Main Walkthrough

As with most countryside simulator games, you won't go through Potion Permit alone. Your near-constant companion in Potion Permit is your dog, a goggles-wearing pooch who will follow you all over the map as you treat the citizens of Moonbury Town. Keeping your dog happy is a daily fixture of your time in this game, and you'll be rewarded if you do right by your pooch.

Interacting with your Dog

Normally your dog trails behind you somewhat passively, and will do things on its own. In order to interact with your dog like any other NPC you need to whistle to it. The dog will then sit, allowing you to choose from a series of commands. They are as follows:
  • Pet
  • Feed
  • Find
Let's explore what you can do with your dog.


Your first option is to pet your dog. When you pet your dog it will receive a small affection boost to your shared friendship meter, just like any other NPC. Boosting the affection meter to full unlocks a new ability, so it pays to pet your dog once a day to receive this small bonus.


More or less once a day your dog will become hungry, like most canines. When this happens your dog will droop and begin to tremble, and in order to relieve it of this pathetic state you'll need to dip into your inventory and give it some food. Anything you can eat can also be eaten by the dog, though as you feed the dog new items you'll see icons appear over the food that indicates whether the dog likes it or not. The dog particularly likes to eat the following items:
  • Apple Juice
  • Corn
  • Honey
  • Juicy Meat
  • Mushrooms
  • Pink Meat
  • Potatoes
  • Truffles
  • White Meat
Feeding your dog things it likes will fill its friendship meter more quickly than other food items.


The final command you can give your dog is Find. When you use Find a list of NPCs that you've met will pop up, and you can choose one for the dog to find. The dog will then hunt down the NPC in Moonbury Town. If the NPC is inside a building the dog will stand guard out front, and you'll need to go inside and look for them. This is easily the most valuable function of the dog, and will save you a lot of time when you're looking for a particular person.

Your dog can't Find anyone if it is hungry.


The final function of the dog is digging up items. Once you have maxed out the dog's friendship meter it will, when acting normally, discover buried items as you explore the outdoor areas of Moonbury Island. The dog will automatically home in on nearby items and dig them up for you to collect. These items will regenerate in the same places each day. Your dog won't dig up items if it is hungry.

Your dog can unearth the following items:

  • Small clearing south of the East of Meadow Range Fast Travel point
  • Large clearing south of the Heart of Meadow Range Fast Travel point
  • South of the entrance to Glaze Iceberg in Meadow Range
  • Over a bridge west of the South of Meadow Range Fast Travel point

  • North of the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point
  • South of the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point

  • South of the North of Barren Wasteland Fast Travel point, on the path to Barren Chasm
  • East of the Heart of Barren Wasteland Fast Travel point