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This guide is undergoing heavy construction, and will be updated regularlyFast Travel does not readily explain itself.

Time management plays a crucial role in Coral Island, and you'll constantly need to budget your time so you can complete everything that needs to be done in any given day. Anything that needs completing off of the farm will require you to travel, and hoofing it from one side of the island can take a while, eating away at those precious minutes to complete your task. That's where Fast Travel comes in.

There are a series of stone torch holders scattered throughout Coral Island that appear to be little more than ornamental at first glance. Once you complete the quest Temple Offering, however, two of the torch holders will spring to life, one by the Water Temple where you completed Temple Offering, the other back by your farm. You can thereafter use these Fast Travel points to instantly zip from one place to the other.

Nor are they alone. There are a number of Fast Travel points on Coral Island, and you'll unlock them as you complete specific tasks. Inspecting the inactive torch holders will give you a clue as to how you can activate the Fast Travel feature. Once you do the Fast Travel point will be added to the map that pops up when you decide to Fast Travel.

Fast Travel Points

Below is a list of requirements for unlocking the various Fast Travel points in Coral Island. Please note that the unlock requirements are currently approximations, as the game doesn't tell you exactly when a Fast Travel point is unlocked.

This is not all the Fast Travel points in the game. I'll add more as I puzzle them out.

  • Farm - To the left of your house - Complete Temple Offering
  • Lake Temple - At the base of the temple - Complete Temple Offering
  • Diving Pier - On the docks to the south of town - Activate three Solar Orbs
  • Lookout - Near the Lighthouse to the south of your farm - Complete two Offerings at the Water Temple
  • Town - Beside the Salon and north of Sam's General Store - Complete Animal Product
  • Woodlands - Across from the Blacksmith in Starlet Town - Catch 20+ species of Insects (not sure of the exact number - I noticed it was unlocked at 26 catches)
  • Forest Cavern - Beside the entrance to the Cavern - Reach level 15 of the Earth Shaft

Main Walkthrough