Part 11: Crossing Mountains - Eternal Flame Temple

Main Walkthrough


  • Horn Lizard - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Horn, Lizard Tail - Can steal Weathered Bone
  • Medusaen Viper - Drops Snake Cheek - Can steal Sterile Mucus

Loot and Materials

  • Bloody Compass
  • Drinking Stalk
  • Finger-Giving-Wing
  • Five-Leaf Clover
  • Mantis
  • Newt
  • Oily Mango
  • Pebble
  • Rat
  • Rock

It took some doing, but the party is finally on the Kortara Mountain Range. That's not the trip to civilization complete, but... at least they're past the border. Time to start walking north through the narrow trails of the wilderness.

If you want you can make a beeline through this area to your next destination - and you might as well, since you're heavily restricted from exploring anywhere beyond the south of the Kortara Mountain Range. Before we head to our destination, however, we're going to look around a bit.

South-Central Kortara Mountain Range

  • If you walk north from the temple's exit you'll run into your first enemies, a pair of Horn Lizards. They're resistant to physical attacks but vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • Follow the path to the northeast, along the blackened chasms, until it splits. The northern path will take you to a chest containing a Thick Hide. The southeastern path will take you to a pair of Medusaen Vipers. These are much more dangerous than the Horn Lizards, as they can use Body Slam to hit everyone at once. Keep an eye on your Overdrive Bar.
  • The path from the Vipers will bring you to an open area with three more Horn Lizards. Follow the path west of the clearing to find a chest containing two Buff Overdrives. To the south, beneath a land bridge, you'll hit a battle with two Horn Lizards and one Medusaen Viper.
  • If you look around this clearing you'll see two signs for buried treasure. They're pointing towards a gnarled, fallen tree at the edge of the southern cliffs, to the left of a raised ledge covered in crystals. Check the log for a Wakizashi for Sienna.

Any time you try to exit this section of the Kortara Mountain Range you will be redirected back. Apparently you're going the wrong way. To hit your next destination you need to travel north of the clearing where you fought the three Horn Lizards. Up here you'll find a bridge...

... and when you try to cross, you'll run into oodles of soldiers. And the treacherous General Matthye. And a giant. And, after all that, a putz in Sky Armor.


Type: Machine
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Water
Steal: Copper Nugget

Ah, Row. You jerk. Though well-intentioned, Lenne's Sky Armor pilot friend needs to go down. Row is fairly straightforward, despite this being your first battle with Sky Armor since the beginning of the game. Row knows the following attacks:

  • A normal attack that does middling damage
  • Strong Laser, which hits one character for heavy damage
  • Paralyze Flash, which can paralyze a single character
  • Counter Stance, which counters with a heavy beam attack that reduces everyone to 1 HP if Row is struck while it's active
Most of the time Row will swap back and forth between his normal attack and Strong Laser, neither of which are a huge deal if you keep your Overdrive out of Overheat. Paralyze Flash can be healed away on the rare moments it comes out. Last is Counter Stance, which is handled by simply not attacking Row until he takes another turn. Use the opportunity to heal up, buff your characters, or otherwise reduce Overdrive. Debuff and smack Row around with water attacks to take him down. It'll take a little while, but this battle isn't difficult.

Defeating Row will earn you a Grimoire Shard. The battle doesn't necessarily end in victory for your side, however, and the explosion of the Sky Armor will carve a huge chunk into the bridge. From here on in you'll need to follow the divided party members as they reckon with their sudden, violent change in circumstances. You can choose which party you follow first, and we'll start with Glenn and Lenne.

Part 13: Crossing Mountains - Glenn and Lenne

Main Walkthrough