Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Russo's level 1 friendship

Reward: 50 G

Unlocks: Russo level 2 friendship, Family Matters

An orphan with an attitude, Russo can be a bit tricky to befriend unless you deploy your dog to hunt him down. He spends chunks of his days in various parts of Moonbury Town, and moves all over the place as each day progresses. The general area you're most likely to find him is in or around the Church, as he lives in the nearby Monastery. When in doubt, check there.

Once you've maxed out the first level of your relationship with Russo you'll receive a visitor the next day. Russo appears on your doorstep, seeking assistance for Sister Socellia, the town vicar. It appears that Socellia is having difficulties of a gastrointestinal nature. Seems like a pretty standard issue for a chemist to resolve, so you agree to help.

The Stomach Cleanser Russo wants has a simple twelve-square template that you can likely fill in near the beginning of the game. Here are some material suggestions for creating the Stomach Cleanser:
  • Use a Savage Mane to fill in the bottom-left side of the template. The bull-like Bonemasks that live in Meadow Range drop Savage Manes.
  • Place two Jasmine above and to the right of the Savage Mane. Jasmine is located down the northwestern path from the initial Meadow Range area, prior to crossing the landslide.
  • That leaves two gaps. You can fill these with two Saps, collected by cutting down trees. Any kind of Sap will do. 

Take the Stomach Cleanser to Russo and you'll receive your reward, but the quest won't end. Head home for a sleep and you'll receive a prompt to check out the entrance of the Church between 8:00 and 12:00. You'll, uh... well, see... um... needless to say, the quest will end, and your relationship with Russo will move up to the next level. Continue to befriend Russo to unlock the next quest in his story, Family Matters.