Part 10: A Pass to Kortara - Basil

Main Walkthrough


  • Ghost - Strong to Light, weak to Dark - Drops Blanket - Can steal Thick Hide
  • Zombie - Strong to Dark, weak to Light - Drops Thick Hide, Zombie Flesh

Regardless of the decision you made to get the key, you've now gained access to the Temple of the Purple Flame, otherwise known as the Eternal Flame Temple. Located northwest of Basil, through an innocuous door built into a clifffront, the Eternal Flame Temple is the only path available out of Farnsport. What awaits within the violet catacombs? Let's find out.

Upon arrival the party will remark upon a corpse near the entrance, and if you check it you'll find an Antidote. Another corpse further north carries 25a, and a third... will attack! Zombies have a fair amount of health and can poison your characters with their bite, but they're pretty slow. Makes sense. You don't have any attacks that can exploit their Light weaknesses - unless you happened across some Light Attack Crystals, anyway - so brute force will have to do.

The sparkle near the Zombie's original resting spot is a Snack. Check the left side of the room to find a dead-end hallway, at the end of which is a chest containing two Ashen Bones. The northern door doesn't open, so you'll need to proceed east.

You'll wind up in a series of rocky tunnels, and your party will comment on a nearby fungi known as a Para Shroom. You can't do anything with this one, but if you make your way northeast you'll get into a battle with two more Zombies. Target the Para Shroom sitting near them and you'll paralyze the Zombies, occasionally causing them to miss their turns. Handy.

Follow the path north and west until you're back in the temple. To the north is a wide chamber with three exits, all of which are of interest. Continuing north will bring you more or less to a dead end, inside a small chapel, though you'll see a neutral spirit of sorts that will speak to you. That leaves two more directions, east and west.

In this area you'll run into enemies worthy of special mention: Ghosts. Aside from an AOE attack that doesn't do anyone much damage, Ghosts will become resistant to the attack type you use first, either physical or magical. You have far more physical Skills than magical at this point, so lead with magical attacks to avoid an annoying battle. Lenne and Victor can both help you out with magic, so make sure they aren't linked together and unable to fight simultaneously.

Head east to start and you'll run into two Ghosts in the corridor. North of this battleground is a small storage room with a chest that contains two Snacks. North through the corridor you'll be back in the caves, and a trio of Zombies await, as well as another Para Shroom. Investigate the inanimate Zombie corpse for 25a, and check south of where you fight the Zombies for a chest containing an Angel Wing.

Follow the path north and you'll find two Attack Overdrives in a chest to the east. If you inspect the wall to the west you'll find a path into a large, rubble-filled room. Climb to the balcony and follow it south until you're on the second floor of the chapel. Inspect the glint on the wall to activate a switch, then jump down.

You're back in the large room from earlier. Time to go west. A pair of Ghosts will ambush you as you enter a room filled with shallow water. Take them out, then go west and south. There are two rooms at the end of the hall, one of which holds a chest containing a Dark Resistance Crystal. The other... well, if you visited the Seaside Village you might have heard something about the spirit lurking in this room. Surprisingly friendly!

Head back north and keep going that direction, through the next flooded chamber and into another narrow hallway. More Ghosts will appear to attack you. Beyond the Ghosts you'll be back in the rubble-strewn chamber, just on the opposite balcony from before. Go north to find a chest containing two Antidotes, then head south, hit the switch in the chapel, and proceed through the gate that opens in the chapel.

Beyond the rubble-room you'll come to a northbound corridor with rooms on either side. In the upper-left room you'll find two Zombies and a Ghost, while in the upper-right room you'll find a chest containing a Paralyze Hit Crystal. Smash through the boulders in the lower-right room to reach the chest. Dead ahead is a spirit warning you to turn back, which is a sure sign that you should save before entering the next corridor to the north.

Dream Eater

Strength: None
Weakness: None
Steal: Silver Breastplate

Quite an entrance. The Dream Eater is an imposing presence, though it doesn't quite hit as hard as you'd think by looking at it. This is a lengthy fight, thanks to the Dream Eater's high HP, but you can get through it if you've kept your equipment upgraded. The Dream Eater has the following moves:

  • A normal physical strike that does in the 30 to 40 HP range
  • Pitch Black Darkness, which hits the whole party in the 20 to 30 HP range
  • An HP Regen buff, which restores a little over 100 HP per turn
In addition to its normal attacks, Dream Eater can use a move called Twisting Visions that changes the landscape of the battle. When it does this the Dream Eater is joined by a Flame Orb and a Spirit Orb, both of which receive their own turns. The Spirit Orb is more annoying, as it can poison your characters. The Flame Orb explodes and damages everyone when defeated, while the Spirit Orb restores 100 TP to the damage-dealer.

This fight isn't too bad, even if it takes a while. Start out by thoroughly debuffing the Dream Eater, particularly its Agility, so your whole team can get in plenty of hard attacks. One good AOE attack will take out the Flame Orb when it appears, and your primary healer can smack the Spirit Orb to get a nice TP boost. Use the Cleric's Heal All as necessary to offset damage from Pitch Black Darkness and exploding Orbs.

The Dream Eater will summon the Orbs again after a while, though this time you'll be in a forest, and can hit a Para Shroom to the right of the Orbs to paralyze all three enemies for a while. Have Lenne use Cleanse to remove the regen buff if the Dream Eater applies it, and just keep on hitting. The battlefield will go through one more shift, back to the temple, before the fight is over. Your tactics shouldn't change much.

Defeating the Dream Eater will earn you a Grimoire Shard which you should promptly use to upgrade your characters. Head north from its chamber and you'll find a room with an anvil, as well as two Light Attack Crystals. Through the wall in the north you'll find a passage into the caves, and after a nice, lengthy fireside chat the party will find the way through to the Kortara Mountain Range. About time.

Part 12: Crossing Mountains - Kortara Mountain Range

Main Walkthrough