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Prerequisite: Local Produce

Reward: --

Unlocks: --

Thanks to a great deal of farming - and possibly Fertilizer - you've managed to introduce significant amounts of locally-grown produce to Sam's shelves. With that quest completed you're automatically given a new one the next day, and Animal Product will have you doing something similar - just with products derived from farm animals.

In order to complete Animal Product you need to ship 20 Eggs and 10 bottles of Milk, both of which must be produced on your farm. Eggs will require you to raise Chickens, while Milk will require you to raise Cows. You can purchase both from the Ranch, located north of your farm... though before you can buy Chickens or Cows, you need somewhere to house them.

A few days into your farming journey you'll learn that the Carpenter, located east of the Ranch, is now offering buildings to store animals. You'll need no less than four buildings to complete this quest:

  • A Coop to store your Chickens. Coops cost $2,000, 100 Wood, 50 Stone, five Bronze Bars, and ten Fiber. You'll need access to the Cavern to get the Bronze Bars, but the rest of these items are pretty common.
  • A Barn to store your Cows. Barns cost $3,000, 200 Wood, 100 Stone, five Bronze Bars, and ten Fiber. You'll also need a Milk Pail ($300) for your Cows.
  • A Silo for storing Hay. Silos cost $2,500, 100 Scrap, 300 Stone, and two Silver Bars. You'll need to reach the Water Shaft of the Cavern to mine Silver Ore for the Silver Bars.
  • Optionally, a Mill for processing Fiber into Hay. Mills cost $2,000, 20 Scrap, 50 Wood, and two Bronze Bars. You can also buy Hay from the Ranch, but this is not a wise investment in the long run since you can get Fiber from cutting the grass on your farm.

It's a massive setup that will likely take you several months to cobble together, so don't expect to complete Animal Product any time soon. You'll also need to buy Chickens and Cows from the Ranch, which are expensive in and of themselves - though if you're willing to raise Chicks and Calves for a few days you can save some money.

Once you have your animals all you need to do is pet them every day and fill their Coops and Barns with Hay when they run out. Keep your animals happy and they will produce Eggs and Milk daily. Throw the results of your labor in your Shipping Bin to complete the quest (and earn some tidy profits). More details on ranching can be found in this article, if you want more information above and beyond the obvious.

Once you finish the quest you'll receive a message to go visit Sam's General Store. As of this writing the scene you see is not complete, and you'll get stuck in the cut scene. Skip the cut scene to get out of it. Ahh, Early Access.

Main Walkthrough