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Potion-making is the name of the game in Potion Permit, but it's not everything. Yes, you want to keep the people of Moonbury Town healthy, but you also want to get to know them. Everyone has their own story, and you can learn them all by building up friendships with the townsfolk.

This guide will cover the ins and outs of building relationships with characters in Potion Permit. Aside from the three NPCs from the Medical Association you can develop friendships with every character in the game, and doing so can yield tangible benefits along with interesting tidbits about their lives.

Building Friendships

There are two ways for you to develop relationships with the people of Moonbury Town:
  • Talk to characters
  • Give characters Moon Cloves
Talking to characters is simple enough. Walk up, interact, and chat. Giving characters Moon Cloves requires the collection of Moon Cloves, which can be done by healing patients at your Clinic, or, occasionally, by completing quests. Quests that yield Moon Cloves are almost always unlocked by reaching levels of friendship with specific characters, then fumbling your way into a cut scene while going about your day.

Each time you perform one of these two interactions a bar will appear above the character's head. The bar will fill as you interact with the character. Talking to a character is less lucrative than giving them Moon Cloves in terms of moving the bar along, though you should perform both interactions when possible to quickly develop relationships. You can speak to a character and / or give them Moon Cloves once per day.

It's important to note that you cannot develop relationships with characters that are asleep or sick in your Clinic. In the latter case you should expedite their treatment so you can get back to business as usual. Healing a character does not improve your relationship with them.

Friendship Levels and Quests

Once you fully fill a character's friendship bar a lock will appear on the bar. This indicates that you have maxed out that friendship level, and you need to complete a quest to continue developing the relationship. Quests almost always appear on the Bulletin Boards throughout Moonbury Town, though occasionally one will trigger when you leave your house in the morning. Either way, completing the quest is essential to getting to know a character fully. Quests can range from hunting down materials to simply watching a cut scene at a specific time and place.

There are three levels of friendship with most characters, each denoted by a smiley face beside the friendship bar. The first level is a neutral blue face, the second level is a green happy face, and the third level is a yellow ecstatic face. Once you've reached the third level with the majority of characters you cannot develop your relationship with them any further.

As you reach new friendship levels with characters you'll unlock additional pages in their character descriptions in the menu. These descriptions can fill you in on details that quests may have glossed over.


As noted above, you can only reach the third level of relationship with most of the characters in Potion Permit. That said, there are six characters with two additional quests that will lead you into a romantic relationship when completed. Romanceable characters include:
  • Leano
  • Martha
  • Matheo
  • Reyner
  • Rue
  • Xiao
Although the third friendship quest in these relationships works the same as the rest, triggering the fourth quest requires you to present a Moon Brooch to the character. Moon Brooches can be 'purchased' from the main cash register in Silky Stitch Tailor's in exchange for five Moon Cloves. Give the Moon Brooch to the character and, once you've completed the resulting quest, the two of you will be in a relationship.

Once you're in a relationship with a character you can choose to go on a date. Dating allows you and your paramour to hang out at one or more of the locations around town together. Dating takes up no time, and can be done once per day, per person.  

As of now there are no repercussions to dating all six romanceable characters in Potion Permit. They won't get jealous of one another, nor will committing to one person drop you out of a relationship with another. This also means that you can date every character regardless of your character's gender. Have fun!

Main Walkthrough