Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete A Plumbing Problem, repair the bridge to Barren Wasteland

Reward: Meatball Recipe (I think - need to verify, as the game didn't update the Recipes list)

Unlocks: --

In order to trigger Fancy Furniture you first need to open the path to Barren Wasteland. You'll need to complete several quests leading to A Plumbing Problem, then fix up the bridge into the Wasteland. It'll cost 5,000 G, 2,000 Wood, and 1,575 Rocks, so you'll likely need to do some grunt work before you can get everything you need.

Check the Bulletin Boards of Moonbury Town once you've fixed the bridge to Barren Wasteland and you'll see a notice for Fancy Furniture. Head there between 8:00 and 15:00, from Monday to Sunday, and you'll find Reyner under attack for his 'dull' furniture selection. It appears that the rangers who supply him with materials are to blame for the lack of variety.

You need to speak to Bubble, one of Moonbury's two rangers. Bubble is usually found at either the Ranger Post or Forrest's House, where she lives. She'll discover that Reyner's supply shortage is the fault of a paperwork foul-up. You offer to help fulfil Reyner's order, and Bubble tells you to fetch the following items:
  • Five Savoury-Tasting Saps. Savoury-Tasting Sap drops from the larger, thicker trees found throughout Barren Wasteland.
  • Ten Sweet-Tasting Saps. Sweet-Tasting Sap drops from the thinner trees in Barren Wasteland, as well as the dark-green trees in Glaze Iceberg.

Take the load of Sap to Reyner. He'll likely be at the Bulk and Build. Handing it all over will allow Reyner to upgrade his furniture-building capabilities, and you can buy a slew of new stuff with which to decorate your room. You'll also receive a new Recipe as thanks.