Part 12: Crossing Mountains - Kortara Mountain Range

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  • Waterfly - Strong to Water, weak to Wind - Drops Water Orb

After a tragic battle the party has been split into three groups. Glenn and Lenne wound up together, somewhere underground, and they need to find their way back to their friends. It'll be tough going, but these two are pretty well-rounded as far as party members go.

Before you set off, there are two things you should do:

  • As always, spend any outstanding GS. You just received one from the previous battle, and you'll want the stat boosts for this scenario.
  • Reallocate equipment. Your other characters don't need what they're wearing right now, and you can swap it all back once you take on other scenarios. Of particular importance are any Emblems you may be carrying, which at this point in the game include the Cleric and Warrior Emblems. Glenn and Lenne aren't normally healers, and at a minimum making one of them the Cleric will make the road ahead easier. Either one is fine in this role, though given how the scenario pans out you'll probably want to make Glenn the healer.
The duo is somewhere in the southwestern section of the Kortara Mountain Range, which is a start. Climb the rocks to the north of your landing point and you'll find a path outside. Check west of the cave exit to find an Amber Crystal, then start heading north. 

You'll run into a forest before long, and in the north you'll find a split in the path. To the west you'll find a chest containing two Snacks, and through the trees to the east you'll find two chests, one containing three Bamboo Fibers and the other an Angel Wing. The chests are guarded by Waterflies, simple creatures that Lenne can annihilate with her Wind Thrust Skill.

Climb the rocks in the north of the forest and you'll come to a much steeper cliff to climb. Go up handholds until you see a drop point on your right. If you go down you'll find chests containing three Alarm Clocks and two Eye Drops. Climb back up, then climb higher. Ignore the first drop point on your left - it sends you back to the ground - and go up one more set of handholds to the drop on your right.

You'll fall to a ledge with two more drop points. Use the one on the right and you'll find a path to the top of the cliffs, and out of this rocky area. Beyond you'll wind up on the outskirts of a town, though Glenn and Lenne will take care to avoid it. A lengthy cut scene follows where you'll learn more about the upbringing of both characters... and then, the next day, they're roped into monster hunting by fleeing villagers.

Have a chat with everyone in the little clearing where you wind up, then head west. A light that Glenn claims is a fairy will guide you through the thick trees, then to the north. These paths get a little confusing, but if you head generally northwest you'll find a chest containing two Snacks, and to the northeast you'll find a chest containing three Oil Lamps. The northeast chest is your only landmark warning of the battle waiting in the north.

Forgotten Boar

Type: Dragon
Strength: None
Weakness: None
Steal: None

Looks bloody. The Forgotten Boar is a fairly simple enemy, and has three attacks:

  • A normal physical hit
  • Ice Age, which hits everyone for moderate damage
  • A physical counter
The counter is the problem. Most of Glenn's Skills, or one of Lenne's normal attacks, will automatically trigger a retaliatory swat from the beast. If you want to power your way through you can just heal away the damage, but it's smarter to let Lenne do most of the damage. Have Glenn use Oil Slash to give the Boar Oil status, then order Lenne to use Fire Thrust. This will maximize her damage output and burn through the Boar's health in a hurry. Heal as needed using your Cleric, and use Glenn's Ultra Move to debuff the Boar's stats.

The fight won't take long, and once it's over Glenn will collapse. This brings Glenn and Lenne's scenario to an end. Care to choose another?

Part 14: Crossing Mountains - Victor, Kylian, and Robb - Wygrand Mines

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