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This guide is undergoing heavy construction, and will be updated regularlyI need to confirm when and where you find a lot of these items. The first round of Offerings is done; now I need to do a ton of fishing.

Early in your trip to Coral Island you'll receive a visit from the supernatural. The resulting quest will take you to the Lake Temple, which will introduce you to the concept of Offerings. Offerings are an important part of your time in Coral Island, and you'll want to get started on them well before your first Spring turns to Summer.

Offerings are bundles of items that you offer up as tribute to the Goddess of Coral Island. You can do this via altars at the Lake Temple, northeast of Starlet Town. There are (currently) six Offerings you can make, and completing any one of them will earn you an item as thanks. Completing all six will earn you a unique prize that will make your time as a farmer much, much easier. Most of the items you need to offer up are seasonal, making it all the more important that you pay your first visit to the Lake Temple before Spring ends. 

This guide will provide details on what you need to make Offerings in Coral Island. Note that there are four Offerings categories in all, but because the game is still in Early Access you can only contribute to two sets of offerings. Future updates will unlock more kinds of Offerings.

Crop Based Offerings

The first six Offerings you can access are all based around crops. To complete these Offerings you'll need to both grow specific crops and forage at certain times of the year. 

Essential Resources

  • 10 Wood - Chop down trees
  • 10 Stone - Break rocks
  • 10 Fiber - Cut grass, plants, and seaweed
  • 10 Sap - Chop down trees
  • 5 Maple Seeds - Cut down maple trees (orange leaves)
  • 5 Oak Seeds - Cut down oak trees (green leaves)
  • 5 Pine Cones - Cut down pine trees (pointed tops)

Reward: Recycling Machine

Spring Sesajen

  • 1 Turnip - Plant Turnip Seeds (Sam's General Store, Spring)
  • 1 Carrot - Plant Carrot Seeds (Sam's General Store, Spring)
  • 1 Daisy - Plant Daisy Seeds (Sam's General Store, Spring)
  • 1 Wasabi - Explore the island during Spring
  • 1 Morel - Explore the island during Spring (near and in Cavern)
Reward: Eight Sugarcane Seeds

Summer Sesajen

  • 1 Blueberry - Plant Blueberry Seeds (Sam's General Store, Summer)
  • 1 Hot Pepper - Plant Hot Pepper Seeds (Sam's General Store, Summer)
  • 1 Sunflower (bronze) - Plant Sunflower Seeds (Sam's General Store, Summer)
  • 1 Shallot - Explore the island during Summer
  • 1 Hibiscus - Explore the island during Summer
Reward: Eight Tomato Seeds

Fall Sesajen

  • 1 Pumpkin - Plant Pumpkin Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall and Secret Shop, Any Season)
  • 1 Rice - Plant Rice Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall)
  • 1 Orchid - Plant Orchid Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall)
  • 1 Black Trumpet - Explore the island during Fall
  • 1 Fig - Explore the island during Fall
Reward: Eight Barley Seeds

Winter Sesajen

  • 1 Garlic - Plant Garlic Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall - Town Rank C)
  • 1 Watermelon (bronze) - Plant Watermelon Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall - Town Rank C)
  • 1 Fairy Rose - Plant Fairy Rose Seeds (Sam's General Store, Fall - Town Rank C)
  • 1 Brussel Sprouts - Explore the island during Winter
  • 1 Kale - Explore the island during Winter
Reward: Eight Tea Seeds

Ocean Scavengables

  • 5 Sea Salt - Go diving (any depth)
  • 1 Calico Scallop - Go diving (22 meters)
  • 1 Eastern Oyster - Go diving
  • 1 Blue Mussel - Go diving
  • Purple Sea Urchin - Go diving

Reward: Bronze Kelp Essence


Once you've completed all six Offerings you'll unlock the Green House on your farm, the day after you've completed the final Offering. The Green House is an all-year farming opportunity, and will allow you to grow any types of seeds at any time of the year. Very handy, especially if you dedicated it to crops that continually produce fruits and vegetables once planted. (Planting Grapes and using them to make Wine in Kegs will make you a millionaire in no time.)

In addition to unlocking the Green House, completing this set of Offerings will unlock the next category, Catch Based Offerings.

Catch Based Offerings

The second set of Offerings are based around the fine art of catching. You'll need a Fishing Pole and a Bug Net to get through this challenge. Upgrading both at the Beach Shack is recommended.

Fresh Water Fish
  • Catfish (Trashcans - Spring)
  • Tilapia (Lake Temple, Night - Spring, Summer, Fall - can also buy at the Beach Shack)
  • Koi (Lake Temple, Trashcans - Summer)
  • Rainbow Fish (Rivers / Lake Temple, Day - Fall)
  • Silver Arowana (Trashcans - Winter)
Reward: Bait

Salt Water Fish
  • Pink Snapper
  • Sardine (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Lionfish (Ocean, Night - Summer)
  • Asian Sheepshead
  • Yellowfin Tuna
Reward: Bait

Rare Fish
  • Clownfish (Ocean - Summer)
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Frogfish (Beach - All Seasons)
  • Giant Mudskipper (Farm, Rivers - Winter)
  • Black Phantom Ghost Fish (Trashcans - Spring)
Reward: Fish Pond

Day Insect
  • Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly (Day - Spring)
  • Tiger Beetle (Near the Lake Temple, Day - Spring)
  • Yucca Moth (Beach, Day - Spring and Summer)
  • Assam Silk Moth (Beach, Day - Spring and Fall)
  • Monarch Caterpillar (Day - Fall and Winter)
Reward: Bee House

Night Insect
  • Firefly (Night - Spring and Summer)
  • Cecropia Caterpillar (Night - Spring and Summer, forests surrounding the farm)
  • Centipede (Night - any season)
  • Rove Beetle (Night - Winter, on the path just west of Yuri and Millie's house)
  • Atlas Moth (Night - Winter, in the forest to the west of your farm)
Reward: Tap

Ocean Critters
  • Jellyfish (Fishing Pole - Ocean, Night - Spring)
  • Arrow Crab (Bug Net - Early diving depths)
  • Shrimp (Fishing Pole - Anywhere)
  • Common Starfish (Bug Net - Diving, 10m depth)
  • Crab (Trashcans - Fall)
Reward: ?

Main Walkthrough