Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Fully upgrade Moonbury

Reward: Potion Permit

Unlocks: --

At some point during your Potion Permit playthrough you'll probably wonder when you'll hit the credit sequence. They're a staple of every game, and Potion Permit doesn't seem to point you towards any in an obvious way. That said, there is an ending to the game, though it will spring itself on you as a bit of a surprise.

The trigger for this final quest is a bit vague. There do seem to be two general prerequisites, however:
  • You need to progress to a certain point in the storyline.
  • You need to befriend a certain number of Moonbury's residents.
I'm currently uncertain exactly which quest you need to complete to fulfill the storyline portion of these prerequisites. My guess is that you need to complete the Drake Aloe quest at a minimum, as it involves bringing a significant portion of the town together to solve a major problem. You may also want to complete The Black Lotus and The Third Chemistry Test quests, both of which take place at the tail end of your explorations of the Barren Wasteland.

The other prerequisite, befriending the people of Moonbury, is similarly vague. As you develop relationships with more and more people in Moonbury they will repair and upgrade portions of the town - the garden and lights near your home, the beachfront, the bridge, the fountain, etc. - as thanks for your hard work. It's never obvious when these upgrades will happen, and you'll just see notices posted on the Bulletin Boards around town when you hit the proper number of friendships.

Your New Family is the last of these town upgrades, and will see the people of Moonsbury repairing the moon statue in Town Square. The end credits follow shortly after. In order to trigger this sequence I had to befriend all thirty-three residents of Moonbury, twenty-seven of whom had reached the third level of friendship or greater. Whether that's the exact number you need to reach, or if there's some sort of point system involved in determining when you hit the end of the game, I don't know.

Suffice it to say, if you keep befriending the people of Moonbury Xiao will show up one morning and escort you to the ending. So if you're trying to see the credit sequence and are getting frustrated that you don't know how to get there, just keep plugging along. It will happen eventually.