Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Zeke's level 2 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Zeke level 3 friendship

A homeless man who's clearly more than he seems, Zeke remains a tough customer to befriend. He moves around Moonbury a lot, and aside from his tent - which Zeke doesn't frequent during the day - there are few predictable places to find the old man. And when you do track Zeke down, he's often sleeping on a bench. You're best off using your dog to track Zeke down early in the day, or towards the evening, so you avoid his occasional afternoon nap.

Boost your relationship with Zeke to the top of the second level and a notice will appear on the Bulletin Boards around Moonbury. Myer is in trouble, and he specifically needs Zeke to drop by Town Hall and help him out. You can watch them interact between 8:00 and 15:00, every day but Sunday.

Poke your head into Town Hall and you'll find Zeke and Myer deep in discussion. Apparently a third party has a book Myer desperately needs, and he wants Zeke to negotiate on his behalf. Zeke pulls you in, pointing out that said merchant has hair problems. Perhaps if you created a Scalp Tonic the man would hand over the book?

The Scalp Tonic is a bit tricky to craft. Its template only has fifteen squares to fill, but they're in a bit of an annoying shape. You also can't use Fire or Earth materials to complete the template. You'll need an upgraded Cauldron, and access to Glaze Iceberg, to complete this quest. Here are some suggestions for crafting the Scalp Tonic:
  • Start by placing two Feverfews on the template, one on the top of the template and one on the right. Feverfew is located in the northeast of Meadow Range.
  • Next, place a Sticky Jelly on the left side of the template. Green Blobs in Meadow Range drop Sticky Jellies.
  • Place an Ominous Tongue along the bottom of the template. The Bomber Bees of Glaze Iceberg drop Ominous Tongues when defeated.
  • Finish up by filling the two remaining gaps in the template with Sap. Sap drops out of trees when you cut them down, and any kind will do.

Deliver the Scalp Tonic to Zeke. Finish up your day, then head home and sleep. The next day Zeke will stop by your house and bring you to Town Hall, where the quest will end successfully. You'll learn the remainder of Zeke's history, and your relationship will grow to the third level.