Main Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Lose crops to a crow

Reward: $100

Unlocks: --

Farming is not without its roadblocks, and among them are the animals that will occasionally get in your way. Crows Be Gone addresses one such animal, the crow, and its proclivity for stealing your crops before they can mature. 

Occasionally when you go to sleep at night you'll wake up and find one or more of your planted crops missing. This is the result of a crow visit in the night, and the plant they've plundered cannot be recovered. When this happens once you'll unlock Crows Be Gone the next morning.

The only way to protect against crows is to place a Scarecrow on your property. Later in your farm you'll have more traditional Scarecrows on the farm, but starting out you'll have to make do with Makeshift Scarecrows. Their influence covers a relatively small number of crops, but are cheap and easy to make. You'll need to reach Farming level 1 to craft Makeshift Scarecrows. You'll also need the following materials:

  • 15 Wood. Chop down a tree or two with your Axe and you'll have plenty of Wood.
  • 10 Trash. There are plenty of garbage piles on your property that you can slice up with your Scythe for Trash. You can also find Trash at the Recycling Center, northeast of your farm, or if you go diving.

Cobble together a Makeshift Scarecrow to complete the requirements of Crows Be Gone, then finish up the quest via your Journal to receive your reward. You can now place the Scarecrow near your crops to provide protection against crows. They will go after any crops that aren't protected by Makeshift Scarecrows, so you'll want to craft a few more to be safe.