Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Russo's level 2 friendship

Reward: Berry Pancakes, Berry Pacakes Recipe

Unlocks: Russo friendship level 3

Moonbury's resident prankster, Russo is past cajoling you every time you see him, and you can further improve your standing with the boy with more interactions. Russo is a bit evasive, and the only places you'll predictably find him each day are the Church and the Monastery. Put your dog on the case and you should find him without too much searching.

Once your relationship with Russo has maxed out the second level he'll post a little notice on the Bulletin Boards of Moonbury, informing Zeke, the town's homeless man, that his cat Kipps is going to be hanging out with Russo. They plan to go play with Laura. (The quest says Rue as of now, but it's actually Laura.) Check near the Church from 7:30 and 16:30, between Tuesday and Sunday, to watch the fun commence.

Once you've at least unlocked the next friendship quest with Russo you can also trigger Family Matters. Head towards Moonbury Cliff, to the north of the Church. As you pass the Church you should get into a cut scene. (The time of day doesn't seem to matter.) Laura and Russo are playing with Kipps, but Laura gets called off before they can finish the game. Russo then has a very sad moment with Kipps, and you decide to do something about it.

Speak to Sister Socellia. She spends the vast majority of the day in or around the Church, and should be easy to track down. Socellia speaks a bit about Russo's parents - what little she knows about them, anyway - then suggests you could cheer him up by making his favorite food: Pancakes. 

Look for Mariele. She lives in southwestern Moonbury, but spends the day wandering around to various places. Your dog will find her quickly enough. Mariele is happy to make Russo some pancakes, but she needs ingredients to put them together. You'll need the following items to get Russo his pancakes:
  • Five Snow Berries. Snow Berries are found throughout Glaze Iceberg. If you don't already have some in your pockets you'll need to make two trips to get enough.
  • Five Eggs. You can buy Eggs from the Farmhouse for 5 G apiece.
  • Ten Milks. You can also by Milk from the Farmhouse for 5 G apiece.

Deliver the ingredients to Mariele and she'll make you a Special Pancake. Take it to Socellia for a heartwarming end to Russo's quest.