available since the beginning of the game: Sky Armor.

Piloting Sky Armor

Sky Armor does not play the same as wandering around on foot. Though you can still hover around on the ground, you can also enter a flying mode. This will allow you to circumvent tricky terrain and reach things that are normally beyond you. Being able to fly unlocks quite a bit of stuff in previous areas, and you'll want to backtrack a bit and collect some stuff that you missed before.

Combat, also, is no longer the same. In addition to new Skillsets that change based on your character's equipped weapons, you can now rev your Sky Armor up into different Gears. There are three Gears to choose from:

  • Gear 1. Your Sky Armor has normal attack and defense stats, and its TP costs are unchanged.
  • Gear 2. Your Sky Armor deals, and takes, more damage than normal. Skill costs are increased.
  • Gear 0. Your Sky Armor has normal attack and defense stats, but it can't use its Skills. Taking actions will regenerate a great deal of TP for your Sky Armor.
The three Gears also affect the Overdrive bar, which changes when you're in Sky Armor. Rather than a green Overdrive zone there are simply two Overheat zones on either side of the bar, and you need to change Gears to keep the Overdrive out of Overheat. Gear 1 moves the cursor to the right, Gear 2 moves the cursor to the left and Gear 0 doesn't move the cursor at all.

Steer the Sky Armor back west. There's a chest containing four Repair Kits near the entrance to the ship - you use these to repair your Sky Armor when it is damaged - and you can hover over the gap in the middle of the floor to receive two more Repair Kits. Hop out of the Sky Armor and you can get at a chest in the south that's tucked behind some crates. It contains two Exchange Parts.

Head back into the ship in the Sky Armor. You'll run into a Tarynean Sky Armor, and can try out your new combat features. Piece of cake. Beyond the corridor you'll be back on the platforms, and you can hover south to fight three Aurora Soldiers. They're guarding a chest that contains two more Repair Kits. Head west of here to find a platform covered in shipping containers, at the west end of which you'll find a chest containing four Silph's Fans.

South of the shipping containers is the exit, and when you go through you'll watch General Godfrey, that boisterous drunk from Iden, destroy an enemy fleet. Better stop him. You'll need to fight two squds of two Tarynean Sky Armors to reach Godfrey. Go into Gear 2, smash them around, go down to Gear 0 to regenerate TP, and go back to Gear 1. Repeat until they're toast.


Type: Machine
Strength: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Steal: Nothing

Hey, look, it's another Sky Armor. Godfrey is stronger than the other Sky Armors, but he's still not a big deal. Start off by using Poison Salvo to inflict Poison on him, then swat him a few times with Piercer in Gear 2. Use a Repair Kit when your health gets low, then switch to Gears 0 and 1 to get your TP back up. Keep swatting until Godfrey's a goner. It won't take long.

Things do not go well, suffice it to say, and you'll be watching cut scenes for a while as tragedy unfolds. There's a brief interactive section where you'll steer someone new around for a bit - you can see that for yourself - but eventually, you'll wind up back in Glenn's shoes again.

Main Walkthrough