Prerequisites: Complete Drake Aloe

Reward: Beat Reagent, Minty Goblet, Cloud Fairy, and Dark Tranquilizer Recipes

Unlocks: --

Triggering The Third Chemistry Test requires a fair amount of work. Not only do you need to gain access to the Barren Wasteland in the south of Moonbury Island, you need to complete the many steps of the Drake Aloe quest. Finishing Drake Aloe will require you to upgrade your Cauldron to the third level, which is going to cost you a lot of resources in the process. 

The day after you complete Drake Aloe you'll be visited by Xiao, Moira, and Collin, and the Medical Association guests will give you The Third Chemistry Test. You can immediately run over to the Research Bench and unlock the Recipe you need to do the test. The top icon is Fire, the top-left icon is Wind, the top-right and middle icons are Water, and the bottom-left icon is Earth.

Completing the research will unlock the Recipe for Angel Wine. This template has 22 squares to fill, and you can only use Fire and Water materials to do the job. It's an easier Recipe to craft than Drake Aloe, but still challenging. Here are some suggestions for how to craft Angel Wine:
  • Fill the line in the middle-top of the template with a Majestic Horn. The sizable Grand Horns of Barren Wasteland drop Majestic Horns when defeated.
  • Fit a Gold Nugget on the right side of the template. You can get Gold Nuggets from the smaller rocks in Barren Wasteland or the larger rocks in Glaze Iceberg.
  • Set a Luminous Crystal on the left side of the template. Luminous Crystals are dropped by Koblin Mages, found in Barren Wasteland.
  • Drop a Rainbow Dew on the bottom-left side of the template. Rainbow Dew can be collected after you've completed the Unknown Residue quest, in the south of Meadow Range.
  • Place a Cold Bloom on the right side of the Rainbow Dew. Cold Blooms are unlocked by completing the Cold Bloom quest, to the east of the South of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point.
  • Fill in the two remaining gaps at the top of the template with Saps, retrieved when you chop down trees.

Take the Angel Wine to Xiao. He'll probably be hanging around Town Hall. Hang him the Angel Wine and he'll call in the members of the Medical Association to check it over. They'll leave. Go home to sleep, and when you wake up the next day they'll come back and approve your Potion. You'll receive a Medical Association Badge, as well as a bunch of new Recipes for healing your patients.